first chapter of “Healing in the Storms”


Growing Up a Twin

I have one of the best brothers one could ask for. Jeff and I are twins. We were born 7 minutes apart (a twin will tell you how many minutes apart they are – some twins will go so far as to say for 7 minutes they had it made.)

People used to ask me “What is it like to be a twin?” Some of these people would even answer for me, “You always have someone to talk to, you have someone to play with and you have someone to help you with your chores.” (Well until one of us wore out his or her welcome.)

Jeff and I grew up on a ranch in California. We participated in the 4-H club.We raised rabbits and sheep. When Jeff and I bought our lambs, Jeff wanted to name them Bonnie and Clyde– I didn’t like sound of those names (wonder why) so I named my lamb Sunflower. 

Sunflower won Grand Champion in the fair that year, while Jeff sold his lamb at market at the fair.

The next year, Sunflower gave birth to twins. The newspaper came out and wrote an article. The article was titled ‘Twins for the Twins’

Sunflower had 3 more sets of twins, all of her babies were Grand Champions.

When Jeff and I had graduated High School, we moved to Idaho because dad was sick with cancer.  Dad needed to be in a drier climate.  Jeff had culture shock from moving to a small town and he enlisted into the Marines right away. This was the first time Jeff and I had been separated; this time was a difficult time for me not seeing Jeff everyday.

Some twins are fortunate to live in the same town, some others like Jeff and I live miles apart. After Jeff was discharged from the Marine Corps, he married and had a beautiful daughter. I always appreciated the fact that Jeff worked all day then would go and have ‘daddy/daughter day’.

Jeff always wanted a daughter and I had always wanted a son. I married in 1984. My husband died in 1990 from diabetic complications. Jerry and I had a son, Levi.  Levi died tragically in a car accident in July 2007.

Everyday is a struggle without having my son. God gives you strength and peace to move forward in Him everyday. I am working, writing my first book and living life to the fullest.

I had to realize even though my husband and son went to Heaven before I did, I still have goals I want to achieve before I am called home as well.

After Levi passed away people would comment, “I can’t imagine being you”. I would tell them “I can’t imagine being me either”.

I wouldn’t trade the hardships I have gone through for anything. God knew in His strength I could walk through this pain and be victorious for Him.




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