The End Of Vacation…..

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Tonight is the end of my week vacation. . I had a good week anyway.

Wednesday I went with a good friend who happened to have her vacation the same time I did,how did this happen? We went around Hauser Lake, had lunch and then went part way around Hayden Lake. it was a beautiful day for a drive. we haven’t been able to get together in a long time. we both have different schedules.

Thursday I went to the Post falls the chamber to get some info on becoming a member. I also would like to become a member of the Post falls Women in Business. I look forward to the business opportunities they have to offer this author.

Friday- I went to the Parade of Homes in Post falls and in Hayden Lake. A friend and I were able to veiw some beautiful homes in our area. I always look forward to this event the end of summer. I submitted another story to the GoodNews Northwest Publication. Let’s see if they print this story. I have been attempting for the past 3 months to have 2 stories published. I am still waiting to hear back on the submission to the Chicken Soup story. It would be an honor to have one of my stories printed They go all over the world.

Saturday- Had my assistant help me to get the ol computer started up and running again. It just got disconnected. I also posted a few more pictures in my Healing in the Storms page on FB.

Sunday- Doing laundry now. Earlier today, I went around Fernan Lake to see a couple homes in the Parade of Home Tour. I couldn’t find the house, so I drove around the Lake. it was fun to see all the families out fishing on the banks and in boats. The Lake was a pretty blue/green today. Perfect day to be out and about. I did find a couple more houses to look at on my way home. Now it is almost 8:30 and I am winding down and get ready for work tomorrow.

I am looking into a few more book signings for the last part of summer. I will keep yu posted on more info. I am also looking into a couple more interveiws to post of my FB page.

Thank You for your continued support and looking at my various pages and web sites. It helps to know a few of you are out there and reading my blog and seeing my FB pages.


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My Biggest Responsibilities

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Signing my book “Healing in the Storms” at a local coffee house in my home town.

My dad had Cancer, so I took him to his Doctors appointments when I was in High School. The second thing is my husband had Diabetes. I took him to Dyalisis for 3 years untill he passed away from his illness. The third biggest responsiblity would be being a single parent of my 4 year old son.

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Garden Plaza Book Signing

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I had a fun day today. I signed books at Garden Plaza this afternoon in Post Falls. My assistant shot some video footage and also took some pictures. I am editing the video now, and will get it posted in a couple days. One of the videos will be on and the interveiw will be on FB and my blog. I never dreamed tha I would been doing my 4th book signing this summer. I love meeting all the people, my friends and getting to talk about my book.

I am planning on a couple more book signings this summer that some of you may be able to attend, I am planning one in a beautiful private back yard on the lake. I want to set the signing up as a party to celebrate not just sign books. I am also planning on having a signing at Barnes and Noble in August. I have a few more in mind, I will post the dates as soon as I have them confirmed. It is shaping up to be a good summer this year.

 I will be submittingto the press the story I had written for Levi next week.  Keep an eye out for this article. I am also looking into the Spokesman review as well. I wanted to remember Levi next week.

I have my radio interview in the works plus a radio commercial is close to being done and put out on the radio air waves. it is fun to see this end of the marketing. i usually just get to enjoy someone elses radio commercial and like to hear it. it will be weird to hear about your book on radio.

I submitted my book to Spring Arbor distrubution. If they like my book, and accept it, they will help promate the book as well. This could be exciting. I am also planning on checking into mor book clubs as well this summer. I love even though I may be slow at getting to projects, when they start to come together, you want to do more.

Like I said, I will keep you posted on upcoming projects and book signings. Thank you for all your support and reading my blog.

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Happy Father’s Day

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I would like o wish all the dad’s a very Happy father’s day indeed. I still miss my dad who died in 2002 from cancer. On one hand it is hard he isn’t here anymore,but he was real sick at thre end of his life,so I am glad he is in a better place now. Plus I get a great tour of Heaven one day soon and I can see all the best gardens in Heaven. I always try to look at the bright side.If there is fishing in Heaven,Wayne, Jesse, dad found the best places for you to fish with him one day.(smile)

God blessed my morning. I went to beakfast with some dear friends of my family. I hadn’t seen the father in awile,so it was nice to celebrate the day with them. I went over and visited the gentleman I take care of who was in an Assisted Living Facility for a few days. I am home now, updating my friends on the morning events. Mom and I ar going to have Pappa Murphy pizza tonight and a movie, then back to reality tomorrow and work.

Thank you for reading my blog. i do appreciate all of you so much, have the rest of a great day.

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