Art Walk

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A few years ago, I participated in an Art Walk/ book signing event down town. I was excited because this would be one of my first major events. I had two dear friends who were also participating signing their books. Art Walk is a Second Friday event held down town each month for local artists, gallery owners, a specialty shops. It is a night of wine tasting, maybe a sculpture unveiling and most of all, everyone having a good time.

I didn’t know how much work went into preparing for my event; Putting ads in the local newspapers, Good News Northwest is a christian publication, and a radio announcement. Time for the big day. We all Drove to the event together to set up for the evening book signing. We set up in a quaint little specialty shop that used to be a book store owned by my friend who is participating in the event. I knew this would be a special night for her connecting with old friends and customers.

I was so excited about my first book signing that I forgot my purse in my friends basement. This would not had been a problem except, I am getting ahead of myself. We are st the event, selling and signing books having a great evening. After the Art walk was winding down, two of our companions were in the wine tasting room having a fabulous time. Faye and I were wondering how we were going to get home since the designated driver was no longer available. *(S) gave my Faye his car keys and wished us well. This was a nice Cadillac, Faye was afraid to touch anything,  so the ride home was quiet. 

When my friend and got back to the stunning beautiful mansion of our companions, we discovered the we needed two keys to get into the house. I went in through an open window and let my friend in. I then realized I was given the key when we left for the event but forgot my purse downstairs in their basement. I picked up my purse, still not thinking both keys are in my purse. I let Faye out the front door a mad dash for the garage door before it closed. My friend remarked” I didn’t know you were a stunt woman besides a local author.” We both laughed and headed to our homes. I will never forget the friendship, laughter and the wonderful people who stopped by our book signing table to talk and let us sign one of our books for them. I live in a great community.


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The Value Of Friendships

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My son died in a tragic car accident in July 2007, I remember feeling lost. their are no words to describe the depth of grief that had felt. I remember not long after my son Levi’s memorial service, a dear couple,who live 3 houses down from me,we cleaning up the side of my house. Lei and I were going to get to the mess,but not quite had the job done. It was the couples only day off, and they spent 3 hours,hauling accumulated items to the dump and helping me fix my back gate. The act of kindness touched my heart, the love and support of family and friends helped me through my difficult journey.

School is starting again soon,each year in Levi’s honor I buy school supplies for a couple of kids to give them a good start to the school year. My son went to his church one summer and helped put together 3,000 back packs for the kids. he told me when he got home some kids went up and down the isles 4 times to pick the one they wanted. I don’t think I had ever seen a brighter smile on Levi when he arrived home than this day.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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On Behalf of this adorable, and ever so clever turkey I would like to extend a warm wish for everyone to have a happy, safe thanksgiving. May you be surrounded today by friends and family you love and hold dear. 

I am most thankful today for thanksgiving past; I remember many holiday meals spent with family and  friends gathered around the table at my parent’s house.  A day filled with laughter, story telling,games of course, the food. Life is quieter now.Friends and family moved away, my mom and both have suffered personal loss. We were invited to mom’s neighbors house for dinner. It will nice to get mom out of the house for a while.

Life is ever-changing,sometimes we see the curve ball coming, sometimes we don’t.  I pray  for peace, hope, and safe travels for all of my blogger friends. Thank you for supporting my blog and reading the sometimes difficult stories I share. Some have commented the stories are too sad to read. For so many, this IS our lives we cannot escape from. Life is good indeed!

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Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

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Until recently I called my vacation a stay cation.

  A new ad campaign advertising activities in the area promoted be a tourist in your own town. I thought what a great idea. Many visit Idaho during the summer. I picked up a tourist brochure, and I was   pleasantly surprised at  how much there is to do in our city. We are surrounded by many beautiful lakes, hiking trails,camping,fishing the list goes on. I have been getting together with some close friends and having lunch and a nice drive catching up. I work the grave yard shift and spend most of my days sleeping. 

There are so many summer festivals to choose from. We always have a classic car show it seems. The proud owners showing off the muscle cars or seeing  the occasional Model T. There are so many plays and music concerts offered in the park this summer.North Idaho has so much to do. I am glad I don’t have the time to travel to another vacation spot because I would miss out on what we have locally. 

So get out there and be a tourist in your hometown. It may just surprise you to find out how much you are missing out on. I am almost envious of the cities having a great Art Gallery or Museum. We have smaller scale Galleries. It is nice the Galleries host a Second Friday every Month. Some Months the theme is wine and Art. The local talents showcase the art and the town stays open later. 

 We only have a few weeks to enjoy th rest of summer before school in back in. Make the most of your summer vacation and I encourage you to stay closer to home this weekend. Who knows there may be a classic car show in your area. It is raining here tonight. If it were nice, I would love to be on the water in a boat with good friends and taking in the scenery. My life has changed the last few years with the sudden deaths of both my husband and my son. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I try once a week to go for a drive around one of the many lakes in our area. I love to put in an instrumental CD and watch for the deer to be grazing in the field. There is so much beauty where I live.I try to enjoy a little of it each day.

 Have the rest of a great summer. Grilling season is in high gear. Have the neighbors over for hot dogs tonight and watch the kids play on the lawn.I hear entertaining is a lost art these days. Let’s prove the commercial wrong and enjoy your neighbors and family.  It won’t be long before the frisbee is replaced by a football practice and homework. Life is good indeed!


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cap12_copyWe all have played the competition game.

It may start as a healthy competition keeping the lawn green, or the becoming rivals at the flag football game-and you are on the same team. The parents start a fight over the referees call, the sister that has to keep up with brother and get the better grades. If we are not careful, we find ourselves unintentionally hurting our neighbors or friends feelings because  they did not measure up to our expectations. The TV commercials do not help either. Two grown men riding their lawn mowers seeing who can be done first. really? The big car sales event and everyone wants the same car.

Last weekend I hosted a lady in my home for a conference. I have never met her and was intimidated to where I almost killed myself doing all the projects I have put off say for the last ten years. The day before she arrived, I had a migraine. I had to work the evening shift as well. I could not believe I let myself become this stressed over a guest. I met the lady, turns out she owns a Victorian home in Oregon. I have the Victorian charm in my ranch style home. We both had a wonderful time talking over decorating ideas and food.  I think I became intimidated because the conference was held at a beautiful estate and I live in an older home. My guest did not care about what projects were not finished, but I opened my home to her because she could not afford a hotel. what a beautiful,gracious lady she is. I learned a good lesson for God this past weekend. It does not matter where we live, we are loved, accepted, wanted and adored by God almighty.

I do not have to worry about the lawn competition. My neighbor and I share a healthy brown/green colored lawn. We both water and mow it is what it is we both joke.We put up our new mail boxes. We took the upgraded one back and opted for a plainer mailbox. We joked the fancy one did not fit in with our brown lawn. We laughed at the thought of people driving by and thinking nice mailbox now if you water your lawn once in a while. best laid plans. Fall clean-up is just around the corner…..

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Happy Father’s Day

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I would like to wish all the father’s

a happy father’s day tomorrow. The lawn parties, playing football with the grandkids, good food and even better company. I hope your day is filled with laughter, good memories of father’s day pasts, holding your brand new grand baby for the first time, make it a special memory making time.

I remember this photo of my dad and my son with fondness. My son Levi was the first-born grandchild. My parents were affectionately called ‘Grandma and grandpa John’.  They took my son on many fishing trips, camping trips in the motor home and long weekends spent at the hot springs in Montana. grandpa John would help my son split the nights firewood when family and friends gather around the campfire. I am thankful Levi was given the opportunity to spend summers with his grandparents. I became a young widow after my husband,Levi’s father died from complications of his disease. I had many hardships and difficulties trying to raise my young son alone. I am thankful I could have a weekend to myself while the rest of the family went on vacation.

When my dad became to ill to travel anymore, Levi would suggest they just camp out in the motor home in the driveway. Grandpa and Levi would BBQ the dinner and join grandma to eat it in the motor home-They always found a way to have fun and make lasting memories.

They hosted many gatherings in their home for family and friends. When I was a girl, my parents hosted opening day hunting parties, family would gather to go horse back riding on our ranch. When we moved to Idaho, my family would host sledding parties. My dad would pull us around the neighborhood in his 1946 Willie’s jeep. Grandma John would have hot cocoa waiting for us when we needed to thaw out.

I miss my dad. He passed away in 2002 from his disease. Grandpa John had many friends and family who loved him and enjoyed a glass of wine with him in the afternoons. scan0014

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Thanksgiving Eve

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It is Thanksgiving Eve,

with so much anticipation at what tomorrow may bring. Football games out on the lawn, turkey, yams, stuffing  galore, and don’t forget the home-made apple pie. I think the picture of Garfield says it all. 

There are so many making the most of the holidays this season.The Survivors of frankenstorm and the storms fury made us to remember how fragile life is and it can be changed in the blink of an eye. Let us always remember our troops and their sacrifice to our great nation for the freedoms we enjoy everyday. Many family traditions have changed with the loss of a job, the economy, loosing their family home, sons and daughters over seas. Being thankful is a choice you make. 

My life was forever changed when my husband died from complications from diabetes. I was left to raise my young son alone. My son and I had many hardships and difficulties we both survived them all. When my husband died, I started new traditions with my son Levi. My parents hosted a thanksgiving dinner party every year. Family and friends came to feast, and enjoy one another’s company. I can remember the lively conversations at the dinner table over a current event.After dinner sledding follows desert.  Good wine, good food, good time had by all.

My family’s life was changed again with the death of my dad 10 years ago. My teenage son took his grandpa’s death hard. Friends invited my mom, my son and I to celebrate thanksgiving with them. I am thankful for great friends who helped my family through this tough time.

My son Levi set off with some friends to float the river July 2007, by that evening both our lives were changed forever. Levi was involved in a car accident. After five-days and countless prayers, Levi died from his injuries. He was only 20. There are no words to describe the many defining events in my life. God has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life.

 I know my mom is disappointed my twin brother and his family is unable to come this year. Her neighbor has invited both my mom and I to their home for dinner tomorrow. I am thankful mom will get dressed and enjoy her afternoon instead of just reading a book.

I believe life is what you make it. You can complain and be miserable or you can choose happiness. Everyday is a new day for me. I realized the deaths of both my husband and son did not mean the death of me as well. I could be bitter and blamed God I chose instead to trust God. I am healing more everyday. 

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Sledding Parties and Snow Forts

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I woke up to a snowy morning.


As I watched the snow fall,  enjoying my first cup of coffee, I thought about all the sledding parties my parents hosted the first snow fall. My dad owned a 1946 Willies jeep. He pulled our sleds around the neighborhood trying not to run you into a parked car turning a corner. My son Levi had his first sled ride at one year old.He loved sledding until he took a glove off and touched the snow, then he cried. When family and friends felt frozen, we went inside where my mom had cocoa waiting. One time,My husband and I were riding in one sled, my dad went around a corner to fast and we did hit a parked car. We both fell off the sled laughing so hard we couldn’t get up. what a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon playing in the snow.

I remember the snow forts my son made in the front yard. Levi would spend hours outside bundled up creating his snowy masterpiece. The next door neighbor would come over and help Levi to build the fort. The fort connected the two yards. I invited the neighbor to join Levi for dinner. Early the next morning, they were back outside finishing their fort.

After school Levi would grab his sled and head across the street to a small snow-covered hill. He and his friends would play all afternoon taking turns sledding down the hill. The moms called the kids to come in at dinner. Then it was time for homework ,a bath and bed. I cherish the memories of my son and watching him grow into the fine young man he had become.

Sometimes our live take a different direction that we envisioned.  My son was lost to a tragic car accident 5 years ago. I am thankful I have so many good memories to write stories about his life and the friends and family who help encourage me to keep moving forward in my life.

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A Mini Getaway

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It is amazing what a couple of hours can do for the soul.

My work week plans were cancelled. I work  in private Home Health.  I decided on a mini getaway with my neighbor. We went to a local coffee drive thru, and  we set off for an adventure. Ashley and I wondered if Carver Farms were open for pumpkin season yet. We drove by to check it out. Then, it was off to beautiful Hauser Lake. The lake was quiet, serene, and we also watched a sailboat floating along the lake. Ashley and I put our feet in the chilly water;It felt good to be out far enough away from reality and be able to enjoy the beautiful summer day. The sounds on the lake are awesome. Loons, quail calling to their young, ducks quaking.

The lake brings back fond memories of family and friends camping at the lake. My dad would bring his boat for fishing and boat rides afterwards. There were some good fishing in this lake. My parents and friends would stay and camp for the week. I enjoyed coming out after work for a visit while my son stayed and camped. This was a nice mini-vacation from single parenthood. When Levi returned, I could re focus my attention on being a good parent.

Now I am back home to reality. I can focus on my writing, and plan my next mini-getaway. We are fortunate in the North west, to have many lakes and less traveled(well maybe by me anyway) roads in which to explore. I am looking forward some fall drives this year. I love the crisp air in the mornings, the coffee tastes better when it is chilly outside, the changing colors of the leaves.
I have two great young adults in my life that go with me. After the death of my son Levi,my life was forever changed in a moment. Ryan and Ashley who live next door  starting calling me mom.Their kindness has helped me through my grief. I don’t think they will ever know how much it has meant to me to be called mom again. I love to take off for the afternoon and go explore what this area has to offer. Ryan and Ashley love to go on day trips with me. I feel blessed to have them in my life.

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Happy New year!!!!!

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I would like to wish everyone a Happy New year ful of prosperity and a look into a brand new year. This year like every past year, holds uncertainty. The econemy goes up and down,our rent goes up, but no raise to help offset the cost. Groceries are Expensive. It is not so funny when we have to choose between put gas in our car,feed you children OR pets, or pay our rent.

At least gas prices are starting to come down some. Every new year,we wonder how this year is going to be different than lasy year. We just have to wait,watch and see what developes. I don’t listen to predictions because predictions have a way of not becoming a reality. I do know that it is tough out there. I feel sorry for our young generation. There are not many jobs to compete for. Adults are having a tough enough time trying to make ends meet let alone a young college student.

It is a nice morning here as I sit in my office writting this blog to you. I enjoy the sunshine,but it doen not feel like winter to me. Last year had a good snow. I miss driving in the stuff. I know what you are thinking.SNOW is she kidding?No I am not kidding. I like the snow, It is nice to look at all the snow capped moutains, flocked tree tops,  white lawns, you bundle up in a warm coat and scarf. Coffee just seems to taste better when it is Cold outside, with snow  falling quietly out your big window. I guess there are no accidents to speak of, no one slidding into a ditch to get pulled out, no one is pulling out in front of you only to hit the curb after loosing control. There are a few points that are good,but I do miss a white winter this year. I know the season is not over yet, but we had a whiter Thanksgiving this last year than a Christmas.


I do not know what my future holds for me. I have had some people try sand tell me what is going to happen this year in my life. I am sorry, but the only one who knows what my future holds,is Jesus. I know there are well meaning folks out there, but I reguard what He says. There are so many people who are concerned about the fact that I am single. I can not beleive that friends are wondering if I am going to marry this year. it some what cracks me up. Some people (me) are happy in the relationship I have right now, and do not want to discuss if I will ever marry in my future. I know these folks are worried about me after Levi died, but I am happy,healthy and doing very well at that. I like the way I have decorated my house and I do not want to change it because someone else did not like Victorian style. I feel very comfortable in my little house and like to “take a step back in time” when I come through the front door. it is always a treat to walk on the carpet your son helped to install for his mom. I thought it was so sweet of Levi a few years ago, he wanted to “Fix” his mom’s house up more for her so she had a nicer place to live. If Levi could only see the house. He would be shocked at his bedroom. it is truly A Victorian dessing room.I love to get dressed in the morning and put on my pajamas at night.

I have an interveiw in the morning at a place I used to work a few years ago. I will be working as a dietary Assistant if I do get the job. The Company was a good place to work in the past. In my last job, I only had one person to cook for and please, NOW… it should not be to bad. I will keep you posted on the update.

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