Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s day

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Happy valentine’s day everyone.

I know today can be a hard day. For some, today may be the first Valentine’s day you have spent after a divorce, some may have children in the Military,for others it may be your first year since your children have left the nest. Some may have a special someone to celebrate with tonight and many do not. Wherever you are in your life, always remember how much you are loved by family and friends around you even if you didn’t receive a card or a phone call, you are very loved and thought of. I lost my husband to complications from his diabetes. I raised my young son alone from childhood through his teens. In July 2007, my son died in a tragic car accident. He was only 20.  I understand the pain many are feeling. Today is sweethearts day and I do have a sweetheart. God has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life. Through His grace, mercy, love and daily encouragement, I am walking forward in the good things that still lie ahead for my life. I had to realize the deaths of both my husband and son did not mean the death of me as well.  I am excited for my future and what it holds. Life is not easy, but with the love of friends and family I have learned how to live again. Life is good indeed!


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2013 Is Getting Off To A Productive start For Me

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I cannot believe we are in 2013 already. Where has 2012 gone? They say the older you get time flies by more quickly. I anticipate a good year. I have heard 13 is the baker’s dozen so we should have plenty. Time will tell…

The end of the world did not take place on New Year’s Eve nor did an asteroid destroy out planet as predicted. We have not rotated off our axis and the world will keep going around. I was saddened at the thought so many were living in fear for the end of the world.There were so many people who contemplated committing suicide to escape the world’s end. 

May we start this new year off living with more joy, more peace, less complaining and more appeciation for the things we do have in our lives. I know there are some that nothing can make them happy, but there are some who has lost everything form a natural disaster, illness, job loss, bad choices etc.

I live each day with a thankful heart. I have endured many hardships and difficulties in my life, but God has walked with me through all the struggles I have faced. I am thankful for the time God allowed me to be a mother. I have so many fond memories of raising the son I love and miss so dearly. Levi was lost in a tragic car accident in July 2007. he was only 20. As I reflect back on his life, I remember a son so full of life, his laughter, his mischeivious smile,and his generous heart. We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us, live each day with thankfulness for what you have been given. 

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A Christmas Memory

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Levi Degon0037





I have just finished watching


Christmas episode of a HGTV show “Decorating Cents”. The show treated a special family to a holiday make over for two rooms in the house. A loving and heart-broken dad, two young sons and a family dog named Winnie, lost their mom to cancer 6 months earlier. The show transformed this family’s home into a winter wonderland. I was impressed at how much of the boy’s mom was incorporated into the over all design. My favorite piece was the huge photos of both boys with a snow hat and scarf around the head with just the eyes exposed.

The program brought back a memory of my own. March 2007, a dear friend of mine came over to help me update my bedroom.My friend owned a B&B in Ireland . I told her that I have not updated my bedroom I shared with my husband before he had passed away several years earlier. My dear friend Katherine helped me to transformed my   bedroom  into a B&B bedroom.  friend also helped me to re-decorate my son Levi’s  old room into my dressing room. Levi had already moved out to help his grandma when his grandpa passed away. I appreciate the rooms being freshened up for me. My life was forever changed one sunny summer morning. My son Levi died in a tragic car accident in July 2007.  He was only 20. I love to get dressed in my dressing room. I have so many memories of the son I love and miss dearly. 


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Another Sensless tragedy

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My prayers go out to the

many families effected by this senseless shooting. You as a parent, send your children to school believing they are safe. You never think when you go to pick them up, some of the children never left their classroom. How can these parents and children, school officials feel safe again? How can they send their children back to school on Monday?

My son was not murdered by some lunatic with a gun. My son Levi set out with some friends on sunny sunday morning to float the river. By that evening,both our lives were changed forever. Levi was involved in a tragic car accident. Five days and countless prayers later,I made the painful decision to withdraw my son’s life support. There are no words to describe the depth of grief I felt and there are no words to express the anger trying to make sense out this tragedy.

I know the pain and deep sorrow all the families are feeling this morning. There were plans of decorating the tree, not planning a Memorial Service.  So many lives were forever changed in a moment. I can not imagine the terror of not knowing yesterday why my child was not coming out of the building. The country mourns with the families. We as a Nation offer  our prayers of comfort, and will support anyway we can. 

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Memorial candle Light Service

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levilaptoppix 020

Tonight I will light a candle

in your memory. I will always remember the fine young man you had become Levi. Our lives were forever changed with the death of your daddy. As a single parent raising my young son alone we endured many hardships and difficulties. Levi and I survived them all.

One sunny sunday morning Levi and some friends set out to float the river by that evening both out lives would again be forever changed. Leviwas involved in a tragic car accident. he was only 20. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become. I remember his laughter,his mischeivious smile, his sparkle in his eyes, and his generous spirit. 

The night before his accident we put gas in his new car. I am glad I shared my tips with my son that night. I was blessed with one last ride in Levi’s car. We laughed and talked on the way home.what a treasured memory I have been given to always remember.

You will spend Christmas in Heaven again this year. You will have celebrated your 26th birthday this year. I know you look down from heaven and smile upon my life. The greatest comfort I have is knowing I will see you again. I love you son.

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10 Truths From God’s Heart

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10 Truths from God’s heart

I was feeling discouraged one day. I was writing in my journal. I felt impressed by the Lord to write 10 truths He would say about me in Heaven to His friends.

1)      I am worthy of the Lord’s love.

2)      All of my needs will be met.

3)      God adores me.

4)      God made me who I am

5)      God delights himself in me.

6)      I am a blessing to others around me.

7)      I am successful in God’s eyes.

8)      I am cherished.

9)      I am the beloved daughter of the king.

10)  I am the apple of my father’s eye.

I felt a lot better after I had written this. I think sometimes we all need encouragement.

This an exerpt from my book ‘Healing in the Storms’. My life was forever changed with the deaths of both my husband and my son. It has been a struggle not to sink into a deep depression. I wrote this story for the book out of my journal.

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