On A Positive Note

September 16, 2021 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

I can understand how so many people can be well lemon tasters. I know the last year has been met with so much fear, controversy, and unhappiness. The kids were home schooled not by choice, parents had to work from home plus pick up teaching duties, our favorite places to dine were closed, no ball games, concerts, visitations for the holidays were kept to close family only. I get it.

Some people put on a happy face but it is just that a face. They hide sorrows disappointments, loss of loved ones, sheltering at home, mask mandates, there are so many reasons people may hide behind a smile. It is easy to just say “I am doing fine” because we really know the other person was asking in passing or really didn’t have the time to chat.  For some, a smile may be a way they can deal with thier stress. 

I think some people read too much into someone who always seems happy go lucky like they don’t have a care in the world. Further could be from the truth. A friend of mine is losing her husband due to Covid19. By nature she is an upbeat and bubbly person. I am sure there are people who are genuinely concerned for her and her family and those who don’t really know what to say so the put both feet in thier mouth. I admire her faith to be assured that her husband is getting the best care possible and she does have a strong network of friends and family who are giving her support.

I know when I lost my son Levi, I could not believe some of the comments people would day to me. I finally just came home, sat down with a cold cup of coffee and let the remarks go. it took some time to get over some of the hurtful comments but I knew I made the most difficult choice in my life and I know my son is in a better place than where he was suffering. I still miss his mischievous smile, his sparkling eyes and most of all his infectious laugh he had. (on my desk, i have the only picture of him laughing. he was at his friend’s house taking pictures. he had a hairy stomach so he was showing it off for the camera). I cherish that picture of him because he was having a really fun afternoon with friends. 


  1. LA said,

    I wrote about similar feelings this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • healinginthestorms said,

      Hi I didn’t get the chance to read your post this week. I wrote this post because of the conversations I have been hearing. When someone is going through a difficult circumstance it is easy to give unintentional comments . I will read your story as I really like your posts. I have been having some melancholy feelings right now about both my son and husband.

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      • LA said,

        Totally understand!💗💗


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