Life can Change in a Moment

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I was going through some paper work, and I came across a note my son had scribbled on a piece of paper. The note brought back memories of how much he had grown the last few years before his death. I was truly inspired by what I read. “Life can change in a moment, live everyday like you mean it, and don’t look back with any regrets.” I love his point of view. So many times, me included, regret things that doesn’t really matter. I am so proud of the fine young man Levi had become. I will always remember his smile, the sparkle in his eyes, his infectious laugh, and most of all his generosity.

When Levi was in grade school, his friends decided to set up a small lemonade stand. He was excited to give weary travelers a cold drink on a hot day. The boys did pretty good I might say. As they were getting ready to clean up for the day, a patrol car came down our block. I knew the officers and was talking with them, when Levi came up to them with the last two glasses of lemonade and told the officers”you work hard to keep us safe, you can just have these.” the officer was grateful for the cold drink, but would not Levi and the boys walk away empty-handed.

My life was forever changed ten years ago when my son was involved in a fatal car accident. Some still ask me how I carry on day after day. A strong faith, the love and support of my family and friends, a job I love, and my writing. Today is a rainy day and I feel a little blue. I don’t think it was an accident I found the little note my son had written years ago. It made me feel better and Levi was right, life may change in a moment, but it is how you deal with your grief, stress, who you lean on that counts.  I still think about when my husband and son were alive and our house was full of friends, great food, lively conversations, laughter and love.  I appreciate my friends who have me over for snacks and movies, grabbing a cup of coffee out, a walk in the forest listening to the birds chirp, feeling alive again.


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Spring Just Around the Corner?

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Every year, Mother Nature fools us into believing it is springtime again. Just when you thought you can uncover your flower beds, start digging in the dirt, we get another dusting, make that six more inches of the white stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all four seasons here, I just wished the weather could make up its mind.

For the second year in a row, I have found out the hard way I need to plant flowers that can take the four feet of now dropping off from my new metal roof I had installed. Why doesn’t anyone tell about this before I spent my money and my roofer has moved now. I wish I could tell you that I am one of the many fabulous gardeners with terrific tips on preparing your beds for spring. I am as in the dark as some of you are. ( many years ago, a catalog used to advertise a flower blanket  you would roll out onto your prepared area and wallah, instant color. I am envisioning a basic back yard with nice trimmed trees, a couple of flower beds for color, and butterfly bushes. I love seeing butterflies fluttering around my yard in search of food.

pretty soon we will have the return of the birds. I already hear them singing merrily nestled in the trees branches. All  winter I have seen elk and deer walking around the housing developments eating from the trees. As long as I have been living here, I will never tire of seeing moose or deer wandering around.  Give them space and they eat quietly and move on. They will even pose for your picture. Early mornings are spent watching the foggy mornings close in around you. I love the foggy mornings, and watching the storms come in. I cannot imagine living in a more picturesque place. I am most proud to still live in the forever home my late husband and I bought together thirty one years ago. He would be surprised if he could see the house now. I have some very good friends and neighbors who have helped me keep my home looking nice.

I was a lucky child getting to raise animals on our farm. I was involved in 4-H Club with my twin brother go to the fair every year and show my lambs and horse. Looking back teaching my young lamb to leash walk was not as bad as I made it sound then. You should see video of the lamb jumping, twisting its neck to get off the leash and then finally just standing still crying, refusing to move. You could at this point one, drag her around the driveway ten more times or two,(not give in and put her back in her pen no sirree) let her rest a minute and recover from her choking herself half to death and then continue on. You could hear mommy sheep encouraging Bonnie to keep going, you will be done sooner than you think. Sounds just like a mom. I wished Idaho had the same commitment towards the 4-H Club, I would have loved to get my young son involved in the rabbit club or even raising chickens for the fair. My son had a good childhood being in the Royal rangers and fishing with his grandpa. I can not imagine a more perfect life than the one I am living.

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A Special Day

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This afternoon, I am setting here staring at my computer screen with a blank stare. Many bloggers have had the same feeling what to write about today. Most of the time, I usually have a million ideas floating around in my head and all I have to do is pick one to write about not today. I was preoccupied with buying dinner preparations for my mom to help her celebrate her anniversary. Mom and dad would have been married 59 years. I am reminded of the time when dad wanted to take my mom out to a nice seafood dinner the only problem was, the roads were closed due to a severe snow storm that morning. Mom and dad returned home and settled in for a dinner of soup and a sandwich with plans to try again when the weather turned warmer.

Some of my friends and family were sharing stories of my parents as I called them today. My family lived on a ranch in Southern california. One of our horses, april was having a difficult time birthing her foal. We had a line of cars taking pictures of April as Nugget finally made his debut into the world. Another time, (while my brother and I were at school) our calf was being butchered. People were taking pictures of our poor calf in his final moments. Living on a hair pin turn, my dad and brother were always replacing our fence when accidents happened. Maybe this is why I went into health care.

Mom and dad were part of our 4-H Club. Dad was the rabbit leader. We lived in a single story mansion. Our living room was large enough for a slate pool table. Mom put a sheet on the pool table, so dad could teach us how to show our rabbits for the fair. My brother and I also were involved the sheep and horse projects. You raise a little helpless lamb to get ready for the fair and market. Many of my friends from school were envious I could ride my horse after school or play with the new bunny rabbits. I had a good childhood, I learned responsiblity, sportsmanship, and a few blur ribbons for our hard work as a reward. Mom and dad decided not to be  rabbit leaders when my brother and I entered High school. We both had jobs and dad was hurt on his job.

I think my parents had a good time in retirement after moving to Idaho. My dad was hurt on the job and needed to move to a drier climate. They bought the forever home sight unseen. Well, they fell in love with thier new home. My bother and I were used to spacious bedrooms- our rooms were not spacious. I went from a medium sized bedroom to I think it was the sewing room. Jeff hasd a slightly bigger room. After I got used to my cubby hole, I enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me. Dad had fun riding around the neighborhood in his 1946 Willie’s Jeep. Snowy days, family and friends were pulled around the neighborhood behind the jeep. When we couldn’t feel our fingers and toes anymore, mom had hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies waiting to warm us up. I had some great conversations today honoring my parents. 

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An Unexpected Surprise

February 21, 2018 at 8:23 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Uncategorized) (, , , )

Going through some old paper work, I ran across an old car registration bill. It reminds me when my son bought his new car and argument that followed.

Son:” mom can you help me with my personalized plate pleeease????(hands in prayer position).

Mom:” are going to help me pay for the new plate beings I already put the down payment on your new car?”

Son:” I am short on funds(love this response), but the plate is one I have always wanted”.

Mom:” knowing in my heart my son would never see his new plate, I decided not to help him buy it. I knew he would be angry at me, but he would get over it”.

My son had not had much experience with dealing with car insurance, getting the car registered and of course, you can choose your own plate. He was angry with me, but I got over it. The new plate arrived and Levi said some ugly words to this helpless licence plate. I was teasing him about his attitude and told him I have all numbers on mine, and I am not scared for life. In a huff, he walked away. But isn’t it interesting, he needed the car for work later in the morning.

A couple of years later, I needed to update my old licence plates. While driving through town to get my new tags,  a thought crossed my mind. I remembered a friend of mine wanted to keep his grandpa’s old plates and put them on his vehicle. He found out you had to wait a year before you could request them. When I asked the clerk this was possible, she told me not only it was possible, but I only had one Month left to request the plate before it was automatically sent out to another customer. I felt blessed because I was able to request his special licence plate, but the numbers suit me just fine. Someone asked me once what am I going to do when I have trade in this plate. Easy, I am going to request the same plate again and again.

Being an empty nester and a middle-aged gal sometimes is not easy. I do not have a boyfriend or husband to help me with the day-to-day paper work. It helps thinking you know what you are doing and local businesses don’t find errors in my banking, bill paying, car insurance renewals, I just need a strong hand in my under achieving garden mishaps and life is all good.Right now, I am trying to kep warm while the cold winter blasts once again. They say are we ready for Spring in a Month? Maybe they better ask Mother nature if she is through with her arctic blasts.  I have learned how to cope with getting older, caring for my aging mom, working, and enjoying hat today has to offer. I am becoming a real homebody. I keep myself busy with little projects I have meaning to get to, trying new recipes, enjoying where I am today. 

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Keep Your Snow Tires On

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The past few weeks have been snow free. The sun was shinning, birds out singing n the trees, squirrels eating from bird feeders and running around the trees chasing each other. But… there lies a danger in assuming Winter is over. When we have a few weeks of unseasonable temperatures with sunny afternoons where people take back up jogging, early Spring yard work, getting the garden tools back out of the shed, we get snow again. I never took much stock in the old ground-hog predictions, but now, I am not so sure he doesn’t know what he is talking about after all-wise with age right?

I love watching the fall leaves change color from the golds, orange, and brown,the farmer’s markets fresh vegetables and fruits,  the County Fair, the last boat ride of the season, making way for the first snow fall. Ice skaters teaching the kids to skate on the frozen pond, watching and listening to the geese , snowmobiling in the mountains, Spring brings new promise that maybe this reforming black thumb gardener(me) will be a success this year. I am learning what dead heading a flower means, what fertilizers to use on what plant, tips on how to keep a lawn green, the older I get, the more I am learning and starting to enjoy what many live for. I still cannot figure out what many call weeding relaxing. It is hard for me to take the time to pull weeds to give my plants a fighting chance to survive; I am also told by friends my flower bed looks cleaner when you weed. The pains and joys of owning a backyard. I like to take walks down by the bay a block from my house. We have a cove swimmers enjoy, watching boaters pulling skiers and boogie boards down the river. I have noticed paddle boards and canoes taking in the beauty around them.

Growing up, my family traveled an hour to play in the snow, we made a day of it. Today, I open my front door and see how many inches we have. We only have three or four more snow storms we have to endure before spring arrives. I can deal with the windy, cold temperatures, watch out for the crazy drivers,  shoveling, enjoying the dogs pulling kids down the street on sleds, it is all part of living here. I love pulling out my sweaters and leggings, the boots, the heavy coats and hats.   I know soon, I will have put them away again and dig out my shorts and peasant blouses. I think I have learned to be a tourist in my town. I enjoy the bounty of what every season has to offer and you know when you live like a local  there is no other place you would rather be. Keep your snow tires on awhile longer, take your time getting there, watch out for the crazy drivers who don’t know how to drive and get together often with friends even if it is just for a coffee at a local coffee-house. or maybe even a walk in the park beside the lake. The beauty is endless.

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Small town Living

February 12, 2018 at 10:39 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , , )




I have lived in my hometown for the last thirty seven years. I cannot imagine living anywhere else. My family moved when my twin brother and I Graduated High school. My dad was hurt on the job and needed to live in a drier climate. The extra bonus for me was when my beloved Aunt, Uncle and Grandma moved a year earlier. Mom and dad would take vacations to Idaho and see the area. Jeff and I loved it because we were trusted to house set. All the comforts of home without the bills. It was our first taste of being out on our own. I remember thinking I couldn’t believe my brother and I were trusted to stay by ourselves. We both had good jobs, stayed out of trouble, no wild parties, friends came over and played games of pool in our huge living room.  My best girlfriend came and stayed with us for the week. She was happy to get out of her house and stay with us. I laugh at the memory of the good time we had together riding our horses, cooking our meals together, going shopping, working and going to college. Mom and dad found a house so we packed up and moved to our new adventure.I was not ready for the beauty that would soon surround me everyday. Everywhere you look, you see the mountains, (you didn’t have to drive an hour to enjoy the views), you can enjoy The National Forest in minutes, plenty of fishing, boating, camping right on the river, picnic areas, hiking trails, beautiful parks,and wild life.

I love living in my small hometown.  My childhood home was a mini mansion as some used to say, plenty of spaces to ride horses, motor bikes, I had to get used to smaller space. We never had pine trees in the yard, we now had neighbors, (we lived five miles out-of-town in my childhood home), older gentlemen stopped in the middle of the road and talked, box boys carry your groceries out for you, seeing squirrel’s, quail, cats stalking the prey, it was fun seeing deer walking down your neighborhood street. (In California, dad went deer hunting, now they show up on your front lawn). I met and married my husband here. We bought a nice house with great neighbors a block from the river. We enjoyed raising our young son teaching him how to fish, ride his small ATV around the block, daddy/son motorcycle rides close. I thought I had my forever husband and my forever home. My husband died in 1990 from complications of his disease. I laugh now at my friends trying to talk me into selling my home and moving – I needed to buy a house that was my mine(I told them, I have MY home). My son Levi passed away in 2007 in a tragic car accident. He was only 20. I live in my forever home not feeling lonely, or sad, I have plenty of company often, move night in, tea and desert drop in friends, I am very happy in my life. I enjoy staying home when on vacation because friends have helped me through the years with fresh paint, new roof, new furnace, and now an updated back yard. I really cannot imagine living anywhere else but in my forever home.

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Clearing Out The Clutter

February 8, 2018 at 8:25 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , , )

Sometimes I feel like a change is needed. This weekend, I am starting my vacation. I am feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and it would be nice to just stay in my pajamas mood lately. I decided it was time to start tackling some of the neglected rooms in my home. My closet has been a major source of contention for a while now. I live in an older home with not as much closet space as I would like. A good friend helped me to create a four seasons closet by adding another closet rod and some shelving. Now, all I have to do is get myself in there, put the clothes I don’t wear anymore in a pile and put the closet back in order. Should be easy…..

I love the use of vacuum storage bags. I have stored my seasonal bath towels and matching bath mat sets for years. I have always looked forward to the new season by trading out my bedspreads. I get a fresh new set of sheets and take out my coordinating accent pillows and have a new look to my room. My living room gets new throw pillows in the Spring, and a good cleaning. It is amazing how much dust nylon lace curtains accumulate. I added new curtains to match the ones in the dining room. Open concept housing you see every room when you walk in. A friend came and refreshed the paint inside my home. The house looks clean, bright, cheery, and inviting once more.

A dear friend came over and refreshed my bedroom ten years ago. I gave her a budget, and a couple of ideas, when I came home from church one evening, the room was ready for the big reveal. (I didn’t redecorate my bedroom for seventeen years, I lost my husband and just didn’t know where to start. My friend told me it was time for a new bedroom make-over). I admire those who have an eye for simple yet elegant design in any style of home.  If you don’t have the time and money to renovate your whole house or raise the roof for more space, you can do a lot with storage solutions. Double duty furniture for example.When my son was a young teen, I bought him a flip chair for sleep- overs. When not in use, folds in three sections and looks like a regular corner chair. Toy boxes are excellent sources of storage. when the child moves out, save it for someday Grandkids or spray paint it for linens and blanket storage.

Spring will be here before we know it, and getting to the clutter can be ho-hum I know. Writing this post was more fun. I am just like you, I do not want to tackle it either. Sometimes I make a yummy lunch and have a friend come help me for a few hours. we get to catch up on our lives and I get some work done as well. All this said, I think it is just as important to take care of your emotional well-being. When it is cold, rainy or snowy out sometimes it is nice to stay indoors and sit by the fire. A nice walk outside in the cool sunny day is a good way to shake the blues. I have to watch myself for getting into a life rut. it is easy to do. I think everything balances out do you enjoy where you live, have good neighbors,  good solid friendships,  a job you enjoy? I have to access this sometimes. Am I really happy or burned out. Getting together with good friends for a game night or snacks and a movie is a much-needed break from reality. Sometimes we think we have boring lives no, it is the hustle and bustle of everyday living catching up.

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Vacation Planing

February 2, 2018 at 9:33 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Life beyond parenting, Memoir, Middle age) (, , , , )



Today is another unseasonably warmer day. I took advantage of the sunny morning by having my moms gardener help me start my backyard makeover. I have been wanting to remove a few sad-looking pine trees for a couple of years. I could not believe the change taking out a couple of trees made – I can almost see a normal backyard again. I am planning on adding butterfly attracting plants where my trees once were, and adding shrubs along the back fence.

I found out the hard way last Winter it is difficult to have a lush planting bed in your front yard when you have a metal roof. Yep, four feet f snow dropped down on by shrubs last year and split them in half.  I planted a Hydrangea bushes last Spring and had a beautiful front garden. I did not however plan for the snowy conditions thumping my poor bushes flat. I am told they will come back, just trim them in the Spring. The older I get, I hope I getting a little wiser about how to care for my yard. I am not a gardener by any means, but I would like to have a simple yard I can enjoy in the warm months.

In a couple of weeks, I will be on my Stay-cation. I decided to put my money into fleshing up my home instead of traveling. My backyard is a good start. I feel good that I have less to worry about later. I can take some time and plan what I would like my outdoor retreat to look like. Even though it is still cold outside, I can look out the sliding glass doors and see the birds flying around the trees, I open the door a crack to hear them chirping to one another. I visit my friend and pass moose eating the neighbors trees. I went out to dinner the other night and a small deer walked across the road in front of me. I would rather stay here at home and enjoy what I have all around me than travel to a city and hear traffic, horns honking, another smoggy day, and maybe a day at the beach. The older I get, I like staying home surrounded by those I love to get together with.

Some of my friends are envious that I own my home. My husband and I found our forever home when I was pregnant with our son. Jerry was able to live in our home four years until he passed away from complications of his disease. I raised our son here until he moved out to help care for his grandma after his grandpa passed away. I was now an empty nester. This took some getting used to. You always dream when your child moves out, he is starving and begging to eat dinner with you. Not the case, I had to visit my mom or my neighbor to see my son. At least I saw him on Taco Tuesday every week. I look back at this time with fondness. My son died in 2007 when he involved in a fatal car accident. he was only 20.

I turned Levis’ old bedroom into my dressing room after he moved out. I love getting dressed in the morning and putting on my pajamas at night. I remember the phases his room went through,from cowboy bedspreads, to Ninja Turtles, Football Fantasy, and finally Military. When Levi was fifteen, he painted his bedroom a hideous shade of green while I was working. I came home that evening, he thought I would be mad at him and his friend. I told him he had to live with his choice not me. He turned the room into a cave with netting on the ceiling, his bed in the closet, and a sickly green color on the walls. he was happy in there. After he moved out, I painted the room a pretty beige color with Victorian accents on the wall. ( I know what you are thinking, he would not want to come home now anyway). This wasn’t my motive. It was a way for me to deal with the fact my son had moved out. All I had home was his cat-who was a great source of company. I think the cat talked more than Levi did.

Seasons come and go in our lives. I try to enjoy each one as it comes along. I enjoy all four season here, I get together with dear friends as much as possible. Sometimes, I stop over to see friends  when the grandkids are having a sleepover.   I have been asked if I was angry with God because I have lost both husband and son and have no grandchild.  I tell them no; I would have a hard time enjoying my grandchild if Levi was not here to share in the joy with me.My life took another direction than I had expected, but, I am able to care for my aging mom, I have a job in health care I love, a good church with plenty of love and support, a house I love to hang out in, and knowing my husband and son looks down from heaven and smiles upon my life gives me the most joy and courage to carry on.


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January Recharge

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I cannot believe January is almost gone. The older I get, the faster time seems to flash by. It was just yesterday, I was going through my Christmas decorations deciding to put up. I own a small ranch house with Victorian charm a block from a quaint park by the river. A dear friend of mine helped me decorate my home one year at Christmas. She a gifted decorator who transformed my home into a picture out of a magazine. (today, I am finally taking down my Christmas village). I guess back to January and reality. Sometimes, I would love to just keep my house decorated for the holiday.

I have some vacation time I need to use up before I loose it,so I decided upon a stay-cation. I have always admired couples who have a special place they escape once a year. Maybe on a cruise or the beach or even backpacking in the mountains. I enjoy staying home. I had my home painted three years ago, added a metal roof and a much-needed new furnace put in hence stay-cations. This year, I decided to really enjoy my stay at home.I added a couple throw pillows and new curtains in the living room and a new mattress topper on my bed. I feel like I walk into an exclusive vacation rental already. I am planning a special menu to enjoy, catching a play, and getting some winter cleaning done as well. It is always nice to have a catch up day to clean your closet and utilize it like the walk in closet it is supposed to be.

The older I get, I am becoming a real homebody. After my son moved out, I turned his old bedroom into my dressing room. I love getting dressed in the morning and putting on my pajamas at night. (Some who haven’t read my blog before might be wondering if he was mad because he doesn’t have a room now. He passed away in a tragic car accident in 2007 at the age of 20). A friend once told me” because I use every room in my house, I don’t need to go anywhere. This is like my stay-cation destination”.   She too, has a Victorian inspired home. She has given me many ideas I used to create a simple Victorian inspired home. I can truly say that I am living so many of my dreams. I had always wanted a small home with vintage charm, with help of dear friends, I have created my dream, I have always wanted to write, I post my stories twice a week, I love my job in health care, I am able to care for my aging mother, snow is right outside my front door, and most of all, I am surrounded by incredible neighbors. This middle-aged life of mine has had its share of heartbreak, also so many wonderful memories I can share with you. Thank you for being part of my life.

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Life At The Beach

January 21, 2018 at 9:01 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Uncategorized) (, , , )


My family moved to the Northwest in the early 1980’s. They wanted a change from the rat race as they called it in Southern california. My Aunt traded a quaint little ranch home for a split level home to share with my beautiful grandmother. The family painted a pretty picture of life in a small town.

My family consisted of a mom and dad and twins Jeff and I grew up on a ranch on the outskirts of town. we raised chickens, rabbits, had horses, goats, a pig, a cow named babe (yep), and sheep for our 4-H project. Every weekend it seemed like family came to our house for hunting,horse back riding in the orchard behind our house or for a ride in my dads 1946 Willies Jeep. I must say my childhood was unforgettable Many of my friends were envious of my brother and I. Of course, they did not partake of the endless chore list that comes with raising animals.  Not many classmates would relish getting up early on Saturday no less, just to feed your animals. I still laugh today at the precious memory.

My dad was hurt on his job before I entered high school. He was retired the following year. I think mom was tired of working and wanted to retire with my dad. They started to take longer trips looking for another house to buy. My brother and I thought it was great to get to stay home and house sit the trouble was got into being tweens. My best friend stayed at the house one trip-she was thrilled to get away from her mother for two whole weeks. Jeff and I never threw wild parties or were disrespectful to the responsibility given to us. This was our first taste of being on our own. To say the least, we were very boring… we both worked our jobs, fed the animals, rode our horses, and the three of us appreciated our first taste of  home ownership without the bills. I remember being in the kitchen cooking dinner together, then sitting in the huge living room for an evening watching television.

I have to say, I left a very nice, cozy, spacious,bedroom in California. When I saw my new bedroom,the size of a sewing room, I was ready to move back to the old house. I discovered as my brother did my parents traded our very large and comfortable ranch house much smaller split level. They bought the house sight unseen-my Uncle found it for them. My dad was on a walker at the time and wonder how he was going to climb stairs both upstairs and downstairs. I was taken by the beauty of my new small town. So many mountains behind your home, rivers, lakes and streams for fishing,recreation boating. I was surprised at our beach(not waves crashing on the shore) more like little ripples from passing boaters.  The town was charming… much like the small town I left. We had a single flashing red stop light at the end of town, not many restaurants to choose from, three grocery stores, four banks, all occasion gift store and a truck stop.  Winter turned into my dads playground. he loved pulling friends and family around the neighborhood in his old Jeep. One never grows tired of seeing the deer, moose, elk,quail, and turkeys hanging around neighborhoods.

Sunset Magazine named Idaho one of the best places to retire a few years ago, as a result, we are losing our small town feel. We still have the beautiful mountains around us, lakes and streams to fish in hiking trails, a short drive to the National forest, huckleberry pickers heaven, four ski resorts, uncharted backwoods to explore. I understand why families are deciding to call this their new home. I liked when my home town was a little quieter, on warm evenings, you hear crickets chirping to compete with freeway noise. As I grow older, I just accept the increased traffic, impatient drivers, needing a crossing guard at the grocery stores, new housing developments being built, more roundabouts being seeing some familiar faces around town, but enjoying the fact my small town has not lost its friendliness altogether.

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