Spring Fever

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The older I get


I can’t believe I am thinking this thought, but I am looking forward to Spring this year. We have had colder and harder winter this year and having one too many sub-zero days has gotten me used to the idea of warmer temperatures. Spring is usually not one of my favorite seasons because well, yard work. I work odd hours, I am usually tired, and I need to update my landscaping in my front yard this year after the harsh winter we had. One day last week,  I took a drive around my favorite up scaled neighborhood to get some ideas to freshen up my tired looking yard(front and back). I  took away some good ideas to turn my small home into a oasis to enjoy for another thirty plus years. 

Gardening has never been my specialty. I wish I could be one of the many who blog about how beautiful the yard is this year. I have trees I have planted in my back yard that has been trying to grow for the last twenty years. I might as well tear out my lavender plants this year, they just won’t grow. A few years ago, a friend of mine helped me with a few focal points to the yard. A well placed bird bath by the pine tree, I have an old brass bed I spray painted cream, and I have my sons old sand box turned planter. I have a good start, just need some color back there. caring for my aging mom now on top of working in health care, I prefer a staying home in my own comfortable B&B inspired home. I have been blessed by the  Lord with some dear friends who have helped me with updating my home after I lost my son suddenly in 2007. Inside and out have been freshly painted, new kitchen flooring, reinvented my closets, and my Victorian furniture I bought a few years ago for next to nothing. 

 So may wish they could downsize into a smaller home, have a little space for the garden, some flowers and a place for family and friends to hang out; Tiny homes are becoming a very popular option in living. Although I do not know how I would live in a 300 square foot home,many are loving the lifestyle. If you just starting out, you really do not need a lot of stuff.  Many families are keeping the older homes and renovating; they cannot afford a new home, so they are adding on or updating the old home; What a good way to have the added space for family and friends to visit. I know the vacation time is near,but many like me cannot get away to an exotic location, outdoor living spaces are a great way to spend a vacation at home. My favorite TV commercial shows and mom and daughter heading out for a relaxing afternoon by the pool(complete with tote bag for daughter full of towel,and girly stuff) later, dad grilling dinner in the outdoor living space, after the kids went to bed, the parents are enjoying the outdoor fire place. What a wonderful commercial showcasing a relaxing stay cation this year. I used to pitch my son Levis tent in the backyard. He and two friends spent the night under the stars laughing and talking all night. Live life comfortably but simply.


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Renovation Nation

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While watching one of my favorite Home and Garden shows last night, I noticed a growing trend in the tiny house market and neighborhood renovations. Some folks are taking the idea of our Grandmas garden shed and turning them into houses. I was surprised to find out how many varieties of small house living that is out there: You can choose from Portable Cedar cabins, Victorian, Modern, Urban Industrial and the list goes on. I was surprised at how much living space went into one of these mini houses. I am amazed at every nook and cranny is used in these tiny spaces. you really can design your mini home to fit your interests. They can be built as elaborate or modest fit to your budget.

I think the young people are deciding to buy a more permanent tiny home rather than rent. They can build their portable house to fit their individual needs. Some young adults are into sports and have the need to travel so this is a perfect option for them. Instead of renovating an existing home, some couples are downsizing to a smaller home or mini home options. While some families are choosing to stay in their forever homes and  renovating, others are deciding it is time to downsize. Our Grandparents had the family home and then the vacation cabin on the lake. When the kids went off to college and the parents retired, they often time sold the family home and lived in vacation home by the lake. I am one who chose to update my home with a fresh coat of paint inside and out and had a metal roof put on last year. My late husband and I bought our together home thirty years ago, I raised my young son here until he moved out at age 19. After my son passed away from a tragic car accident in 2007, I turned his old bedroom into my dressing room. I love setting in his room remembering not so long ago when he painted his bedroom the most hideous green color you ever saw. It puts a smile on my face while I am getting dressed in the morning and putting on my pajamas at night. 

I am impressed at the number of home renovation shows are on now. Long forgotten Cities are getting a new start with the help of designers and sold to young families who otherwise could not afford to own a nice home.   One of my favorite shows was one that showcased curb appeal.The Host  could not make over the whole neighborhood, so they chose three homes to boost curb appeal with the thought the rest of the neighbors would want to add fresh landscaping as well. The host showed an example of just a couple changes can bring big impact. I have a couple favorite neighborhoods I like driving around to get fresh ideas for my small house. New plantings,a couple more trees in the back yard and I am set for another summer outside on the patio drinking my cold coffee. Life is good indeed!

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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter everyone. With all the holidays so commercialized, I wanted to include a gentle reminder of what today represents. Growing up and even raising our children, many attend or host the annual egg hunt followed by a nice brunch.  Many will attend the sunrise service tomorrow morning at o dark thirty. Pastor Bob saying (6:30 a.m.) followed by brunch with family and friends. It is amazing to see up to ten churches all come together to celebrate Christ. You see friends who you may have lost contact with or for some the annual service to attend either way it is cool.

I was a single parent for many years raising my young son after my husband died from his disease. I always went to church on Easter Sunday with my son because I did not want Levi to believe Easter was just candy and a cute bunny. Driving home from church one Easter morning, I asked Levi what he learned in class today. He was so cute sitting in the front seat,looking out the window as to find the right words for his story. He told me” Jesus lived a long time ago,he was a brave man. He made the blind to walk, and the deaf to see. I guess that Pilate  wanted everyone to pay the hospital bills huh mom”. It was hard because you could not laugh and hurt his feelings but that was good.

Last week, I was looking into finding more care for my mom. I hung up the phone frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. A thought entered into my mind take a break and attend a small group for caregivers at my local church. I just had on my scrubs ready for work, and did not know a Seder dinner was in progress when I arrived. I almost left, not wanting to interrupt the festivities. The secretary told me I was most welcome and she showed to a table in the back where I met some delightful people. I had a very nice afternoon where I could relax and enjoy spending time getting to know some new friends; Many I found out were going through some of the same difficult circumstances I am walking through now. I am thankful to God for the time I still have with mom even if some days are difficult or heart breaking.

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My Fondest Easter Memory

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Easter has always been special for me. My family spent Easter weekend with my grandparents in an upscale trailer park. I always admired my grandmas front yard-it was beautifully landscaped. In my opinion, she had the nicest house on the block. My brother and I played for hours running around the trailer playing tag or hide and seek. My cousins would come the night before Easter and decorate the eggs. After the egg hunt, the family went swimming at the beach. I always thought it was neat to live two blocks from the ocean. I remember how foggy it would be and watching the fog burn off by mid morning. We probably went swimming with the sharks and didn’t even know it. There was a big seal population close by.

I remember how special it was the family taking time to gather even for the afternoon, spending time together. it was a simpler time then one without electronic devices to entertain you. I remember listening to the adults talking about a vacation they were taking this year or my older cousin talking about the Beatles newest song. I do not remember the telephone ringing very often. I was impressed because families spent time together and while the kids played in the front yard, the ladies sat on the porch watching us and laughing at our antics. Many cartwheel contests were won and lost. It didn’t take much to occupy he kids back then. I am glad I grew up in a time before cell phones and I pods and such. For one, my grandparents would have been like the commercial and make you keep your devices in the car or leave them at home. I think I learned so much from my family through the gatherings, how much they loved each other and spending time together.

I can truly say I am thankful for my upbringing. I was taught manners, not just please and thank you, be appreciative that many hands prepared the meal and not be picky about what is served. I was taught how to interact with adults at the table,taught not to be rude and interrupt, and most of all to be grateful to belong to a family. We had a lot of love at the Leigh and walker family gatherings. I am glad I did not grow up before my time,we had time to kids,we played outside, we drank from the hose(yes,we did), and we did not grow up too fast. I still get a kick out of remembering my family had a pay phone in the kitchen. Our friends always brought with them a dime just in case. My dad was one of the fun dads, he let the friends use the dime.

What special memory do you have of a family gathering at Easter? I would love to hear about one of your memories.

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A Place To Call Home

April 6, 2017 at 5:01 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Empty house, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , )


My family moved to our small town when my brother and I were in College. Having grown up in a small town all my life, I had a easy adjustment. One adjustment I had was one flashing red light as our stop light. We only had three thousand people living here at the time so I guess the one light was sufficient. I could not believe how beautiful it is here. I have never lived within thirty minutes of the national Forest( great huckleberry picking) just watch out for the bear that might be 20 feet from you eating his berries. That was scary the first time it happened to me. With not many houses in our neighborhood, sledding in the winter was (well with my dad,it was interesting) he found it fun to turn a corner fast and see if you could cream the parked car. Most of the time he managed to do just that. We teens were young, banged up and ready for the next ride. When we could not feel our finger and toes anymore,we went inside to hot cocoa and home-made chocolate chip cookies to thaw out.

I left my hometown in College. I grew up in two small towns, so I  was used to everyone knowing each other and yes they tattle to my parents. The teachers would have  parent/teacher conference with my mom and her teller window. One would think my brother and I would be model students. When my brother and I were eight,we moved to the ranch on the outskirts of town. The nearest neighbor lived a mile away; We had the run of the orchard behind our house to ride our horses. The rancher gave mom all the avocados, and grapefruit she wanted on the ground. friends came over often to ride the horses and see our lambs as we were getting ready for the fair. My family probably would not have left if my dad would not have gotten hurt on the job and my Grandmother moved. It was exciting planning a move to a new town, a new house, making new friends, finding a new church, and finding a new job. I continued my degree in a nice College. I know some families come here for a year, after the first winter, they move. They leave behind so much beauty,nature, wild animals that I have grown to love to watch.


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A Peaceful Escape

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I met with a dear friend this afternoon for lunch. We do not get together as much as we used to due to our schedules. My friend works in her daughter’s specialty shop. I can get envious of K’s talent for Interior design if I am not careful. She owns a beautifully decorated manufactured home. She has lived in Ireland hosting a B&B for over 20 years. We were laughing about when I asked her ten years ago to help me put my bedroom together for me. When she first looked in my room,she asked me”how many years has it been since it has been touched?” I told her”since my husband passed away”. We both agreed it was time fr a change. And a change I was blessed with. We also talked about how she sent me to church and then her daughter and son-in-law got to work sprucing up my new B&B inspired room. I also decided to turn my son Levi’s old bedroom into my dressing room. She found a perfect rose quilt to put on the now turned day bed.

I am on my stay-cation this week and intend on enjoying every drop of  slowing down and smelling the flowers as I can. I have taken a walk around a quaint little man made village with a river walk. After walking, I decided to browse the shops that were open on Sunday. I have made some special meals for my mom and I to share because I finally have the time to cook and not throw something together. It is nice to take the time and decide what to wear today. I have nice clothes, but I usually put on my cute scrubs for work instead of getting dressed twice. Working odd hours,caring for my aging mom and trying to blog twice a week can be taxing after a while. I needed to find ways to refresh and still keep up with my daily obligations. I don’t know, there is just something about hearing the birds chirp while writing this story that makes my day. You look outside the window, and see 20-30 birds in the trees all having a private conversation.

I am going on a nice scenic drive tomorrow,my neighbor is going to do some ( not my honey do) chores for me while I am gone, then I am going to rent the new release”Collateral Beauty”. It is too early to plant flowers yet,(lucky flowers) so I will get some fresh yard design ideas. The hard winter buried my poor shrubs,so I am going to put in something that will bring some color to my front yard. Any suggestions? I also want to put in a few trees in the back yard to complete my backyard retreat. I have a few summer plans this year. Many years ago, my brother and I took a scenic sea plane tour. I remember how much fun it was and I would like to take another tour. I plan on going to some Summer Theater performances as well as a few concerts. I used to go with friends from church, and need to make the time to enjoy what my town has I offer. I still have two more days off, so I plan on another lunch date, and organizing my closet(come on,it needs to be done). Yes,it is nice to sometimes stop and indeed smell the flowers along the way of our busy lives. Invite a friend over for coffee and desert, or enjoy someones company as you spruce up a room in the house for Spring.

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I am blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t have to travel miles and miles to visit the national forest, I live within driving distance of three ski resorts, families are gearing up for fishing, hiking, bike trails galore. With so many outdoor activities to choose from, I can enjoy so much right here. I am still caring for my aging mother, so I can’t leave for a week to go gallivanting the country side. I found there are a few rules when planning your days off.

Make sure (if single) clean your house before you start enjoying your time off. No one wants to vacuum, dust, clean fridge so you can stuff more food in,etc.etc. The idea of staying home for me is relax(what exactly is this foreign word anyway?) I am fortunate to live by the river; Many humans and dogs walk the trails everyday.(I know because they pass my house on their way). It is a nice nature walk among the rocks and pine trees, you might see a badger, ducks swimming in the cove, a deer walking the trail eating.The older I get, I appreciate the fact I do not have to far to enjoy the beautiful landscape. We have at least 20 lakes in our area to enjoy. I used to like fishing when my late husband,son and I would get up early, pack a sack lunch and fish until early afternoon. maybe I should get my dads fishing gear back out of the garage. My son caught his big fish using his grandpa’s pole.

I love to check out the local Library: Twice a Month, I get together with other moms and retired ladies for a morning of coffee and color therapy. it is a fun morning spent talking about middle age life for many and listening to stories(we can relate to) of young moms struggles in child raising. I have talked to people who can’t believe the Library has something more to offer other than books. The kids and teens have a corner all their own to explore,complete with a reading corner,computer games and the web, story time, arts and crafts. Gardening for beginners,building container gardens, planting basics, computer 101,so many book clubs from romance,to murder mysteries. It is fun to discuss a book with others, you get four different view points. And to think, I used to take my young son to the Library so he could play computer games and check out a book. I guess one of the hazards of being a writer and Author, you are addicted to your local Library.

Being a tourist in my town: I do not get the chance very often to head into town. The main street is quaint tree-lined street full of shops, I could spend a day just browsing each shops, and enjoying our local Art Galleries. The streets re lined with unique metal art creations. One sculpture is of boys kicking a football,one is a huge moose, another is a scaly fish. The other day, I spied a mom picking her son up to let him ride the huge moose. All of the towns electrical boxes were hand painted by the College Art Class. instead of looking at silver or boring green boxes,we now see beautiful colorful scenes like a Moose eating,birds flying,or some pretty flowers. I love to people watch. Find a bench and watch the nice cars drive by or watch the kids eyes with all the Bronze Sculptures. In a few Months the shops will be renting paddle boats, offering Sea Plane rides, see the sail boats gliding along the lake, small boats for fishing, a new activity of paddle boarding. The local resort boasts the longest boardwalk. We also have the only floating green in the country. You can have a taste of feeling wealthy by eating looking out over the floating green and beautiful Lake Coeurd ‘Alene. If you choose, a boat will pick you up at the resort and ferry you out to lunch, a then take you back to your car. Deer is often seen on the green as well as quail, geese, and eagles.

Host a movie marathon day: I love to get together with a couple girlfriends and have a movie day. Each one picks her favorite movie, and enjoy a pot luck of great food and drinks. On an especially rainy day, how fun is it to get together with dear friends and curl up on the couch with blankets and watching one of your favorite shows. Sometimes, it is hard to coordinate schedules,but I like to get together and just have girl time. My friends know me so well. They just call me up and we are on the road again sight-seeing one of our many favorite locations. I have lived here for 36 years, I have found out about so many locations I never knew existed. I guess I need to get out more! Well, I am off again to care for mom. it is grocery shopping day, then her dinner time, and I can once again head to church and call it another great day.

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The Right Cut

March 16, 2017 at 6:17 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Uncategorized) (, , , )


The last time I had my hair cut, I promised myself I would never go to another rude, argumentative hair dresser again. I remember it well, sitting in the chair arguing (not consulting) with the hair with this woman. A hair cutting should not be after paying her,you go home and cut on it some more because you’re mad, and wanted it cut a certain way. Today while out running my errands, I thought I would get my hair cut,it was looking a little shaggy. It helps when someone is friendly to you when you walk in,and the lady listens to you; I got a perfect fun short hair cut. One, I would never have thought about for a nice change. I noticed online you can have a virtual hair makeover done to see what style you look good in. It beats thinking you will like a cut and then the joke is on you until it grows out. Ever happen to you?

Spring is almost here! Well several parts of the Country is experiencing a second blast of Winter. We are finally coming out of our hard winter, the grass and roadways are the perfect shade of ugly brown. I know better than to go to my local Nursery and buy anything yet. We never know if Stella is going to come and visit our  part of the Country next. It is nice to see some plants starting to come up. Most of the snow has melted, the birds are starting to sing in the trees outside your window, the sun feels warm again on your face. You can start transitioning your clothes again from parka to a light jacket. Pretty soon you will see the old cars driving around town. We have several old car clubs in the area. There is hope, the Ski Resorts are still in full swing and snow in the upper elevations for those who like to get outside in the cold.

I am thinking up a few new menu items to have Spring luncheons at my newly decorated house. I need to make time for some girl time with my dear friends. Life can get crazy or in the way sometimes. It is important to keep in touch with those who enrich your life. I always love to have Victorian luncheons. Set out my best table linens, plates and of course the prettiest tea cups. I buy Victorian tea Magazine, it is a great source of ideas and recipes to try. Just plant a few pretty flowers in pots, and enjoy my day. I just freshen up he paint in my living/ dining room and had new flooring installed in my kitchen. My friends are glad I could update my place because my husband and I bought our house thirty years ago, My husband only was able to live in the house two years. I think if he could visit again from Heaven,he would take his time walking through the house and back yard. I think he would be pleased at how nice the house looks. It always did look good, but sometimes we need to update and refresh. I could hear him say “it is so girly,but it is you honey”. Even though I have lived through some personal setbacks, I am happy where I am today.

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The Better Choice

March 8, 2017 at 10:00 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, Mothers, Poetry) (, , , )


While catching up on one of my favorite shows the other night, I saw an interesting commercial. The famous actress was pitching a cream that enhanced your natural (mine anyway) redness to the face. To think, I have spent countless dollars from a very famous makeup line to cover up my natural redness! It is funny to me how much we rely on someone we either hold in high regard as knowing what is current, or better yet, don’t trust our own judgment of ourselves. I have decided to trust my instincts and put a tinted moisturizer on my face to help keep the suns effects on my skin. I have been told I have young-looking skin and I would like to keep it that way.

The more I think about my background, I find I was just being me. When I was a senior in school, our History teacher told the class it would be nice if the Seniors would dress up once a month. it would show the underclassmen it did not hurt to come to school looking nice. We did,but here’s the thing, I started being asked my the students why I did not dress up everyday. Well, we are still talking to a teenager so my reaction was “Why should I lived on a ranch yes, but I could also feel pretty for the four classes I attended everyday. I wish I could say my life was forever changed with the suggestion I received but that would be a lie. My thought was( my thought was so funny to me now) “but then everyone would expect this of me everyday”.  I wore my hair long then. I remember how mad my classmates got when I had the very thought and actually did cut my hair six inches. What they did not understand was my hair was very thick and heavy. I was tired of one,no hairdresser would dare touch the length, and two my head sweated in the warmer months. I felt like I had the undercoat of a Pomeranian. Oh those teenage years. I am so glad they are behind me now.

Over the years, I have learned how to shop for clothes. I no longer long for Ger animals for teens and adults. I never had more than one friend I would hang around at a time I was more of a loner. I think when I shopped with a friend, I wanted to pretty shirt a shirt that would coordinated with more than one pant. My friend did not see shopping the way I did though. I was at school for my education,not a fashion show. My makeup was basic, plus I could not afford the current trend in 1978. I think my family felt sorry for me because I was getting brand new clothes my middle class cousin would not wear. I could not believe what she did not like. Funny though, all I had to do was buy the tops to match the nice bottoms. Like adding milk to jello right. I think everyone has a story like mine. Growing pains it what it is called.

Years ago, I went shopping with a good girlfriend in Spokane. I noticed the clothing racks had put together outfits that you mix and matched.  I was well on my way to becoming a modern mom. Being a young widow and a busy mom, I still wanted to look nice.  I dressed Levi in nice jeans and shirts, it really makes a difference in your life. My hair was cut in a nice short cut, I was busy running my household and working, so I decided long ago” it was as easy to keep yourself up as it was to let yourself go.” I think my husband would be proud of the woman I am today. I always tried to dress nice for him even when we went to his treatments twice a week.  My positive attitude brought my though a difficult time after my husband passed away.  I do not know why adults sometimes talk about going back to their childhood. You have to follow the rules of the house again, eat what is put on the table, you could not go out in public dressed how most kids dress today. Ahh, I know, your bills do not exist because cell phones, computers, I Pads  and other updated electronics did not exist yet. No rent,clothes bought for you,no outrageous food bill, and chauffeured everywhere. Gosh how the roles have suddenly changed…now I am taking mom everywhere, helping with her showers and meals, getting her mail for her and taking out her trash. Full circle of life. I feel like I am running two households. Life,isn’t it grand.

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Stop And Smell The Roses

March 3, 2017 at 8:57 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Family stories, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , )

images (9)


This is the starting of March memoir Madness. I would like to include of fond memory of meeting and making lasting friends

Everyday is a wonderful day to make lasting memories. I remember while still in college, my new neighbor and I became fast and lasting friends. We had a few things in common, we both moved to Idaho from California with our families in our late teens. We still laugh today about how both of us decided on Thanksgiving day to give our moms a break and prepare the whole dinner ourselves. Both our dads laughed and snickered”they will be asking for our help half way through the preparations” we sure fooled them. We not only cooked the turkey to perfection, all the sides and desert was to everyone’s delight. The good old days. Both our families had many parties and holidays at my parents house. In the winter, serious sledding was on the agenda for the afternoon. My dad would pull us around the neighborhood in his 1946 willies Jeep. When we could not feel our fingers and toes anymore, mom had hot cocoa and chocolate chips cookies hot out of the oven waiting for us. Christmas was spent at our home( the neighbors lived right across the street). Before my dad became too ill, he took many video camera memories of  sledding parties, great lively conversations, home-made wine, and opening of gifts.

My parents took more pictures and videos in the new house than all the years combined growing up on the ranch. I am glad someone grabbed the camera or video because mom and I like to look back on the fun times our families shared boating, camping, visiting my parents cabin, and memories when *Sally and I were married. My dear sweet friend sent me a card with Magnum PI on the front. The card loving said inside “single, but not for long”. This is the girl friend that we found fun just going to the dump for her dad. Her mom often remarked”it doesn’t take much to make you two happy”. We both eventually moved away from each other, I stayed in my hometown while she and her family lives in Seattle. We keep in touch as often as our schedules will allow. I visited my friend a few years ago when my friends from The Village People singing group was performing at a venue. *Sally was thrilled to meet my friend Glenn Hughes(the biker) and Alex Briley (the GI). Glenn invited my son and I to see his concert. Glenn surprised my son, *Sally, her daughter and I to go to lunch with him after we met him at his Hotel.  It was a fun day had by all. Later that night, my son fell asleep, so *Sally ad I went to the concert and met the group back stage. what a fun night. We took pictures for a lasting memory.

Sometimes our busy lives keeps us,overwhelmed, grouchy, with no end in sight. Take the time to smell the flowers in your life and know how blessed you are. It may be difficult at this moment with family troubles, illness, aging parents, but let your family know how much you love them because we are not promised tomorrow.

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