Making Your Home A Staycation Paradise

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Many of us would love to get away for the weekend,maybe a nice hotel complete with swimming pool, and activities for the kids. Many of us also do not have the money or can schedule one these great destinations. So we decided to  redecorate our homes to reflect our favorite vacation spots.

Sometimes all you need is a new room color, new throw pillows, add a few accessories and you can change any room in your home into an island get away. I was looking at a designer magazine full of ideas on how to turn your home into a coastal retreat. Your imagination is the limit on design.I love the idea you can change one room or like in the magazine, the whole house looked like a page out of a coastal brochure. Let’s not forget our lusus gardens. You can continue your escape from reality right in your own backyard. Plant a few flowers,add a space for the kids and their friends, and pretty soon you have friends over for a themed party.

My dear friend owned a B&B for several years in Ireland. I always have loved her decorating style. In 2007, I asked my friend if she would help me update my bedroom. I have not touched it since my husband died suddenly in 2007. She created a B&B inspired room. (My friend is impressed I have not touched my room in nine years).My home is a ranch style with Victorian influences. I live close by a lake and enjoy walking down to see the ducks and watch the boats drive by.

I will be sitting in my backyard this week enjoying the birds singing, watering the flowers, and staying in my North Idaho retreat. I still want to take in a concert in the park, summer theater, and the farmer’s markets. I want to take a  dinner cruise on lake,and walk the boardwalk. I hope you are enjoying  the rest of your summer and make as many lasting memories you can. God Bless.


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10 Things I love About Summer

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The lazy days of summer.

Days spent at the beach.



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Day spent the farmer’s market.

Grilling the veggies your just bought.

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Eating water melon with the grandkids.

Have a seed spitting contest.

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Unplug. Get outside and help the kids plant a garden.

Go on a nature hike plan a treasure hunt.

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Visit a botanical garden.

Looking for butterflies fluttering around the pretty summer flowers priceless.




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Some weeks we wish for a week of Fridays don’t we?

Undependable co-workers, the unexpected bill, car repairs, inconsiderate drivers… the list goes on.

Some days I breathe a sigh of relief pulling into the driveway never to come out again. Nice plan though, life has a way of needing us. Bill paying, eating occasionally might require some cash flow. It feels like life is so busy anymore. Once a month, I try to get together with a girl friend. have a late lunch or early dinner at the golf course or out-door cafe people watching. Now with the weekly farmer’s markets starting, find time to enjoy an evening.

I have never understood the weed pulling as a way to relax; Instead of looking at my yard through a gardener’s eyes, I see a lot of WORK. My back yard is simple with trees, and a few vignettes for the birds benefit. I use succulents well… because they are harder to kill. (did I fail to mention that  I am becoming a reformed black thumb gardener)? I need simple plants that do not require so much care.My favorite area in the back yard is Levi’s tree. It is a 20 ft. pine tree planted in honor of my son Levi who died in a tragic car accident at the age of 20 in 2007.

I love the annual garden tours. Some are whimsical while others are breathtaking. Some homes, you follow paths to quaint little streams and smaller gardens while others you see deer grazing while touring. It is amazing to see how many recycled ways a tire can be used or your old high heels to make a statement. There are so many elaborate water features and fire pits being incorporated into the out-door spaces. There are not as many formal gardens on the tours now. It is a lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon and come away with a few ideas for your sanctuary.

With life’s hustle and bustle, I need to find ways to keep refreshed. I love writing, and I care for my aging mom plus work full-time in a group home for special needs. My life is full,busy and I am satisfied. I know my son smiles down on his mom from Heaven and says “I am so proud of you mom”. It is what keeps e going everyday. I have to learn to enjoy the simple things in life. Staycations are nice, but so is going for an afternoon drive with one of my dear friends and buying a coffee.

Nine years ago, a dear friend came over and helped me freshen up my bedroom. She owned a B&B in Ireland at the time. I had not touched my room after the death of my husband in 1990. It was time. She created a beautiful B&B inspired bedroom to relax in. After my son moved (out before his death,) we repurposed his old bedroom into my dressing room-fresh coat of paint,a new rose inspired bed spread made the room inviting again. I love to get dressed in the morning and put on PJs at night.

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Enjoying Spring

April 19, 2015 at 9:23 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Middle age, Poetry, Single Parent, Uncategorized) (, , )

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Spring is here!

Here are some fun activities to enjoy this season.

Take the dog for a walk.

Go to the park.

Find some mud puddles.

Look for butterflies.

Listen for the crickets at night.

Fly a kite.

Go to the zoo.

Have a family picnic.

Ah spring cleaning again.

Go on a nature hike, look for squirrels.

Have a watermelon eating contest.

Time to plant that garden.

Let the kids help plant their own garden.

Enjoy eating at a side walk cafe’.

Go on a scenic boat tour.

Look for butterflies.

Visit a farm.

Grill those burgers and dogs.

Volleyball anyone?

Baseball and basketball games.

Weather is starting to get warm again.

Eat jelly beans.

Look for grass hoppers.

feed the ducks at the park.

Sight see the neighborhood.

Take a garden tour.





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Happiness Is A Choice

March 31, 2015 at 5:49 pm (Creative Non- Fiction) (, , )


Life comes at you hard sometimes,

you may not have time to breath before life hits you again. Sometimes it is difficult to cope when circumstances are beyond our control. You may have been hit with a financial difficulty, or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal disease. it is hard to stay focused let alone joyful in these time of trial.

I can understand how easy it can be to be discourages and want to give up. It seems like everyone I talk to is have some difficult times. Spring is a good time to take stock I think. We put our minds on our gardens and yard care.

When life throws a curve ball, how do we handle the disappointments? I know life can change in a moment forever. In 2007, my son Levi died in a tragic car accident. There are no words to describe the depth of grief you feel. Your world was turned upside down. Eight years ago I could not imagine my life without my son in it. I missed talking to him,riding in his new car,having taco tuesday. I had to realize the death of my son did not mean it was the death of me as well. I will miss my son this year at Easter dinner. I know he smiles down on me everyday and I wake up each morning knowing he is proud of his mother.

Take time to hug your kids tight today, share your day with them and tell them how much they are loved. So many parents wish they could hug their child and can’t.

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A Summer Afternoon With Close Friends

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I was sitting here thinking…

thinking about he great conversations I could have sitting around these chairs sipping cold iced tea,catching up with some old friends. What a great space to have a book of the month club luncheon. The question could arise though, who would I be sharing this special afternoon with? This private space could be the perfect analogy of the park bench thought- if you could sit on this park bench for one hour who would you be talking to?  Well, I have two special people in mind,one being my best friend Robin who died from her disease several years ago, and , my precious Grandma Leigh. We have shared many special moments together when I was a girl. We would have a great afternoon of catching up. 

I can imagine telling my girlfriend about what the past twenty years have been like. She, like I was a young widow. She has joined her husband in heaven several years ago. I would have so much to tell her about my life, my struggles and over coming them to finding happiness again. We would probably laugh at the memories of visiting the Queen mary ship one Sunday afternoon in 1981. The tour was incredible and we tried to envision being one of the passengers aboard this massive ship in the turn of the century. What it must have been like eating lunch in the dinning room, staying in one of the rooms and swimming in the pool or walking the deck and seeing the sparkling water below us. But what a grand conversation it would be. We would reminisce about my first car and all the dinners at the Bob’s Big boy hamburger restaurant. She was truly a dear, dear friend, we spent a lot of time together as teenagers. The sweet thing about God is, when she passed away, I met a new friend who is just as special to my heart.She also shares my love of the Victorian decorating as well. We have great conversations about her lovely house.Who would you share this special place in the garden with. Would you share your thoughts?

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June Is Here Already.

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May has bid farewell, June is here.


Where is time flying? Wasn’t it just New year’s Eve? Now school is letting out, graduation, grilling is in full swing, and so is allergy season. Let’s not forget the bees. They too build their homes on Your property. They seek out to build fancy mansions in least expecting locations. I have extra special fun with these pests, I wear the skin so soft. The bees fly up to me and immediately fly the opposite direction.  Did you know bees can also survive under water in your fountain? I watched one fly into the water to cool off one day swimming around thinking it would drown. NO sirree, after his swim,the refreshed insect climbed to the top and dried off before flying away. No I didn’t have a tiny towel to offer him plus I don’t like  insects hanging around with me. I have friends of my own. Aah the lazy days of summer are here.

I don’t know about you, but every year my lawn and I have our struggles. I water often, and my grass likes to stay a dry shade of brownish green shall we say. Very aggravating to me. Considering my neighbor is a lawn care specialist. He waters not so often, I baby my yard and guess what? His looks better than mine. I told him is was not fair. He doesn’t understand it either. I am seriously planning on artificial turf. I will the envy of the block. I am glad I don’t live in a neighborhood where there is no serious competition for yard dominance. Most of the block would opt out anyway. They work five days a week and like to relax the weekends. I will say I have good neighbors- we live on  close knit block. We live near the river- you hear the jet skis and boats on summer afternoons.

I have friends who live on an exclusive block, all the homes are beautifully kept. Thousands are spent on the lawn, flowers and fertilizer.When I need yard inspiration, drive around the neighborhood. Then come home to reality. All kidding aside, I have blessed with my home. My husband and I purchased it together before his passed away.  I was pregnant with our son when we bought our forever home. A few years ago, some friends helped my up the paint inside and out. I have a nice kept home with brownish-green grass.

Do you want your home to always look it’s best? Helpful hint that really works. Pretend your long-lost best friend is coming to visit next week. It is amazing the results you can achieve in just a weekend. You finish project you put off since the second child was born and never got around to. It is amazing what a couple well chosen accessories can do to take the home from bland to grand.

For some the kids are gone, so the lawn is their pride and joy. They have the yards to prove it. Some couples purchase expensive beautiful motor homes to explore the County, some join a travel club and following one another in the sometimes unique trailers. what a great way to meet new friends. Have fun trying to contact them. Some couples live on exclusive golf courses and start a new hobby, while other couples plan the next get-together. the second half of life is fun and exciting with new horizons to explore.People ask me how I plan on spending my summer, The same, working, caring for my mom and of course my passion writing. I love my job in Health care, I am mending my relationship with my mom and enjoying the benefits of writing. As I heal from the deaths of both my husband and son, I remember long forgotten memories. some stories are easy to write, others more painful, the grief lessens with time and God gave my the desires of my heart. I had been  both a wife and mother even if for a little while. God has walked me through some of the darkest and painful days of my life and He has taught me to look forward to tomorrow and good thing in store for me. thank you all for supporting my blog and the kind comments. Happy June.

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