Getting Out

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I was reading a post the other day where the writer told about her daily walks with her dog. She lives in the city but found a quaint neighborhood to enjoy. She always walks by a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

She invited other writers to share their story about taking a walk.

When I take my walk, first thing I notice as I walk outside my front door is the mountains ahead of me. I am surrounded by the forest . As I make my way down the street, I can see the  stately mansion on the corner. To get the full effect of how beautiful the house is, you have walk down to the river cove. The house is beautifully landscaped with it’s own private dock.

As I walk towards the water, I can see the ducks swimming quaking away. I can hear the birds chirping their songs in the trees. we have some really nice walking trails that leads up the mountain. Along the way, you see the young teens fishing with friends, paddle boards, canoers paddling along the rivers edge. You can hear jet skies in the distance and nice recreational boaters passing by.

Early in the morning, when I take my walks, I can seer drinking from the rivers edge, you can see a quail family running around, few people are out so it is quiet. The kids jump off of the biggest rock tied with a rope. they love to swing out into the water. The park is family friendly where you see kids running around with a sandwich in the mouth. Folks bring the dogs to go swimming on a hot summer day. 

I love the area I live in. I love there is a beautiful park I can take a walk, watch the ducklings swimming around, just set down on a bench and enjoy the beautiful scenery before me. 

There are also so many nice neighborhoods with the river view to walk around. All the neighbors are friendly, early morning gardeners with landscapes to envy. Some I think should belong to the garden club because with the different homes in the area, the landscape fits the home. Most are retired and have the time to spend on a hobby. 

What does your walk look like? I would love to hear from you.

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Changing Scenario

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What is a scary thought to think the afternoon day trip last weekend with sunny skies, warm temperatures have now changed to immanent fire danger and evacuations.  There are so many fires flaring up in the Northwest and the dry lightning isn’t helping matters.

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A Nice Afternoon

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Last Friday, I received an unexpected phone call from one of my son’s best friends. M. and his family invited me to take a day trip with them and afterwards get some lunch before heading home. At first I told him I had to work the weekend and wouldn’t be available but thank you for asking me. I could tell he was sad and told me he would be thinking about me this weekend.

I am not one who really shares my feelings for the world to see, but I wanted to share my feelings on this story. When I took the phone call from Levi’s friend, I had mixed feelings about going on the day trip. I have not been to campground where my son had his accident in four years. M. and I went to breakfast and drove where my son was killed in an accident. I still had anger with the person who caused the accident and didn’t call for help. 

Four years later, I felt it would be easier to stay home and not go down memory lane again. As I was drinking my cup of coffee, a thought crossed my mind. Today is a beautiful day for a drive with great company who love you very much. You will only be at the pond for a few minutes then go out to a nice lunch. I called M. back and told him I can go after all. he sounded happier that I could go with them.

When I went to the accident site, I was amazed at the lightness I was feeling. it was took God had taken all my anger, hurt, frustration, and mu feelings of missing my son. We were surrounded by dragon flies. I remember how beautiful they were flying around in pairs. I was glad I took the trip and spent time with some good people.

One thing I really appreciate is three of Levi’s friends has always called me mom so I didn’t feel left out I still have three adult kids who still regard as their mom.  

When we went to the restaurant, we reminisced about  Levi. I love hearing the stories of what people remember about his life. he was generous with his time, his laughter was infectious, his sparkle in his eyes, and zest for life. He loved his prized possession his car. He bought a Mitsubishi Eclipse. 

The last evening I saw him, we went and put gas into his new car. I shared some of my tip money with him. When he dropped me off at my moms house, we said out I love you and thanks for everything mom not knowing it would be the last words we would ever speak to each other. 

I am glad I had the opportunity to raise Levi as a struggling single mom after my husband passed away from his disease. Through many hardships and difficulties I raised Levi from childhood through his teens- no easy feat. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become.

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I was watching breaking news this morning. Kids were having fun in the local skatepark. One child accidentally brazed another kid in the skatepark not thinking anything of it, he continued riding his bike out onto the street. out of nowhere, a truck literally was trying to run the poor child down. the child luckily jumped off of his bike and the truck ran over this kids bike. 

What is happening to us? It is like we emerged from this pandemic as hostile, rude, mean spirited people. it is getting sad when your child cannot go to the local skatepark and play for fear of getting hurt, local businesses are under employed, burned out on rude customers, people being impatient while waiting in line, act like it is the cashiers fault that the price of lettuce went up 20 cents a head.

The reason food prices are much higher is because the factories are running at 25%  production. because of the virus, people are fearful to go back to work. It is effecting grocery stores, local restaurants, retail stores are not carrying as much merchandise as before.  In order to keep a business operating to 100% capacity there needs to be employees willing to come back to work. 

I went to a local favorite fast food place yesterday to grab a couple burgers for lunch to share with my mom. The indoor dining was closed again this time for lack of help. I went through the drive thru where the manager practically threw my order at me through the window and said have a good day. i understand everyone is feeling the heat of burnout and frustration but let’s not kill the rest of your patrons in the process shall we.  

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A Nice Surprise

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I was just setting here at my computer looking at an old notebook when I came across this letter. It was written by my son Levi sometime ago and thought it would be nice to share. For those of you who did not know, my son died in a tragic car accident in 2007. He was only 20. 

I did not change anything in the letter. I left it just as he had written it to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as it has blessed me. Sometimes we are blessed by an unexpected surprise when we are having a hard day or just need a lift of the spirit.

                                                  Thank You Mom

 When I was young, I was full of anger; I hated the world because my dad had died. I would see dads and sons having fun and I felt left out.

I have the best mom who took good care of me when my dad died. My mom raised me with a firm but fair hand. She wouldn’t give up on me.

I know I wasn’t the nicest son to my mom and I know I caused her a lot of pain.

I just want to say thank you to my mom for always being there for me when times were bad and in the good times.

I wish I could take back all the sorrow I have caused to those I love. it doesn’t matter now. My mom knows what a true walk with Christ is . Mom trusts god with her tomorrows because she knows god is working in her life.

I can’t imagine what my mom felt when we lost my dad. She just kept moving forward in her life being a shinning example of what a mom is. She never gave up on me even if it looked like nothing good would come out of the circumstance.

 love you mom

 Love Levi.






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Life’s Little Surprises

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I know one day I will probable look back on the week and laugh, the ups and downs of dealing with our aging parents.  My mom’s tv set went out(it is a 40 year old Magnavox console) just blew up like a fire cracker noise. You can imagine the sigh she gave just knowing her tv viewing days are over. 

i enlisted the help from my niece to come help me find a new tv and stand for her. We found just the right one at a good price. delivered the tv to her home where my nephew put the stand together for her. Here comes the fun part. When we couldn’t find the account number and the 4 digit code on the bill, we also couldn’t finish upgrading her tv.

First of all, mom threw away her last cable bill with the 4 digit security code and with out it the customer service would not help us. After being on the phone for an hour twice in the day, we all decided to take a break for the afternoon and try again tomorrow. 

My mom is in a wheelchair and has to depend on others to help care for her daily needs. Her shower aid came over to help with “mom get pretty day” The night time care provider called the cable company up because it is BS no one would help with the security code. The shower aid and car provider no so nicely explained my mom is a shut-in with only a dog and and her tv as company. It was not fair to make her wait until the next billing period to get her tv restored. the cable company gave her night guy a printout on how to finish installing the cable for her.

I understand as our parents age they cannot do all the daily upkeep to keep the household running anymore. I found out that if the son/daughter is not added to the bill, they will not help you. for some parents, it is hard to give up some of the independence and let the child help. I am glad she has a house keeper twice a month, a shower aid twice a month and she has Meals on Wheels delivered as well. Being part of the sandwich generation can be tough sometimes especially when you are the only adult child living nearby. 

Mom decide not get her hair cut anymore. yes, she is going to grow it out into a long ponytail and worry about it anymore. since no one will come to the house anymore and cut it for her, she decided to heck with them and not worry about it anymore. The hair is long enough that it has a piglet curl at the end now. Her hair had been short and parted down the side for as long as I can remember. this new do of her caught me by surprise. It would be hard being in her situation waiting for someone to come cut your hair and no one has the time right now. (yes she is getting to be a pistol I am afraid)


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What a day

June 24, 2021 at 8:21 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, Uncategorized)

Tuesday I have one of my wisdom tooth pulled. The Dentist was surprised I didn’t have them taken out when I was a teen. I guess back then room was made for the wisdom teeth to come in. The Dentist told me I could have saved a lot of problems now if I would have had decent oral care then. I have a slight overbite that have given me recessed gums. When my parents both had full insurance ( I don’t think I live in the 1800’s mind you) nothing was done to help repair my gums. 

So I was put to sleep, the tooth pulled and I was woken up by two techs rushing me to get up and get out of the office. Mind you I am one who wakes up slowly so telling me to breath deeply, increasing my O2 level and trying to wake me fully up didn’t work out too well. I understand another patient was waiting for a turn but this is ridiculous. I was finally wheeled out to my friend’s car and put in disorientated. I had to wait on my prescriptions to be filled, so my friend took me home and put me to bed. 

I have never been one who likes the sound of surgery. When I was pregnant with my son Levi I did all the exercises., ate the right foods, didn’t drink, smoke, and yet I was the one who had to have the C-section to deliver first born. My husband and I laughed because in one appointment we were teasing each other about the one who does everything right and has to have the baby on the Operating room. The next three months were spent recovering and caring for the baby. I recovered nicely, went on to raise our son as a single parent after the sudden death of my husband. 

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. It depends how to deal with the curve ball and move forward with your life. 17 years after my husband passed away, my life was forever changed again when I lost Levi in a tragic car accident. healing takes time. Sometimes it feels like a dream you want to wake up from, sometimes you feel like your heart was just ripped out of your chest. I can tell you with the love and support of my family and friends, i have been able to move forward in my life with many dreams and goals left to be fulfilled.

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Getting Back to Normal

June 15, 2021 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Listening to the local news this morning, I was saddened by the the thought that someone could become so enraged being asked to wear a face covering, that he went out to his car, came in with a gun shot the clerk dead and wounded two police officers. 

The Airlines are experiencing complaints from the flight crew about growing hostility over mask mandates.  Literal brawls are going on mid flight.  All alcohol mid flight  has been  cancelled until the fall. Flying is a privilege not ones right. Flight crews and the other passengers have a right to feel safe, especially after last year. 

There are mask mandates put in place for a reason. Not everyone has been able to be vaccinated yet. there are still many who are unsure if it is the right thing to do. Some worry about the long term effects on the body, there are new strands of the virus that are being found everyday. great strides have been made in trying to contain this Covid 19 but it seems like one step forward, two step backwards in the outcome. 

California is opening up today. I think other states are going to watch and see what happens.  I do know if sports are going to continue, then some fans need to be respectful of the players. Nobody wants a drink thrown at them. Bars are opened up again, concert halls, stadiums, the theatre and the long awaited restaurants opening back up again to formal dining. People just want to get back to a more normal lifestyle again. Enjoy the grandkids, BBQ’s. family movie nights outside.

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Opening Up Again

June 10, 2021 at 8:45 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, life lessons, Uncategorized) (, , , )

Cities are starting to fully open up again. No mask mandates, or social distancing. Gosh I really do not know what to do not seeing the red line and green line up and down the store isles. I hope this is leading to getting back to a more normal society.  It is going to take a couple years to fully recover from the pandemic and the shut downs of businesses with many closing it’s doors. 

I hope for a better tomorrow, a brighter future for our next generation, full time school, play grounds opening back up, beaches, Public swimming pools, Malls, Concerts in the Park, Farmer’s Markets, kids playing soccer this summer. I hope one thing a child has learned the past year get outside and play now. I hope every child has the opportunity to visit the forest and see the trees that has been standing tall for hundreds of years, see a deer from a distance, listen to the rushing water of the river, go fishing. 

I hope people stay respectful at a game and not throw cups at the opposing team, flying is a privilege and the other passengers deserve to feel safe while flying. Road rage is up, drive by shootings on the freeway are up, customers who are hostile to the checker(it is not her fault the prices went up). Venders are having to increase the prices to cover the loss of last year.  What happened to setting outside a sidewalk cafe and enjoy your friends over a beer and wait for the food to arrive. People are back in a hurry again. 

There are still so many people really afraid to get back out again; they are afraid of getting Covid or getting into a car accident, or many enjoyed having the basic staples sent to the home or curb side pick up. We are not going to get back to normal overnight but as restriction’s are lifted, I hope we can start going to the National Parks, water slides, vacation instead of staycations this summer. There is so much to get out and explore in your own neighborhood and small quaint towns. Bring Sunday drives back after a set down dinner. Bring back kite flying in the park, making home made ice cream again, pool parties, back yard movie night.

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Stay Aware and Safe

June 4, 2021 at 6:52 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Life beyond parenting, Middle age, Uncategorized) (, , )

This morning I went into Walmart for a few things. As I was getting my basket outside, I noticed an older gentleman hanging around his Jeep. I went inside not thinking anything of it. When I returned, he was still there looking at his tires and paint job.( It doesn’t take a scientist to see what he was up to). I noticed his gaze went to two young ladies repacking their Jeep to go camping. I went over and told them to be careful someone is watching you. they thanked me and I went on my way.

Yesterday, I was talking to a Police Officer friend of mine and he was talking about as busy as our home town is getting be careful.

Lock your doors

keep an eye on your kids

Keep an eye on your surroundings not your cell phone

Put bought items in your trunk not back seat where they are visible.

Park in a well lit area

Even though these hints may sound trivial, they could save your life this summer

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