A Special You tub Video

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I just finished watching my favorite You tube Video.

A few years ago, my son went to a concert with friends. Delirious was performing in our area. I remember teasing Levi about his choice of shirts to wear. He had fun at his concert. I remember asking Levi if the concert was recorded. He told me he didn’t know. I didn’t know why I would ask my son this question.

My son died in a car accident five years ago. On Mother’s day 2009, I was watching you tube videos. I remembered Levi went to a Delirious concert. One of my favorite songs they perform is Majesty. I was surprised to see my son had a 10 second close up in audience. what a great Mother’s day gift. I can’t play the video very often, as I tear up when I see my son. This sadly is the only video I have of my son.

I am Thankful I can enjoy watching my son have fun at his concert. I am also thankful his friend was thoughtful enough to include my son. Life is good indeed!

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Remember To Fall Back Tonight.

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