“Advanced Tween Attitude”

Levi Moves Out

(I am not supposed to spoil the first line with Yippee) but I am going to.

Levi was having his Advanced Tween Attitude. I told him if he didn’t want to pay his bills, then he needed to find another place. I couldn’t afford to pay for both of our bills. The next day, Levi informed me he was moving out.

Levi moved in with his grandmother. He helped her around the house, and kept her company. Plus she is a good cook.  His grandma kept him on track with paying his bills on time. He didn’t need to know what collections were at an early age.

          His grandma was trying to help him get his first apartment by having it furnished. (Lucky duck). All Levi had to do was pay his bills.  No he wasn’t giving her trouble. He knew better.

Levi; with the help from his friend, moved out on Halloween. I sat in the dark living room, drinking coffee, and enjoyed the silence. No slamming doors, no yelling, and no phone calls at midnight when I had to work tomorrow. It was nice.

Levi’s cat got up in my lap and purred. I told Levi to find his cat a good home when he left, I guess I was the good home. I appreciate the cat now.

Levi was almost completely moved out of the house. (Ever been there?). He had a big mess in the middle of his room that he kept forgetting about. I finally asked him, “so when are you moving out? I want to make the room into a multi-purpose room but your stuff is in the way.” He told me he would come take it.

What was hard for me was that Levi would come home for 3 minutes to get something out of his room, and leave again

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