Bloom Where you Are Planted

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Bloom where you are planted.

I have had many conversations on this topic. I love to hear others take on this thought. Some are miserable no matter where life takes them and then there are those who has made the best out of life they can. So many have lost everything in tornadoes, wildfires, personal tragedies. Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball you did not see it coming. Many families face a devastating disease, others financial crisis, and many are without health coverage.It is difficult when there are many distractions in our lives today.Sometimes it is hard to take time to smell the roses and see how sweet they do smell.

I have suffered person tragedies in my life. my son was involved in a fatal traffic accident in 2007. He was only 20. I did not know if I could ever recover from the loss. I have a strong faith in God who reassured me that I can keep moving forward in my life. sometimes as I have learned you take life one moment at a time. I truly have learned to bloom where I was planted. I get so many comments from people who say I am always smiling. Life is hard but i take time for a good cry everyday and have my coffee time with Jesus everyday. He is a very important part of my day. I have days where I grumble, but I realize my attitude is not going to change the outcome of the circumstance. I am blessed to have the  love and support from my family and friends. I think happiness is a choice,just like bitterness and anger.

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A Foggy Morning

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I woke up this morning to a foggy morning.


Driving downtown I could see the silhouettes of the trees in the fog. I am reminded of my childhood visiting my grandparents in Santa Barbara. I loved walking to the ocean and seeing the seagulls flying around, smelling the salty air and being surrounded by the foggy mist. I have spent many treasured moments at my grandparents house. 

I cannot believe january is already half over. Where is the time flying? I heard my Pastor joking  “time flies when you are unconscious”. He may have a point, time is whizzing by. Do you ever feel there is not enough time in the day? Just me huh(smile). I did not make any resolutions for this year I never do. Less for me to fail at. I am writing more stories to submit for publications and I enjoy my blog.   Life sometimes throw us a curve ball we didn’t see coming. It depends on our attitude as to the outcome of the circumstance. I have been handed some tough life changing events in my life-like so many others, life is just hard sometimes. I always had said when life handed me lemons, I made lemonade. The death of my husband and son truly forever changed my outlook on life. I decided depression was not a life choice, but chossing happiness again is a goal I can reach for. Everyday I am healing more and I am blessed with the wonderful memories I have of yesterday.

Happy New Year Everyone.


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Kindness Pass it On

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Kindness is one of the most beloved gifts.

It only takes a minute to make someone’s day, it only takes a minute to lend a helping hand.A smile takes less muscles than a frown. So many times we pass one another without so much as a hello. Your smile may be the one bright spot in a person’s day.

It is easy to have a bad day and a equally bad attitude to go with it. I have had plenty myself. There are certain circumstances that are beyond our control yes, but I think our attitude has a lot to do with the outcome. We can become bitter and angry or we can choose to have an attitude of gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for. 

I have good neighbors in a good neighborhood, the love and support of family and friends, a good job with nice co-workers. Even when circumstances seem hopeless, there are blessings all around us. So many hate winter, it is only a season that last a few months. I know many are being hammered by severe winter weather, but it will be spring soon.

God has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life. My son died in 2007 from a tragic car accident. There are no words to describe the depth of grief I felt that day. I could have become bitter and angry at God, but I chose instead to trust Him. The pain eases as time passes, but I am grateful everyday for the wonderful memories I have of the fine young man Levi had become. Life is not easy, so many are struggling. I love what the banner says that everyone can afford the gift of kindness. Even if you shovel a neighbors driveway for them, maybe they did not have time before leaving and is grateful.I heard on the news couple weeks ago Starbuck’s patrons were paying forward free coffee. How sweet. It only takes a minute. Have a great new year.

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A Different Day

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levicarpix 004

27 years ago today the best gift god could have ever given me was born. Levi brought great joy to the proud new parents. my husband and I joked we were waiting for the rightful owners of this perfect baby to come back and claim him!

Levi’s life was cut short by a tragic car accident in July 2007. I will always remember your infectious laugh, your funny sayings, the sparkle in your eyes, and your appetite for life itself. I am proud of the fine young man you had become. happy birthday today Levi as you celebrate among the angels in heaven. I know they are throwing a grand party in honor of you.

Today I will eat one of your favorite foods- nachos. I remember when you lived at home, you always asked me to go get you nachos. One day I asked you my son how much money do you have to add to the nacho bill?I remember you handed me $2.00- I picked up the rest of the tab. I wish we could sit down at our dining room table once more and share a meal. I love you Levi and miss you so much. Love Mom.

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The Little Things That Mean The Most

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Today is Friday!!!

Everyone is getting ready for next week’s festivities. Many are thankful for programs of The Community Action Program or Second Harvest bringing some holiday cheer to families.

We have so many helping hand action programs hard at work year round. I went to pick my mom up for her doctor appointment. There were a group of teens hard at work raking(play wrestling) more raking and bagging her pine needles. They also do snow removal in the winter. The program is designed to be an  alternative to suspension for the students. My mom usually has hot cocoa and home-made cookies on hand for the boys.

I am thankful to my neighbor who has called me mom since the sudden death of my son Levi 6 years ago in a car accident. Part of my fence blew down and Ryan with his friend, secured it until next spring when I get a new one put up. There are so much to be thankful for. Even in the tough times, I am truly blessed by the love and support of friends and family who help me to keep moving forward in my life. As we all know, life is not easy, there are curve balls thrown our way we did not expect. My mom had a health scare, we are moving forward in her brighter future. The loss of my son was devastating. I am healing more everyday and I keep writing stories about his life to help keep his memory alive. Even in the painful times, I am thankful to God who has my life in the palm of his hand.

My this holiday season find you surrounded by friends and family ,making lasting memories, and take the time to smell the sweet roses of life and live each day with thankfulness in your heart for what you have been blessed with. It is easy to find something to complain about, harder to appreciate what life truly has to offer. I could live my life with bitterness and anger, but where would this have gotten me? I cannot change my past, but I can look ahead to my brighter future. Life is good indeed.


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Visiting Hours In Heaven….

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If there were visiting

hours in heaven, my son Levi would have to find his mother a good hiding place, because I would never want to leave. Joking.. There are so many parents that wish they could spend the day with their dearly departed but know they can not. Some people has asked me if I could make one last meal for my son Levi what would I prepare?  It is a fair question to one who has not yet suffered the loss of a child. The pain lessens as time goes on,but it never really eases.

I do not entertain the thoughts of heaven. I know I will see Levi again soon and that is enough for me. god covers me in His encouraging word daily, His grace, His healing balm in my heart, and His assurance Levi is doing just fine.  God intended us to live in the present even though it is difficult  to keep moving forward some days.

I would like to share my view-point. I know sometimes there are situations you may not know what to say. Just remember our tongues can be a double-edged sword. Some parents never get over a cross comment said in innocence. I had my share of comments after my son Levi’s death in July 2007. I have a strong faith that carried me through some of the tough questions and comments made. they hurt, but I got over them,others do not. Just think how you would feel if it were said to you about your loved one.

Lives can be forever changed in a moment. take the time to hug you children extra tight tonight, Have a nice sit down meal together, share what happened in your days. Let them know how proud you are of them and how glad you are they are in your lives. For one day soon…..

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Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

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Until recently I called my vacation a stay cation.

  A new ad campaign advertising activities in the area promoted be a tourist in your own town. I thought what a great idea. Many visit Idaho during the summer. I picked up a tourist brochure, and I was   pleasantly surprised at  how much there is to do in our city. We are surrounded by many beautiful lakes, hiking trails,camping,fishing the list goes on. I have been getting together with some close friends and having lunch and a nice drive catching up. I work the grave yard shift and spend most of my days sleeping. 

There are so many summer festivals to choose from. We always have a classic car show it seems. The proud owners showing off the muscle cars or seeing  the occasional Model T. There are so many plays and music concerts offered in the park this summer.North Idaho has so much to do. I am glad I don’t have the time to travel to another vacation spot because I would miss out on what we have locally. 

So get out there and be a tourist in your hometown. It may just surprise you to find out how much you are missing out on. I am almost envious of the cities having a great Art Gallery or Museum. We have smaller scale Galleries. It is nice the Galleries host a Second Friday every Month. Some Months the theme is wine and Art. The local talents showcase the art and the town stays open later. 

 We only have a few weeks to enjoy th rest of summer before school in back in. Make the most of your summer vacation and I encourage you to stay closer to home this weekend. Who knows there may be a classic car show in your area. It is raining here tonight. If it were nice, I would love to be on the water in a boat with good friends and taking in the scenery. My life has changed the last few years with the sudden deaths of both my husband and my son. Sometimes you have to force yourself to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I try once a week to go for a drive around one of the many lakes in our area. I love to put in an instrumental CD and watch for the deer to be grazing in the field. There is so much beauty where I live.I try to enjoy a little of it each day.

 Have the rest of a great summer. Grilling season is in high gear. Have the neighbors over for hot dogs tonight and watch the kids play on the lawn.I hear entertaining is a lost art these days. Let’s prove the commercial wrong and enjoy your neighbors and family.  It won’t be long before the frisbee is replaced by a football practice and homework. Life is good indeed!


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A Rememberance Of My Son

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Six years ago today my son Levi

set out with some friends to float the river. By that evening both our lives were changed forever. Levi was involved in a tragic traffic accident. After five days and countless prayers later, I made the painful decision to withdraw his life support. There are no words to describe my feelings today. Some would say to let go of Levi. I had to realize people mean well in their intentions or advice, but they do not understand the struggles. People do not mean to be hurtful in the comments. Sometimes I know they do not know what to say.

everyone handles grief different. No one really ever gets over the loss The pain just eases over the years. Some friends of mine and my mom and I are going to dinner and celebrate Levi tonight. I work graveyard shift so I will keep my mind busy tonight as well.

People remember your laughter, your mischievous smile the twinkle in your eyes and your appetite for life.  If anyone has a story to share about my son,please share I would love to hear the memories you have of Levi.

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Live Your Dreams

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I have always dreamed about being a wife and a mother.

My friends and I used to describe what our house would look like when we married and had our zillion kids. Some of my friends dreamed of a white picket fence while another just wanted the knight in shining armor to take her away anywhere. What fun it was to dream when you are on the play ground in the third grade.

Some women never want to marry or have children. I could never imagine my life even with the heartaches I have gone through not ever being married or having my son. I dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with my dad walking me down the aisle. Jerry and I had planned a garden wedding in my parents backyard. Our plans almost were altered It was chilly September morning, and the Pastor was just about ready to head to the church to start-up the wood stove to keep my guests warm. The sun came out after all and it turned out be a beautiful sunny day. My  husband and I honeymooned in Canada. Jerry suffered a seizure while in Canada and had to go to the hospital for observation. We came home the next day. Great way to start a marriage I thought. Jerry and I celebrated many triumphs in our marriage One being the birth of our son Levi. I was living my dreams never knowing how much my life would change over night. I lost my husband 6 short years after we married due to complications from his disease. I  was left with the awesome responsibility to raise my young son alone. Levi and endured many hardships but we survived them all. I could not have imagined being a single parent, but here I was. Sometimes our fairy tale gets altered and we learn some valuable life lessons in the process. You never know what tomorrow might bring, don’t be afraid to dream and impossible dream. All things are possible with God. Jerry and I had a ten percent chance to get pregnant from Jerry’s disease. God had other plans for our lives. 

Some parents are fortunate to be grandparents. My husband and I envisioned a life as proud grandparents to our son Levi’s children. As it turns out, Levi never had children. My life had taken a different direction than I expected, but I am satisfied where my life has now taken me. I have so many memories of a husband and son to write about. I sometimes dream of Levi having a daughter with his eyes and laugh. I guess you don’t miss what you never had. 

I have met so many wonderful people since my first book healing in the storms had been published. It warms my heart to know the book has helped  other families  who are going through a difficult time.Time does heal your heartbreak, but the memories never fade. I thank God for this. I am living my dreams,but now I live the dreams God has for my life. Life is good indeed!

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Taking Time To Live Life, Enjoy Life, Toast Life

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I am sitting in my favorite place this morning;

I can hear the birds  singing in the trees, the squirrels playing a game with the cats; You can’t catch me before I run up the tree again. Ha says the cat just watch me… And the game is on. There is one cat Annie who waits at the bottom of the bird feeder for the squirrel to get close enough to grab.The squirel once again gets away. I is a fun neighborhood indeed.

 House-sitting here reminds me of a simple time when neighbors took time to say hello while walking their dogs, families taking an evening bike ride, older couples walking hand in hand for a evening stroll. The neighborhood was built beside the river-Beautiful well kept homes line the street. You almost feel like you are in a Norman Rockwell photo. 

Sometimes it is nice to remember a time when we weren’t all in a hurry to get somewhere. Families gathered on the lawn for dinner, playing games of tag you’re it or football. I remember growing up on our ranch, the family visiting to ride horses or take a walk in the orchard behind our house. My mom never knew how many she would have for dinner. I sometimes miss the family gatherings and the fun we had. My parents traded our ranch for a tract home in a nice neighborhood. For several years, my parents hosted sledding parties at Christmas, New Year’s eve, Mother’s day and they went camping for the summer. Holidays are quiter now since my dad passed away, my husband and son hve also passed away. I try to make holidays special for my mom and keep some tradtion alive. (I decorate her house for Christmas even if she says no) She always seems to brag how nice the house looks to her long distance friends talking to them on the phone. hmmm…..

We never know what tomoorw may bring, I hope you take the time to stop and say hello on your way or tell your loved one how much you love tham and miss them. We can miss the ways of yesterday, but we can also tuck a little peice of happiness in our lives for that rainy day.

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