This Is My Creative Mind At Work.

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It is amazing how I get anything done. 

I am joking. I am not that bad yet. This is NOT my desk you see, it is my creative mind at work.

The massive cleanup effort is making great progress. The water in the tunnels are being pumped out, bus lines are running, airports are allowing limited flights. The sense of community is inspirational. The local businesses were giving free internet,citizens who have power,are sharing outlets to allow others to recharge their electronics. it is amazing to see so many caring for their neighbor when they themselves has lost everything.

Name one thing everyday that you are thankful for.

I am continually thankful for my friends and family who have supported me through some of the darkest days of my life. 




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Massive Cleanup Effort After Frankenstorm

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The massive cleanup effort is under way,

as crews are working tirelessly to clean up the devastation left by Sandy. It has been reported that workers are working to get the subways open in 2-3 more days. So many people have lost everything in this storm. The kindness people are showing is what makes us who we are. Coffee shops are giving free internet and WiFi access, people are asking neighbors what they can do to help, and they have lost everything. The true sense of community is incredible.

My continued prayers are with the millions who still don’t have power and water, for those who will have to start over rebuilding not only the homes, but their lives as well. I pray for the victims families tonight as they mourn the loss of loved ones.



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