Let’s Go Outside….

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Unplug. Go outside and play. Seems like an easy choice to make.

Gosh, what did the baby boomers generation do before technology became so advanced kids think they will literally Die if they text, talk or e-mail every other second. I love the image above. Instead of drawing a frog, the family found one. There in the closest ponds folks. I can remember catching these little buggers as a kid and being filthy at the end of the day, but happy.

 It is amazing to see how disrespectful the youth has really become. If I talked to my parents the way some kids do today, I would have been a door stop. TV commercials don’t help either. Every other one has a kid on his/her cell phone. What happened to cells phones do Not come to the dinner table? I understand the family plan, you get a better deal with everyone in the plan, but computers, x-box, and cell phones have become our kids babysitters. I cannot believe the disrespect of kids today. Kids tell the parents what they will or will not do.  

I was watching a show last night, the family was looking for a vacation home to share as a family.  The mom restored my faith in the family unit again. ALL electronics stay behind. A family vacation meant just that. The kids were having fun on the beach, they were all fishing, and enjoying the great out doors. I think the four boys were having a pretty good time with old mom and dad by the looks of it. In contrast to another show where the daughter told her dad outright there Has to be cell phone coverage or he could not buy the weekend home. Really dad wanted to spend some time with his daughter hunting and fishing and this selfish little teen would not have any of it if she couldn’t talk to her friends. What as she going to do if she was about to shoot a big twelve point buck, and her friend text-ed her?  I will tell you vacations sure has changed. We used to pack up the fifth wheel and off we went. There was non of this when are getting there? Do we really have to visit grandma? I wanted to go to Disneyland. 

Family time has been reshaped these days. Other than holiday meals together, I wonder how many families eat together at dinner. I know there are plenty of commercials offering a variety of dinner ideas. How many teens help set the table,clear the table, do the dishes and say thank you to mom for making the meal after working her twelve-hour day today. My brother and I took turns setting,clearing and dish duty as a kid. DID NOT hurt us one bit.This taught us there is so much more to being a family than being just a spectator-you get involved. I just can’t believe how much in ten years our culture,families and TV has changed. 

Next door, the kids help mommy put in her flowers. They are filthy, dirt everywhere but in the planter, but it is a nice afternoon for all. what a nice memory maker. There is too much McDonald’s. The kids play in the play land instead of a park. What happened to packing a picnic lunch and watching the ducks swim in the pond? What happened to family bike rides or walking the dog after dinner? Family game night or family movie night? It is like we don’t communicate anymore. I understand we put our kids on the family plan to keep track of them at first, now they can’t cope if daughter isn’t gossiping about whats his name at school for three hours. yes, so much has changed I am afraid. 

when I was young, everything had its place and it stayed there. You did not Loose the back pack ten minutes before the bus came because the back pack was put on a hook after school that day. Keys were not misplaced because they hung on a hook after each use. How does a kid lose two back packs in two months? Dad can’t find his phone walking out  the door for work, or worse yet, if mom is sick, God forbid he does not have clean pants and shirt to put on. Really dad can’t do laundry? Everyone pitched in the not so long ago era. Kids have a sense of entitlement anymore. NO, princess, you are part of the family, therefore, you help around the house. Allowances has increased too.(make sure I can buy my new smart phone or video game dad). I cannot believe how bossy kids are today. Kids used to have respect for authority, now they like to challenge it. The good old days weren’t that bad. Discipline didn’t hurt us a bit.


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