New Years End Trends

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It is now New Years Eve morning when all through the house,not a creature was stirring,not even my dog as she has already eaten,gone outside,barked at the neighboring dogs, and is nestled quietly back in her warm bed. I am once again sitting here in my office with this time my morning cup of coffee. Today is sunny,cold but no 40 mile an hour wind blowing. I was just sitting here thinking about what I had heard from a popular news program I never watch. There seems to be some growing trends at the end of this year there are as follows:

It seems to be a growing trend I hear to show off and actually wear our Christmas gifts. I know I am only fifty, but when I was growing up, this was called polite and good manners. You always are seen in what grandma and grandpa bought you and it did NOT matter if you liked it or not. When you seen your grandparents,aunts uncles and such,you told them thank you again for the gift. If it is a birthday mind you, you sent a HANDWRITTEN thank you note. (A little side note to add, if I had ever thought of saying what I might had been thinking,because I did not like something, I would have been a wall fixture somewhere).

The next growing trend is the little girls and boys that are on you tube showing off expensive bags, jeans and such with a “non-bragging disclaimer.” when there are so many children homeless and nothing to eat I do not feel sorry for some little ” ”  who did not get his or her iPhone this year. Poor maybe not poor dad did not know the little girl was disappointed until it was on you tube. I am sorry,but my son at 15 years old, bought his own phone,and paid for his own plan because I was a single parent,he knew one I could not afford his phone and plan also, I was not going to pay for his luxury.

The next growing trend is on a commercial. WHY do we have Over the last couple of years, I can not tell you how many countless hours my mom and I have sat in her living room and just talked about her life in Chatsworth. My mom lived next to the Stage coach Inn(anyone remember the movie Golden Ear ring?) My mom used to go all through the Stage coach Inn when she was a little girl. The movie  Company left everything when the movie was done filming.I know things have really changed in the last few years. I love to hear about her family in Kansas and Colorado. This is why I do not understand why we have a website to tell us about our past.If  we wanted to go back and see how far we can trace our roots,okay,but when there is a commercial on about having dinner at the table as a family that is hard to swallow. My family growing up always sat at the table and talked about our days. if we needed help with homework or such, it was there. Mom and dad got home the same time every night.

I just know things have really changed in the past few is sad there are no jobs to speak of for our youth. There are no jobs for the adults either. it is getting harder and harder to provide for your family. Next Year we choose a new President Maybe anyway.

In 2012,I wish you joy,peace prosperity,happiness,a new sence of familt time, and be thankful you have a home to go home to and a family to fill the house.



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I Am Back Online Now

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Taking Some Time To Smell The Flowers.

I know it has been a few weeks since I have been able to blog or Face Book, but my computer was not cooperating with me in the least. I am back now and should be able to keep my readers up to date with my book signings and the movie trailer I am working on for the book.(My Pastor would have said”Now you will have to retrain me.) I am not that bad but almost…

Moving on, I am going to be at the Library in Coeur D’Alene tomorrow at Ten A.M. to set up the books and get ready to read a poem of Levi’s as well. It should be a fun day.I hope to be able to see some of your smiling faces tomorrow even if for a few minutes to drop by, have refreshments and say a quick hello would be nice.

I went to a Christmas party Monday night, I will post pictures of the event this weekend. I cannot believe it Christmas already. where has the year gone?  it will New Years here before we know it. WOW. Mom is having a Christmas eve dinner after Church,she has not gone to church on Christmas Eve for years. Some friends of ours who go to my Church talked her into being excited about going. I am glad she is willing to get out even if for an hour and then have a nice dinner and open a few gifts on the Christmas Eve. Mom and I are eating rice pudding and COFFEE Christmas morning.

I have been working on the video trailer for the book for a week now. it is coming along nicely. A neighbor is helping me. I am using a song that she had written for her son who died in the war. I wanted a song like “Time In a Bottle” By Jim Croce. The song is beautiful. I hope you will like the end result. I should have it out on my You Tube Channel in the next few days.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love and hold dear. I am thankful to you for all your support and reading my FB pages and this blog. I could not do this without you all  and you are appreciated.

Hopefully, I will see some of you tomorrow.

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End of Summer News

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Wow, it is turning cold already. Where has our summer gone to? Last week we had some 80 degree temperatures, this week it is in the 60’s. I love Fall though. it is my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait to take my fall drive and look at all the changing colors of the leaves. I get a coffee and start looking for the leaves.

I love downtown because on Government way, all the maple trees are starting to change colors now. it is beautiful.

I need to catch-all my readers up to what has happened the past few weeks. I stopped blogging for a few weeks because I was trying to take an online class in freelance writing and blogging. Well… I could not log on to the class and after 8 days of trying to take my class(I really looked forward to taking this class.)

I gave up and asked for a refund for the class. I wanted to learn the tricks write a blog that people want to read. That is what the class had said.

I had a great birthday. Thank you so  much for the birthday greetings on FB.I had a quiet night on Tuesday. Jeff had to work in California. It was a hard birthday because Jeff could not be here to help me celebrate the BIG 50.

At the end of September, I went with a  friend to Beauty Bay on Lake Couer d’Alene  I had a nice relaxing morning sitting on the dock and watching boaters and the water skiers. I took the climb up to the outhouse behind my friends float house. it was an interesting trek up the hill I will tell you. There was not really a marked trail to get to the out house, then I thought I was going to get stuck because I could not get the dumb door to open when I was coming out. I finally made it out of the out house ordeal and sat down on a swing a few feet from the out house. Then I saw the deer droppings. I just decided to back to my quiet lounge chair and just take in the view of the lake. My friend and her family rebuilt the float house dock last year. I think my friend told me the dock was floating away. I know she put a lot of work into this vacation home and it looks great. In Idaho, you do not have to go very far to have a home away from home.

As far as October is looking, I have sent out some press releases for the book and I am currently working on a radio commercial to try to generate some new interest in my book. The book is doing well, but I would like to market the book to a wider public interest. I can not believe the book has been published one year now. It is amazing the fun I have had writing and publishing “Healing in the Storms”. Thank you for those of you who has bought a copy of the book. I have been getting so much good feed back on the book. I am slowly working on my second book “More Healing in the Storms”. I am having fun writing this book as well. This time I mam not working two jobs trying to write at the same time. I have more time to think this year.

I am excited to announce I am having a first year since the release of “Healing in the Storms” party October 21,2011. I hope to see a lot of you at Rosalie Storments home on the Highlands to help me celebrate.

I am watching the a squirel playing, chasing each other around the tree. They are so cute to watch them play and bury the nuts and apples to get ready for winter. I can say that bad word because I like the snow. I love sitting in my office and drinking coffee and writing this blog. I will write some more soon. Be sure to check out my FB page for the book to see pictures. Have the rest of a great week.

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A Company Of Women Gathering

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I had a great time yesterday at the ACW gathering after the conference. It was so nice to see everyone. I work, so Rosalie was gracious enough to let me come and enjoy the fellowship. I will post photos next week as I get them from other ladies who attended.

I created a new FB page for the book. I will post book signings, bloopers of my videos,those were fun to watch me bomb…

I will also be posting my interveiws I have been part of. This has been such a fun expierence. I never would have dreamed my book would be published last year, or I would be able to meet wonderful people and tell them about my life, my family hardships, and sign a book. I don’t think I have ever had my picture taken so often in all of my life. I couldn’t be where I am today if it were not for all you friends and family who support mre by purchasing a copy of my book, asking about how I am doing, or just stopping by a book signing with a coffee and just saying hi. It means a lot to me.

I will keep you posted on my radio interveiw scheduled sometime in the next couple weeks. So much is happening this summer. I can’t keep up. I am grateful that I even have one person that takes the time tom read my blog or look at one of my pictures. Thank you friends.

Have a great week.

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First chapter of Healing in the Storms

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I added a new page to the blog. It is the first chapter of my book. The address to my blog is

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My funny book exerpt reading

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My assistant Ashley and I went to a park in Post Falls this afternoon. I was getting ready to video record some excerpts from “Healing in the Storms.” About half way through recording my first story”My dear friends”, a car is trying to start-up. It keeps trying and trying. I am laughing so hard at this time, we had to wait until the car left the park so we could continue. I just had my assistant start over.

My assistant and I atarted to  record my second excerpt from the book. I was about half way through reading this story,someone started to let off fireworks. I told Ashley, why don’t we wait and do this Wednesday of this week instead. We went home and took some profile photos of me instead. So it was still a productive evening, just not for recording a book excerpt.

I will be going down to the bay tomorrow night to watch the fire works . The homes at the bay have a war to see who has the bigger fire work display. it is fun sitting on the big rock where Levi used to jump off the rope swing and swim.

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The Bed And Breakfast Open House Today

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I am off to the Idaho B&B Spring open house this afternoon.I have gone to this function for the past 4 years now.Before I had the weekends off, I had to request the day off and pray they remembered to give me the day off so I could go. Mom,when she could walk better used to attend with I and a few of the Post Falls Flappers.It was so much fun to be with these ladies.I probably will go alone today as my friend was busy. I needed to get out for a few hours before I head back to the new work week. As a joke,I used to have friends come to my “Mock”B&B tour with lunch included.Someone was concerned because she really thought I was a B&B Host and needed to be at home that day so people could tour my home as well.It was a great feeling someone thought my home would even be a contender.

I really have worked hard to spruce the place up. 2 weeks ago I went to an Estate sale that had all Victorian(I was born in the wrong era) staples.I did not over spend mind you,but I did get some great truly is a great feeling to be able to say I am finished with my house. Now I just have to be home long enough to keep the outside looking good.I keep the lawn done,but I am NOT a gardener in any form.God Bless you guys that Love yard work and can work outside on the weekend for hours. I can not.

I was honored four summers ago,when a dear friend of mine gave me a pine tree for the back yard in Levi’s memory. The tree is doing well. This gester along with a nice Bird bath gave me the desire to make the back yard look good.I try to Victorian it up(come on) I love the style of the decorating inside and out.It is my piece of happiness.

Summer is now kicked off.Yeah to some of you eww to others. I have been on the eww side of things,I hope the sitter works out this summer. It is so hard to try to find someone on a moments notice.

May God richly Bless you where you are today,may you sense Him smiling down on you with His Glory and Love He has for you and your life. i am Blessed to have everyone of you in my life and thank you dearly for reading my blog and for your friendship. Have a great day.

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Have A Happy And Safe Memorial Day

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I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of you who are now serving and the ones who have served in our Military in the past. Words can not express our gratitude for all of your sacrifice.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow,some of you like I will be working and are thannkful we have a job to go to.I have the best employer.I am like part of the family and it is a great feeling to be able to go over and just hang out and visit.Last weekend,my boss and I went to the estate sale together and then to the farmers market.I love taking care of my older gentleman.I took some kidding when I first got the job,but I like what I am doing,and God wanted me there,and I had the time to write my first book while taking care of Rich. I have learned that sometimes people wonder why you like doing something,but when God plants the desire in your heart,there is nothing else you would want to be doing in it’s place.

May God richly bless where you are in Him,always be still and know He is God,and know all things work out for good for those who love him.I hope you reall Know how much you are loved by the father and by your friends and family.I am blessed you read my blog.

The cutest story I can think of is one day I was browsing through my son Levi’s My Space, the general question was”Who was your hero?’ Levi said”The guy who invented gatorade.” God Bless Julie

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A sweet note

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I received a very sweet thank you note today from a lady I have just recently met.I was bored on saturday, so I went looking for(not trouble) I went to look at some homes in a new housing developement.The real Estate Broker was a sweet lady that I will remember for a long time to come.We got to talking and I told her about my book and she took one Saturday.The note card I received today told my book was well written and she was glad we had the chance to meet that day.I love stories like this because untill you get feedback on your book, you don’t really know how well it is received by the public.

The same afternoon, I went to another home just around the corner from where I currently live.The agent and I got to talking, I gave her my business card and come to find out she is part of a book club that meets once a month.She bought my book this weekend and the club is going to reveiw the book for the next month reading. They would like me to talk about the book at one of the future meetings they hold.God is so full of surprises that you don’t expect.that is what I love about Him so much.I went out for a casul drive to see a few homes, and I made 2 new contacts.It makes me feel good the book is getting around by word of mouth and it is really Blessing lives.

I just had dinner with my Pastor (Sunday night church),She, I and another lady are doing a Book Signing on June 10th from 5-7 PM for the Artwalk.As we speak,the ad is getting printed and will be in the Press next week Look for it,I will post the ad on FB as soon as it comes out.Thank You so much everyone as always for your continual support of the book and of me.I feel so Blessed to have you as friends and family. Julie

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Saturday’s Book signing

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Hope everyones week is going good so far. Mine is eventful as usual.When you care for a 92 year old, sometimes you are dealing with a 5 year old.I tell him I won’t argue with him like I wouldn’t argue with my son at age five.But, God gives us Grace to get through each and everyday until he comes to get us.

Missed seeing some of you on Saturday. I had a good time,met some nice people, sold a few books. The book is at Hasting’s if anyone wants to go there and purchase a copy, I will be at Church Friday night and will be happy to sign it for you.

Sunday God Blessed me so sweetly, I can only say Wow.Many of you know I have a love of the Victorian era of decorating. My boss told me about an estate sale in hayden Lake,(no it was not in a Victorian Home or I would still be there drooling over the house forget the furnishings).I purchased so many lovely things that wer afraction of what they were originally.I had so much fun with Sammi Laudahl.I took her for reineforcments(to really tell I can’t buy anything eles.)I did really well though.I don’t take a vacation ,I stay home in my home and write,and Blog, and FB.Plus go to Church.But what a sweet surprise I was able to recieve now I can give truck loads away to someone who needs it.

I hope to see you on Friday night. have the rest of a Great week everyone. And thanks for alll your support.Julie

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