All Hallows Eve

October 30, 2021 at 11:08 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I heard a story about some co- workers working at a group home for the special needs clients.

One evening, the ladies were setting at the the break room table charting, drinking their coffee and chatting about  the plans they had for thier days off. With charting done, the ladies put the books on the shelf getting ready to leave when all the  charts just fell off the shelf by themselves. Laughing one care provider put the books back on the shelves and was getting ready to go clock out. Again, the books fell off the shelf like something waked by and  pushed them on the floor again. the books were put back on the shelf. One co-worker joked ‘it is enough and you can stop now’. For the time being, the books stayed on the shelf.

Another story told in the same house is on a windy night, the residents were cared for, the co-workers again were charting, and chatting while drinking coffee. This time, the back door opened and something came in shutting the door behind it. The co- workers just said ‘hello’ to whatever it was that entered .

These stories are true. They have happened more than once. They just figure it is a fun loving something having fun.

What is your spooky story on this All Hallows Eve?

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Thankful Thursday

October 21, 2021 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Sometimes I just need this reminder. We do not need to strive so much for excellence. 


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Living Life To the Fullest

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A few weeks ago, my brother and I turned sixty. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly realized I cannot do the same things as say a thirty year of still can. I do not have the energy or maybe the interest anymore. I am not part of the social scene anymore. you do not see meeting friends for coffee, going to the big parties, concerts, flying(lol). I like to stay closer to home now and enjoy my hometown life.

I started being more of a homebody a couple of years ago. I live in a four season climate where the deer and the moose play, I see ducks swimming in the bay, I see the occasional fox and turkeys running wild. My view point is where would I want to go? I have my home staycation ready complete with my bedroom getting painted by dear friends of mine. The weather is turning colder now and I love wearing layers, going for walks seeing the changing leaves, coffee just tastes better on a chilly morning, I love foggy mornings.

I still am part of the sandwich generation where after work, I care for my aging mom. We are in the process of getting her a new wheel chair. What an ordeal. Doctors who don’t get back with you telling you the wheelchair place has the referral, the wheelchair place not getting back with you saying her physical therapy appointment is set up,  and getting her a ride there and back home. It is difficult being the only child here with no family around to help out. But I am muddling along through this ordeal and we will prevail! I hope. 

Life after sixty says it will be an exciting time in your life… that or very exhausting. I still don’t feel any different. I still have the same aches and pains as before, the same extra weight hanging around, clothes not fitting quite right lately, sleeplessness nights, cozy mysteries(cannot wait for the next one to be written). I am blessed that I have my health, my job in healthcare, the love and support of my friends and my family, I get to wake up and look at the forest out my front door, so many places to take a quiet scenic drive to see the wild life along the roadways. Staycation are the best in my book.

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The Cat Ladies

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A few years ago I was given the opportunity to care for a beautiful elderly lady living with her flight attendant daughter and just a few cats. One of the stories goes like this the two ladies were eating dinner at the time. The kitchen is off the back deck, all of a sudden a beautiful cat came up to the back door and just sat there looking in. The mother just sighed and said ‘there’s another one wanting to get in’. Well her name ended up being Annie. 

Another time, the daughter was just taking her walk(I kid you not) with her three cats in tow. There would take a walk around the block and then go back inside the house. One evening the daughter noticed another cat joining them on the walk. His name became Ricky. In the end, they ended up with ten cats all together. They live in a beautiful Victorian home on a tree- lined street where deer and moose show up in the fall and stay around for a couple days eating the trees.

I met the ladies a few years ago after my brother and I used to drive around looking at the the nice water front homes and taking pictures. my brother and I always loved the Victorian homes and were in awe at how gorgeous the landscape is. One day I was driving by the home and saw the daughter outside working on her lawn. I got brave and went over to talk with her. As it was, she was looking for someone who could stay nights with her mother while she flew. We became fast friends and to saw I had a dream job was an understatement. I cared for this elderly lady for three years.

After the mother passed away, her daughter asked if I would still watch her kitties since she still had to fly twice a month. I stayed there for another four years until I had too much going on and was unable to anymore. 

I found out what being envious of another is. I was able to stay at what you would call a luxury resort it was that special to I would come home to my small house that I wished had some of the charm of the their home. The daughter helped me a little to add to my home but over time my good friends helped me paint, plant some trees in my backyard and expand my back patio. I put in a memorial garden in honor of my sons, and started to make my house really feel like a home.  Yes, I have a ranch style house but with Victorian charm. 

I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of the Stuart ladies lives and was able to care for the mother and later the cats. I have learned to stay home on my days off and like my staycations every week. With the pandemic and flight cancellations mess, I didn’t really want to travel anyway. I put up my fall decorations and put my warm comforter on my bed and I am all ready for the snow to fly. Life is full of lessons and sometimes you have to look at what you do have and appreciate it and I have learned to love where I live. 

Someone asked me one time what was the best feature in my home I turned my son’s old bedroom into my dressing room. I love getting dressed there in the morning and putting on my pajamas at night. I know of so many who has lost a child and cannot bear to open the bedroom door. I think Levi would have been happy I chose to transform his bedroom into a space where I can come in a get dressed and sip my cup of coffee in the morning. His old book shelf that a friend gave to him many years ago, became my new book shelf full of my Author friends books.


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Finding Sanity

October 6, 2021 at 10:31 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

This has been a crazy, exhausting, struggle this week. My place of employment is not a skeleton crew anymore, we are now calling ourselves the shoe string crew. With those out sick and the rest of us working to fill the shifts, I can say I am proud of my co-workers that we are bridging the gap and working through exhaustion and caring for our guys. 

I understand that no one wants to apply for a job because of the variant strain out their but businesses are closing their doors for lack of staff.  Patience is in limited supply right now. Sometimes you want to tell a customer it isn’t the checkers fault the lettuce costs a mere 20 cents more right now. truckers to deliver the food is in short supply right now. fast food places are in short staff mode as well. They really are trying to keep up with orders and maybe did put tomatoes on your order by mistake. do you really need to be rude to them for your order? 

I just feel a black cloud hanging over our Country right now and so many people has commented on the how hostile people are getting. Kids shooting kids at school, parents taking the kids out of school because of mask mandates and vaccinations debates, mental health declines, big box stores has made a mint on home deliveries and curbside pickups. People are afraid to go out anymore for fear of shootings, being the wrong ethnic race, walking after dark, I hope this is not the new normal. So many are just staying home instead of enjoying their community ( a fight breaks out for no reason it seems like). 

Anymore you need proof of being vaccinated to go into dine out, go to the movies, meet friends at a bar, no big gatherings, the concerts and fairs are resulting in spikes of the Covid19, so we are basically back to where we were last year. No family gathering again, sometimes it is hard to find the silver lining in all of this. I think the most important thing you can do for yourself is self- care. It is okay not to want to get together for a drink right now, not go for that scenic drive with friends, not go to that concert just yet. It is okay to take caution for what is at risk out there. 

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