Left Overs And Black Friday

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The day after Thanksgiving,

we try to find new ways to enjoy the bird. Food Network has many suggestions to make the left overs not only go further (really?) but find creative ways to spice up the turkey. I am happy with turkey sandwiches one more day, then I move on to mexican food.

As far as black friday goes, I am a party pooper. I really don’t have anyone to shop for anymore since my dad, husband and son have all passed away. I decorate my mom’s house and make sure she has a nice Christmas. ┬áSometimes we have to make new traditions when our family dynamics change.In honor of my son, I buy gifts for the toys for tots program. I also buy one gift for a young adult that I know Levi would have enjoyed. I have so many great christmas memories of celebrating the holiday with my son. I remember the Christmas day sledding parties. My dad pulled the family around his neighborhood with his 1946 Willie’s jeep. The house full of company my mom hosted for dinner and great conversation. Uncle Howie always brought a bottle of home-made wine.

My life changed and my household is now empty of loud music, pizza delivery at 3 in the morning, cell phone calls all night, great debates (laughing) and the memory of my first ride in Levi’s car. I am blessed I have cherished memories of a life as a wife and mother in a house full of life and love I have shared. We never know where our life will take us, but I can be assured, wherever my life may take me, I know God is right here walking beside me, strengthening me, encouraging me, He has His best in mind for me.

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