“Suddenly a Single Parent”

Our Date Night

I have always tried to take Levi out once a week. It started out on Valentine’s Day. I was sad because this is the first Valentine’s Day without Levi’s dad. I thought ‘I have Levi here; we will go out and celebrate.”

We went to Burger King for dinner; then I went to a toy store and let Levi pick out a hot wheel to add to his growing Match box car collection.

Most of Levi’s friends’ parents had two incomes. The parents could afford nicer things for their children. Levi knew I couldn’t afford expensive things, so he didn’t ask me.

On my 7 year anniversary, Levi and I went to dinner and a movie. It was nice to get out for the evening with our son. Besides, I didn’t stay at home and feel sorry for myself and get depressed. I can still have fun I have a pretty handsome date.

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