The Good Old days

January 4, 2017 at 9:38 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , )



Happy New Year everyone. I hope January has been joyous so far. Here in Idaho, we are in the grips of another deep freeze. Falalalalalala. I am assured that Spring will be back soon. I live in a Four Season climate,so I make the best of all the Seasons. Fall and Winter usually are my favorite time of year, but this year, I could let Winter hibernate for a while.

Last week, while catching up with some of my classmates from high school, I saw a poll was being taken by several of my friends. The questions ranged from did we know our spouses in school, did we participate in sports how many children do we have. One question caught my eye. Would you go back to high school? Most answered yes.

I would not go back for a full year,but I would go back for say a week. I could ride my beloved horse again, drive my first car and go have dinner with my best friend at Bob’s Big Boy and then shopping. I could pick out a nice bedspread for my room, finally pick out a poster and tweak a few accessories. For the most part,growing up was good. My twin brother and I grew up on a ranch away from town. All my friends were envious of my brother and I. We sometimes wished we could trade the weekend with one of our classmates and then we could sleep in, have a temporary new set of siblings, enjoy some new dishes, hang out with my temporary sister’s best friends. Life as they say is always greener on the other side of the Astroturf.

Mu Junior year of high school, I was being approached my by classmates and being told I should go out for Home Coming Queen and Miss Moorpark. I was surprised as I did not think I would win; I lost Home Coming Queen by just 12 votes. Miss Moorpark was a another story all together. The experience helped my self-esteem and  helped me realize I needed more confidence in my abilities. Not living in town around more people was difficult sometimes,but other times, it was nice to get on my horse and go for a long ride with our German Shepherd dog Princess. I also had my lambs to care for, chickens, a goat, cow, and countless rabbits. I was often teased because I did not dress up in a dress or skirt or trousers for school. I told one classmate”I have ten minutes to get ready for school after feeding the animals and a mile walk to the bus stop. I am not wearing heels and a dress.”After I passed my driving test and bought my first car, my appearance changed. I still did not wear a dress everyday, but I dressed nicer. I guess friends noticed because I was asked to participate in a Home Coming Queen.

I did not have three or four girlfriends to go shopping with and help me pick out a nice blouse or stripped t-shirt to mix and match the clothes in my closet. I think I figured out early on, that if you look at school one day,you we expected to keep it up. (Too much work involved for this teen). My mom worked at the bank and dad was disabled from an accident at work. Money was tight and my brother and I bought our own clothes and paid rent; We both had jobs so we were expected to help out; This taught us both responsibility, and appreciate what we had. When I bought my first car, I could escape for a few hours,go see my beloved grandmother, get a bite to eat, shop at a few stores and then head back home. I had some good friends, great memories, fun in 4-H club with my brother, life was simpler.

I would not trade my life for anything in the world. I have lived through some difficult circumstances, but I have the love and support of my family and friends. I realized that life goes on after the tragedy, we mourn,we heal, and we look forward to a brighter future. Life is different without my husband and son, but I keep myself busy with a fulfilling job, caring for my aging mother, and writing. I started my writing career in a teenage journal. I did not have the lock and key version, but I wrote down what I thought important at the time. I took a few writing classes in high school, but I was not sure I want journalism as my career. I went into Nursing because I cared for my dad while mom worked in high school. I made the right choice for me. I have a job that is very rewarding. I think back on when all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mother. I am blessed I was given the joy of a wife and motherhood even if for a little while.

Sometimes I set here looking at the computer screen rewrite a sentence forty times in my mind before I finally put it in my post. I have deleted many paragraphs and started over until I just told myself ” I can’t figure out how to write this, time to give up.” Then you get a brilliant idea, and the story comes together. I have been blogging for four years now; I started my blog after I published my first book. (I can’t believe the book has been out six years already.) I started out writing stories that related to my book and write about subjects that interested me. When I started blogging, I did not know if anyone would ever read my posts, even care I had a blog, or I worried my posts were too sad for some to read. Ing have been told I have a sad blog by some readers and they stopped reading. I have met so many more wonderful people all over the world that appreciate my stories, left lovely comments and some know how it feels to lose a son. Life can throw you a curve ball you never seen coming, but life also moves forward as we heal and begin living again.



  1. Ann Coleman said,

    It would be nice to go back in time, just for a little while! And I’m glad that you have kept up with your blogging…


    • healinginthestorms said,

      Thank you Ann. I enjoy writing,it keeps me grounded. It is nice to have a creative outlet that people can read and maybe relate to. happy New year.


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