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Take the time to tell loved ones how much you care.

Enjoy the beauty of each new day,it was made just for you.

Sipping the first cup of coffee on a spring morning.

The morning chaos for school only lasts a short time.

Make the most out of the afternoon, walking the dog and kids (oops).

Planting a special garden the kids can take care of.

Enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Roasting hot dogs outside over an open fire.

Do the chicken dance as a family.

Try not to take life to serious, enjoy the small mistakes and laugh.

It is amazing how fast the children grow up and leave the nest.

Some parents enjoy the beauty of grandchildren and sleep overs.

Going fishing with grandpa and learning how to clean the catch.

Fly a kite at the beach.

At the end of the day, thank god for your blessings.

Life is too short to live in chaos.






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Happiness Is A Choice

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Life comes at you hard sometimes,

you may not have time to breath before life hits you again. Sometimes it is difficult to cope when circumstances are beyond our control. You may have been hit with a financial difficulty, or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal disease. it is hard to stay focused let alone joyful in these time of trial.

I can understand how easy it can be to be discourages and want to give up. It seems like everyone I talk to is have some difficult times. Spring is a good time to take stock I think. We put our minds on our gardens and yard care.

When life throws a curve ball, how do we handle the disappointments? I know life can change in a moment forever. In 2007, my son Levi died in a tragic car accident. There are no words to describe the depth of grief you feel. Your world was turned upside down. Eight years ago I could not imagine my life without my son in it. I missed talking to him,riding in his new car,having taco tuesday. I had to realize the death of my son did not mean it was the death of me as well. I will miss my son this year at Easter dinner. I know he smiles down on me everyday and I wake up each morning knowing he is proud of his mother.

Take time to hug your kids tight today, share your day with them and tell them how much they are loved. So many parents wish they could hug their child and can’t.

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One of my fondest memories of my childhood was my horse Geronimo.One Saturday morning, (I remember it was the weekend, because I thought I could sleep in silly me) at about 6:30, A.M., I heard a horse near my window. I thought I was dreaming.I opened the window shade; I saw my horse standing at my window crying. I got dressed and when I opened my front door, my horse was standing at the door waiting for me. Geronimo escorted me to the hay barn, and then to his pen to eat. I think he bawled me out in horse talk because he was fed late.

I miss my horse. I sold him before I moved to Idaho because he wouldn’t fit in the front seat of my pick up. He went to a good home where the little girl probably rode him everyday. So he had a good life.

excerpt of ‘Healing in the Storms’

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A Different Day

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Levi Degon0035

28 years ago today the best gift God could have ever given to me was born. He was the joy in my late husbands and my life. In July 2007, Levi set out with some friends to float the river, by that evening, both our lives were forever changed. Levi died in a tragic car accident. he was only 20. In honor of his birthday today, I would like to include a story about a sons love to his mom in heaven.


I as sorting through some of Levis belongings a couple of months after he died. I found a cd labeled Levis pictures. When I looked at the pictures, i was stunned to find my son and his friend took 25 black and whites photos of him just three months earlier. I was just praying that morning I wished I had some recent pictures.

I know my son is smiling down from heaven watching over me. I miss his sayings “be safe mom” whenever I would leave. I miss his sparkle in his eyes, his infectious laugh, his mischievous smile. Sometimes our lives take another direction that we envisioned.I know Levi is heaven cheering me on and on.





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Our Dog princess

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6 months after we moved to our ranch, dad, Jeff, and I were driving into town.

Someone had abandoned a German shepherd puppy. She was sitting on the curb with a lost look on her face. Jeff called to her, she jumped into the pick up and we took her home. My brother named his dog Princess.

Princess loved the cats, chickens, rabbits and the occasional deer. They all used to eat the soaked up Purina dog chow together.

One day a deer wandered up to princess’s food dish and started eating. Princess would stare at the thief and cry as if we could make it leave. We couldn’t of course but when the deer had  its fill, it would disappear into the orchard, leaving behind a slightly upset and hungry princess.

We had Princess for several years until we suspected someone had poisoned our beloved dog and she died.

Life would never be the same for the animals on the ranch.

(revised excerpt from “Healing in the Storms”)

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