Call Me Old

August 26, 2021 at 8:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I can remember when I was in JR High School certain subjects were taught. Home Economics being one of them. You learned how to sew, cook, clean up afterwards, and work in teams. You still Gym class where yes you were expected to participate in a game of dodge ball. We were lucky to get a few really good teachers who made learning fa fun experience. 

In High school, we had electives we could take  such as Art, working on the year Book(taking pictures at lunchtime) learning how to put together the year book, Shop class, life Skills Class where you learned how to balance a check book, learned how to budget, fill out a job application, Driver’s Ed, Child development Class yes we learned where babies came from and how much work it would be to have one as a teen. 

It saddens me to think that many of the classes I was able to take isn’t offered anymore. I understand with the pandemic the school year was on hold. I do not understand the reasoning behind no Algebra. Geometry, Calculus, Biology, classes that could help you get into College. I remember a time not so long ago, that if you took Biology in high school, you never needed to retake the class in College. 

Offered also was Advanced Placement for students who are ready to attend college and get an early start to thier degree. There is still Trade classes the high school offers for a head start in your chosen career. I knew many students who attended one class at the high school and then went the rest of the day in advanced classes. I am glad the classes were offered because this is how I became interested in Nursing and I am still involved in my career today.

I hope when the kids were sheltering at home, parents were taking the time to teach thier teens how to balance a check book, changing a tire(could be important some day) how to cook, doing the dishes and clean up of the kitchen, doing laundry, playing championship basketball games, tag football, soccer tourneys. How fun with a BBQ at the end of the day to celebrate.

Here’s  to the start of a better school year where the kids get to be with thier friends, play hop scotch after school, throwing the ball around until dinner, hitting the homework, and enjoy being a child. Don’t blink now, you will graduating before you know it and getting out into this great big world full of opportunities.



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  1. LA said,

    I saw my niece last week…elementary school age. I think the learning experiment of the past year was really not good for her….I fear for these kids


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