Coffee Debate

August 21, 2021 at 10:58 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I recently read a good blog post about coffee. A lady was in the airport thinking about getting a a specialty coffee. There is only one person at the counter at the time. The debate comes from if you wanted a Frappuccino coffee do you wait in line to order it when let’s say there are two or three people behind you waiting patiently in line to order thier drinks.  Whose to say the next person in line just wants an Americana.

I think it would really depend on how much time I have to enjoy my Cinnamon Dulce late. There is always the chance your plane could have mechanical problems or the arriving flight could be late, then I would probably think about waiting in line to order my coffee. You have to take into consideration that the there is only one person manning the counter at the time. I think this is a good question of how bad do you really want your coffee?

I also think it is a different situation if you have a friend traveling with you at the time or are you traveling alone. You and your friend may not think anything more of waiting in line while chatting about your destination or your itinerary . If your are traveling to a new location, you may be caught up in the fun filled five days you could get away to relax from your hectic schedule.  I also know how busy the airport can be at times and if there is a line, I may not want to wait because I really didn’t need that cup of coffee. it is a really good question. 



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