A Different Day

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This very morning Twenty-five years ago, Levi was born. He brought his father and I great joy. Even though those pesky teenager years could be daunting, he and I made it through. This photo was taken in Seattle when Levi went to visit a friend. This was Levi’s first and only solo trip in his new car. I treasure the memories I have of  the fine young man you had become. I still enjoy walking into my home on the carpet Levi helped to install.

I have been busy working on my second book. I have a working Title, but I am not sure if I am going to be using this Title for the new book or not. I am putting on the finishing touches for the video trailer for my first book “Healing in the Storms.” This has been a great experience to be an author and travel around meeting new people and signing books. I never thought I would write a book let alone be working on another one plus putting together a video trailer and interveiwing. Busy, busy.

It snowed again this morning. I went into Liberty Lake,Wa. this morning for a cup of coffee with a new friend I had met at a Christmas party last week. This lady had lost her daughter two years ago. it was nice to talk to someone else who knows what is has been like to go through a loss such as ours. I enjoyed our visit.

Last week I received a call from another friend who had lost both of her children. we also went and had our annual christmas cup of Starbuck’s coffee. it was nice to catch up with what she is doing for the Holiday’s. even if out time together is 30 minutes, it is nice to be able to talk to someone who has been there.

My plans for the new years are as follows: Just Get Through It! I mean it, just get through the new year. Sometimes this sounds easy. But you all know as well as I do there are always hidden curve balls life sometimes can throw at you. (I personally just throw the curve ball back .) All kidding aside. I choose everyday to get out of bed, make my morning coffee, after I wake up, get dressed and eat breakfast. Sounds easy to some. Sometimes it is not so easy. I have to make myself get going. Like this morning.

I hope your new years is not full of pot holes in the road of your life and you can laugh a little bit more this next year. besides, we vote on a new President this next year. And I am laughing a little bit more these days. I have been busy the last couple years working, taking care of my mom nad writing. I hope you all have a safe Holiday. Thank yu for all your support and I continue to be grateful for all your comments and friendship.

God Bless all of my readers


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