Made My day

September 5, 2021 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Yesterday morning, I set off to run a few errands. One of them being paying my homeowners insurance. I walked into the office with the Agent on the phone so I sat down in the waiting area. I noticed a cute little four year old playing with her stuffed kitty.

The cute little girl came over to me and just looked at me. I asked her her name and she replied “what’s your name?” I told her and she grunted and proceeded to tell me about her kitty. I thought this little girl was the cutest kid. She let me hear the (now known as a lion) roar his mechanical roar. I did a mock  noise for her benefit. About this time the agent called me in.

As I sat down her daughter sat beside me in the other chair holding in her hand pen and paper. The agent looked nervous and asked me if it was alright that her daughter sat beside me.” I told her of course it is.” the mother told me her daughter has never sat beside someone before that she doesn’t know and commented that her daughter must really like me. ( besides I had a couple signatures I needed to give the little helper for her records). After the little helper was finished up, she went into the next room to to play.

I have to say this one errand I had to run turned really made my ho hum day. I am glad little Piper was there keeping her mom company while she worked, shared her kitties roar with me, she trusted me enough to set beside me and play office for a few minutes with me. I thought it was cute that her notebook had what looked like shorthand written on the page.  I think it is wonderful that this sweet little angel can sometimes go to work with her mom and hang out. so many parents don’t get this opportunity to share thier day with the kiddoes’.          

What do you think?

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