So much to be excited about

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This evening, I was invited to attend the Woman In Business breakfast on June 30th. I have been interested in becoming a part of this organization for some time now.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

This will give me the opportunity to meet some of the business women in the area and talk about my longterm business plan for marketing “Healing In the Storms.” I have been busy getting together a e-book to market. I have been in contact with book, I have been given some material that will help generate some more sales. It is exciting, and exhausting at the same time the amount of time it takes to continue to market the book properly. When I wrote the book, I just wanted to touch lives in the same way Jesus touched mine after I lost Levi. I have been given some very positive comments and reviews. I want to thank all of you for your kind words, support, and most of all your friendship. It is a great feeling to get a e-mail from a classmate after 30 years who tells me they loved the book and they could not put it down until the book was finished. This book was a difficult book to write, but I am thankful I listened to the voice of the Lord and got it the book written and published.

I have been obsessed with trying to lose 5 lbs. for the summer. I started a new exercise. Where I work ,there are a flight of stairs going down to a lower level. I started to go up and down the stairs 10 times like a stair stepper. My employers have a new dog they rescued at a yard sell(You heard right) the guy couldn’t afford to take Nikki to Florida, so we brought her home. Well, I started to go down the stairs and Nikki followed me. I started to go back up the stairs and Nikki just watched me seeing what I was doing. She didn’t follow me up and down the stairs my 10 times, she just looked at me like”what are you doing?” Nikki just went exploring into the yard  while I exercised.

Tomorrow is thursday. I can’t believe how fast this week is going. I have another estate sale to go to of a very sweet lady who passed away about 3 months ago. This dear sweet  was a painter. She used to teach painting to both my aunts and my dad in the early 1980’s. She was a beautiful  painter as well as a friend. She will be greatly missed. I have not been to her house in a few years, so this will be a

fun time but a hard time. I wanted to go to this estate sale because I wanted to have something that Ginger once held dear. She has a lovely house and like I said, her paintings were beautiful.

I think back on when I first moved to Post falls some 30 years ago. I can’t believe i was married here, raised Levi after Jerry died,  and I am moving forward in the great blessings of the Lord in this great small city. Jerry and I bought our house together, it is amazing I have lived in the same home for 25 years now. I have a nice office to work on the new book and blog and catch upon e-mail and FB.

I love to be able to go into my dressing room every morning and get dressed. I never thought I would have a special place to get dressed. It was hard when my son moved out of the house. I was an empty nester. I never realized that if your child doesn’t come over very often, have a big house for 1. I had to go to the neighbors house or my moms house to see my son. Oh the special memories.


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Have A Happy And Safe Memorial Day

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I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of you who are now serving and the ones who have served in our Military in the past. Words can not express our gratitude for all of your sacrifice.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow,some of you like I will be working and are thannkful we have a job to go to.I have the best employer.I am like part of the family and it is a great feeling to be able to go over and just hang out and visit.Last weekend,my boss and I went to the estate sale together and then to the farmers market.I love taking care of my older gentleman.I took some kidding when I first got the job,but I like what I am doing,and God wanted me there,and I had the time to write my first book while taking care of Rich. I have learned that sometimes people wonder why you like doing something,but when God plants the desire in your heart,there is nothing else you would want to be doing in it’s place.

May God richly bless where you are in Him,always be still and know He is God,and know all things work out for good for those who love him.I hope you reall Know how much you are loved by the father and by your friends and family.I am blessed you read my blog.

The cutest story I can think of is one day I was browsing through my son Levi’s My Space, the general question was”Who was your hero?’ Levi said”The guy who invented gatorade.” God Bless Julie

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Saturday’s Book signing

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Hope everyones week is going good so far. Mine is eventful as usual.When you care for a 92 year old, sometimes you are dealing with a 5 year old.I tell him I won’t argue with him like I wouldn’t argue with my son at age five.But, God gives us Grace to get through each and everyday until he comes to get us.

Missed seeing some of you on Saturday. I had a good time,met some nice people, sold a few books. The book is at Hasting’s if anyone wants to go there and purchase a copy, I will be at Church Friday night and will be happy to sign it for you.

Sunday God Blessed me so sweetly, I can only say Wow.Many of you know I have a love of the Victorian era of decorating. My boss told me about an estate sale in hayden Lake,(no it was not in a Victorian Home or I would still be there drooling over the house forget the furnishings).I purchased so many lovely things that wer afraction of what they were originally.I had so much fun with Sammi Laudahl.I took her for reineforcments(to really tell I can’t buy anything eles.)I did really well though.I don’t take a vacation ,I stay home in my home and write,and Blog, and FB.Plus go to Church.But what a sweet surprise I was able to recieve now I can give truck loads away to someone who needs it.

I hope to see you on Friday night. have the rest of a Great week everyone. And thanks for alll your support.Julie

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Hope your week is going well

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Hi everyone, I hope your week has been going well. What is left of it anyway. Mine has been going really good.

I am finishing up getting ready for Saturday. I look forward to seeing my friends, family and new friends as I sign away on your books. I am glad I have such a network of support. it means so much to me.

I for one, never thought that I, would ever do a book, and then to see the support “Healing In The storms” has received, it’s amazing.When you get an e-mail from someone you haven’t seen in years tell you thank you for writting an amazing book it changed my life,or “I remember when that happened”it is nice to get such good feed back.I am glad I took the time to write my first book, I am glad it has helped some people through a hard time as well,God is good and gives you the strength to move forward in every circumstance in your life.It is such a comfort to know He isn’t ever going to leave you nor forsake you in your time of need.(sometimes I feel like I am a needy person) there are some things I do not know how to do,so I need a friend to come and help me figure this problem out,it is nice to know you have friends you can count on to be there for you.Jesus is there for you,never to busy,or Never tells you you are bothering Him.I hope I can always have that kind of love towards others.

If you get a chance, I have a couple of posters up at Hasting’s advertising the book signing. it is fun to see yourself blown up(hey)to 18×36 WoW…

May you always find time for laughter,enjoy a sunny day with friends,hug and love your children and most of all always remember that your are loved.God Bless you all. Julie

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Happy Mother’s day

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I would like to say to all the mom’s out there Happy Mother’s day. I had breakfast with mom, and gave her her gift of chocolates(her favorite is turtles shh) and  some huckleberry honey. We had a good morning, then I was off to hasting’s for some last minute details to set up the book signing next saturday afternoon.

I look forward to seeing all you great people next week.Thank you so much for all of your support,I couldn’t do this without you. You are truly awesome freinds.

It was great to have had the opportunity to be a mom even if just for a little while,I was truly blessed with a great son.Now he makes all the angels in Heaven laugh with his twinkle he had in his eyes, and his mischievious smile. He could sure light up the room.God Bless all of you. Be encouraged this week, and know God smiles down on you and watches over you everyday.


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