A New Year, Fresh Start

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I hope that the New Year has started off well for you so far. I never made any New year resolutions, so I did not have to beat myself up over not sticking to any of them! I think I have just decided to try to live be consistent in my life and not try to go overboard with my daily routine. I have so many friends that laugh because they did not go exercise the first day of January. Some folks laugh that getting out of bed was enough exercise for the day. (I love it). I think everybody has over eaten for the Holidays like we all do. Now it is time to get back on track and get back in shape. (I will start tomorrow)

I will be starting a new job next week. It will be a new career for me. I used to work for this Company a few years ago in another department. I was blessed to see that a few of my co-workers still worked at my old job. It is always nice to start a job where people are glad you are coming back and not whining that you are back!

I almost titled this week’s blog: Keeping Busy is not Enough”. What I mean by this is, when someone looses a child or a spouse, you feel lost at times, lonely and it may even be hard for you to get out of bed. Choosing to be positive is that a choice. it is easy to give up, have a bitter attitude, grumble at the world, not wanting to appreciate a sunny day. I can easily see how some people can feel this way. It was not easy when I lost my husband and my son. I live life to the fullest because I don’t feel cheated on any level of life itself. I can write, work, take my dog for a walk like anyone else. It still feels different not to be able to call my son and ask about his day. It is still hard sometimes not  to be able to share a problem I am having with my deceased husband. I have learned that I am allowed to make plans and goals for the rest of my life.When my son died, my world was suddenly changed forever. I chose to keep living life to the fullest everyday, because I have a purpose still for my life. Yes, I became one of the dreaded “empty nesters” also. So I could have spent all my time now crying over the fact that my son moved out of the house to help his grandmother nine months before he died, and the fact he died. Life to way to short to spent miserable all the time. I am a very Blessed woman. I have learned the secret to inner happiness. Enjoying and living life. Yes,by the way, I do have some days where I am sad and cry  over the loss of my son, but I know he is in good hands with God, and I will see him again soon. I have started telling folks “I do not hope, I know this for a fact”.

I know this is the Great year of calamity and all but we will just have to see. in 2000, everyone was concerned we would not have a dial tone. remember that? Well our phones are fine. I am not saying it will be an easy year, every year it seems it gets harder to make ends meet, everyone you know if either not talking to each other or fighting over money or disagreements on raising the children.


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