Happy Thanksgiving everyone

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I set out later to my last-minute shopping than expected. The store was not so bad, as I thought the stored would have been more crowded, and crazy.  Wow, tomorrow is Thanksgiving already. Where has this year gone? Sitting here writing this post, I am reflecting on this year; For many families, this holiday season is tough. Lost loved ones, military families peace for the conflicts they face everyday.  God’s continued grace and comfort for your lives. Friends and family who could not come this year.

While sitting here, I am thinking so many blessings I have. Like you, there are too many to count. I have good health, my mom, a good job that I love, my church family who hosts a dinner Sunday before Thanksgiving. we come together and fellowship, and eat, because we have found over the years many  people have no one. This way, the community can come together and have a good meal and  fun-filled evening.

I wanted to share three things I am thankful for; I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. I could not have over come my circumstances without you. I appreciate the golden nuggets of your perspective. I make a pot of coffee, sit before the Lord and ponder what was said to me. Others often see what we do not. I keep and open mind, and sift through the conversations.  Everyone grieves differently. I will miss my husband and son at the table tomorrow, but my mom and I will have a nice dinner followed by stories of her childhood. If I could tell the youth anything, it would be enjoyed the stories because when this person is gone, so is the legacy.

I am thankful my community: So many donate, participate, and serve to help the unfortunate ones. Toms Turkey Drive helps to feed 11,000 families a complete turkey dinner. Coats for kids are another way the community comes together to help those in need.  To have a new warm coat for winter is something so many of us take for granted. Union Gospel Mission, food banks, warming shelters so people can have a warm bed, and a meal, local soup kitchens that help feed those who are lonely and feel abandoned. ( I remember one year, my local church was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. members of the congregation,went around town and picked up those found walking down the street and took them for a warm meal with great conversations). I am proud to live in a caring community not just once a year,but everyday of the year.

I am thankful for good health.  I have learned how to keep my stress under control. I had to learn how to daily deal with stress in life, my grief , concerns for the care of my aging mother, and taking good care of myself. One of my secrets is having a cup of coffee with Jesus. I started to have coffee when my husband became terminally ill. I felt a peace enter me,and I could be the wife and mother I needed to be. The same grace and peace is over me now. I choose to walk in thanksgiving instead of bitterness. I have lived a good life and  I think the one thing I am most thankful for is the I was given the privilege to be a wife and mother, even if for a little while.When my husband and I married, we thought we would grow old together, start a family,buy our first house. We envisioned a life as grandparents one day, traveling when we retired. My life was forever changed one day, but God had plans for my life. I think I am most thankful because I am still needed here now. Someone has to keep writing my moms memories, such great stories of her living next door to a movie studio, and watching Roy Rogers film his TV Show. I never get tired of hearing about my Uncle Bert.

May you be surrounded this holiday season my those you hold near and dear to your hearts. Thank you for all your loving support and reading my stories. I hope they touch your heart and you can walk away with a nugget to chew on . The turkey thinks he is pretty smart. happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family.


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Out With The Old, In With The New

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Happy New Year everyone. So many around the Country are getting ready for the grandest party of the season. Some choose wisely to stay in and watch the ball drop at midnight,while others will be in Times Square. Say a prayer for our men and woman in uniform tonight. Their families are praying they come home safe tonight.

My New Years Eve would start with church services and then a group of us would go to Denny’s and order food to be shared and visit until almost midnight.  We had anywhere from four and as many as ten join us. Fun memories of good and new friends talking over the sermon and what the New Year meant to them. This year I am working an early shift and will watch the ball drop in New York with a co-worker. This should prove interesting, since neither of us feel really good today, plus a fair amount of snow is in our forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

I remember my parents hosted the best parties. From thanksgiving until New Years day, family and friends gather at their home. Everyone would go sledding around the neighborhood being pulled by my dad in his 1946 Willie’s Jeep. Friends and cousins held on tight each other and we laughed while trying to stay on the sled. My dad loved to turn into a curve and you just missed slamming into a car on the street. but we missed them. Mom had home-made chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and hot cocoa waiting when we could not feel our finger and toes anymore. We would have a nice dinner after sledding and toast with home-made wine from uncle Howie at midnight. After I got married and we had our son, we brought Levi over to join the sledding party. Levi’s first sledding ride was fun at first until he lost a glove and put his hand down on the snow and discovered it was cold. He cried.

Funny how the years change holidays.  Most of our family and friends has moved away, my husband dad and son has passed away. I spend quiet holidays with mom now. I make us a nice salmon dinner for New Years Day. She watches the ball game on t.v., then off to bed. She told me last night,one of her favorite New Years Eve memories was getting dressed up as mob husband and wife and going to a Murder Mystery Night hosted by a dear couple and neighbor; Mom and dad by the way, were the murders. What a hoot; This mild-mannered couple. I can’t remember what the prize was,but mom has a lasting memory of a great evening with a four course dinner and game.

Another year has come and gone. 2017 is fast upon us. Idaho like many parts of the Country is preparing for another round of snow and frigid temps. Spring is around some corner right? They say the older you get, the fast time seems to fly. I can almost see myself in my Capri pants and tunic top already. Have safe and Happy New Year everyone.

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Kindness, Pass It On

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Today,being the day before the Big Thanksgiving gathering of family and friends, life at the super market,on the highway,trying to keep one step ahead of the stress, especially if we have to work today. I know for some,it is a special time of year when we get to wow the family with our scrumptious turkey and all the trimmings, but I have found(gasp) it is okay to have help in the kitchen to prepare some dishes ahead so the host can enjoy the whole day more stress free.

I know what some of you are thinking, “Is she crazy?” No I am not. I remember my parents always threw a great party ;On opening day of hunting, mom and dad might have 50 people show up Early for duck hunting. The rest of the families would come later,mom made a nice dinner for all and had a good time visiting with everyone. My brother and I kept the rest of the kids busy riding our horses(in the coral that day of course) didn’t want to get shot at in the orchard. Later when my dad was hurt on the job and retired,the family moved to Idaho where we reside today. Mom and dad were always hosting a friends and family party. The population 30 years ago was less than is it today so on snowy days, dad pulled everyone around the neighborhood in his ’46 Willies jeep while mom had home-made chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate ready for us to warm up. They hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas at their home I can remember how lively the house was with great food and good conversation.

Now most of mom’s family and friends has moved to other States, my dad and my son have passed away,so it is quieter now. I go over and make a nice meal to share with mom,and we reminisce about her riding her horse up the hill behind the Iverson Ranch movie studio in Chatsworth to watch her favorite tv show being filmed.  It does not matter if you have one guest or a house full, giving a little more grace at the grocery store,giving grace at a stop light when the light turns green, instead of taking that call,chatting a few minutes with your new neighbor, and remembering to pray for our troops this weekend and thanking God for them and our freedoms they are protecting that we can still today celebrate a holiday.

It only takes a moment to smile,say hello,extend a hand, and say a kind word to someone who may be hurting and you not even know it. It is easy to be critical with our words and sometimes especially on this hectic weekend. Let’s give the clerks some grace because you know every one of them wanted to call in sick-they have to be nice in the midst of the madness. images (2)I think Garfield had it right, It is stressful sometimes in life,but with a little planning,it can come off without a hitch. Enjoy your Holiday and God Bless you all.

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Surviving The Holiday’s after a Loss

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Last week my neighbor and I attended a candle light memorial service

in honor of my son Levi. The service was beautiful and lighting a candle in Levi’s memory was a special way to remember the fine young man he had become. My son set out one sunny sunday morning to float the river with some friends and by that evening, both our lives were changed forever. Levi died in a tragic car accident. He was only 20.

I have been asked how I can survive such a loss. The past 6 years has not been easy there are many days you don’t feel like getting out of bed. But coffee is calling your name. and after you hae 2-3 cups of coffee, you might as well get dressed and make your bed. My point is life will not get any easier, but time does heal the wounds. You will never forget your loved ones, the memories live on in your heart  We keep them alive when we remember the fun times  we had while they were young  and remember the times when you wanted to string them up by their toes.

I set aside time each day for a good cry It may be 10 minutes or 2 hours. It is important not to let emotions build up inside. I remember watching my son out the window sledding down a small hill across the street. My neighbor who was kind enough to attend Levi’s service used to sled down the same hill with Levi. pretty soon, the neighborhood would join in until dinner. The sweet memories bring tears to my eyes.

I have found it was okay to be happy again. I don’t have to feel guilty about it. If I felt sad one day as the holiday draws near, it is only an emotion. I have heard over the years when I cried, is that what Levi would have wanted? Well, I tell them he is not here anymore to ask.I know people mean well, but it is part of the grieving process. 

It is okay not to keep all the family traditions this year. You can pick the ones you want to celebrate. You may not feel like a hectic holiday this year. I feel it is important not to put too much  pressure on yourself. I do what I can, the rest I let go of. I have heard some families make the child’s favorite dish at Christmas. They will say what the dish is and who is was for and pass the dish around the table. This is fine, but then I heard you don’t speak about the child after that. Everyone is different and moun different. I get nachos for Levi’s birthday every year  to celebrate him. It is a way for me to feel close to Levi even if he is not here to share the food with me. I remember when we used to sit at the table and eat our lunch together. What a special blessing I have to remember some of the good times we shared.

This holiday may you be surrounded by friends and family you love and hold dear, may you have safe travels wherever the day takes you and may you have a sweet reminder that God holds you near and dear to His heart as well. Life is good indeed!


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2013 Is Getting Off To A Productive start For Me

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I cannot believe we are in 2013 already. Where has 2012 gone? They say the older you get time flies by more quickly. I anticipate a good year. I have heard 13 is the baker’s dozen so we should have plenty. Time will tell…

The end of the world did not take place on New Year’s Eve nor did an asteroid destroy out planet as predicted. We have not rotated off our axis and the world will keep going around. I was saddened at the thought so many were living in fear for the end of the world.There were so many people who contemplated committing suicide to escape the world’s end. 

May we start this new year off living with more joy, more peace, less complaining and more appeciation for the things we do have in our lives. I know there are some that nothing can make them happy, but there are some who has lost everything form a natural disaster, illness, job loss, bad choices etc.

I live each day with a thankful heart. I have endured many hardships and difficulties in my life, but God has walked with me through all the struggles I have faced. I am thankful for the time God allowed me to be a mother. I have so many fond memories of raising the son I love and miss so dearly. Levi was lost in a tragic car accident in July 2007. he was only 20. As I reflect back on his life, I remember a son so full of life, his laughter, his mischeivious smile,and his generous heart. We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us, live each day with thankfulness for what you have been given. 

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Festival light show

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It started out as a few lights for christmas,

The Couer d A’lene light show, and christmas tree lighting ceremony launches the weekend festivities Thanksgiving weekend. The festivities start with the christmas tree lighting ceremony Santa parade and fireworks display . There is a horse-drawn carriage rides,The Kootenai health festival of trees. Each year, the Festival hosts a silent auction with many gift baskets to win. I counted 32 beautifully decorated trees this year. The Festival of trees benefited The Neonatal Care Unit. Each Christmas tree has no less than 15,00 lights.  Included in the weekend activities are, a silent auction,The Senior social, fashion show luncheon and of course,pictures with the one and only santa!

What  great way to start the Christmas holiday in North Idaho. if you have not taken the boat ride to see Santa’s workshop, it is worth every minute of the chilly outside temperatures. Hagadone hospitality has one of the biggest light displays in the Country. Truly a spectacular sight. I have lived here for 30 years and I can say what a wonderful way to spend thanksgiving weekend. Little elves start decorating the city in October. 

I remember my husband and I taking our son to see  Santa the resort when Levi was young. The holiday displays were inside the Hotel then. We would look at the displays, sit in the restaurant sipping cocoa before heading home. I treasure this memory of a wonderful afternoon each year.

I  became a young widow raising my young son after Levi’s dad, my husband died from complications from his diabetes. Every year, I took Levi to see Santa and look at the beautiful displays. I am blessed to have these cherished memories to remind me of how special Christmas can be. My life was changed again when I lost Levi to a car accident in July 2007. he was only 20. I attended the Festival of trees this year with a special family. I watched my friend’s son sing in the choir. It brought back great memories. I look forward to what this christmas holiday has in store for me. each year I give 3 toys to Toys for Tots in honor of my son Levi. I realized the deaths of both my husband and my son, did not mean the death of me as well. Life has been hard, but it has also been good.

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Thanksgiving Eve

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It is Thanksgiving Eve,

with so much anticipation at what tomorrow may bring. Football games out on the lawn, turkey, yams, stuffing  galore, and don’t forget the home-made apple pie. I think the picture of Garfield says it all. 

There are so many making the most of the holidays this season.The Survivors of frankenstorm and the storms fury made us to remember how fragile life is and it can be changed in the blink of an eye. Let us always remember our troops and their sacrifice to our great nation for the freedoms we enjoy everyday. Many family traditions have changed with the loss of a job, the economy, loosing their family home, sons and daughters over seas. Being thankful is a choice you make. 

My life was forever changed when my husband died from complications from diabetes. I was left to raise my young son alone. My son and I had many hardships and difficulties we both survived them all. When my husband died, I started new traditions with my son Levi. My parents hosted a thanksgiving dinner party every year. Family and friends came to feast, and enjoy one another’s company. I can remember the lively conversations at the dinner table over a current event.After dinner sledding follows desert.  Good wine, good food, good time had by all.

My family’s life was changed again with the death of my dad 10 years ago. My teenage son took his grandpa’s death hard. Friends invited my mom, my son and I to celebrate thanksgiving with them. I am thankful for great friends who helped my family through this tough time.

My son Levi set off with some friends to float the river July 2007, by that evening both our lives were changed forever. Levi was involved in a car accident. After five-days and countless prayers, Levi died from his injuries. He was only 20. There are no words to describe the many defining events in my life. God has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life.

 I know my mom is disappointed my twin brother and his family is unable to come this year. Her neighbor has invited both my mom and I to their home for dinner tomorrow. I am thankful mom will get dressed and enjoy her afternoon instead of just reading a book.

I believe life is what you make it. You can complain and be miserable or you can choose happiness. Everyday is a new day for me. I realized the deaths of both my husband and son did not mean the death of me as well. I could be bitter and blamed God I chose instead to trust God. I am healing more everyday. 

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Hi Everyone

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Hi,hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday.I spent mine starting with Church, and then with mom and her friend for dinner.

An update,”Healing In The Storms” is available through Hasting’s Bookstore.it is very exciting to be included in the store.

I will be having a Booksigning at Hasting’s on May14,2011 from 1-4 P.M. I hope you will come and say hi for a few minutes. I would love to see your smiling faces that saturday.

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