Fun Times Ahead

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Last week I noticed the house behind me was getting painted. It has been empty since the last homeowners just left the house, furniture and all. The home was a nice split level with a decent paint color, the roof started to leak and was patched, I am afraid one more good wind will blow over the Birch tree in the back yard. Looking at the house now, reminded me of how when life throws us a curve ball, it is how we handle the grief that keeps us carrying on.

So many people are going through tough times,children going off to college, for some, the child is now a Senior in school. This can be a scary time for parents; The are not ready to let the bird fly out of the nest. So many parents have sons and daughters out on the front lines defending our still Great nation. I can not imagine the pain they must be dealing with…not knowing. Some families have suffered set backs from a prolonged illness, others, are getting ready to retire this year. 

I still have three more years before I can retire. I plan to travel to the places my husband and I dreamed about when we were first married. We talked into the night on where we shall go when we are empty nesters of leisure. We were going to buy a motor home like my parents bought and leave for the coast for a few days.  I know my parents had many enjoyable vacations just the two of them after they moved to North Idaho. I remember getting a phone call from my dad one morning -something about they never had a key made for the house, could I come let them in. I am glad my parents had a fun empty nest life.Everyone came to my parents house for holiday parties.

 I remember getting my son up early,to go fishing ,they brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat on the dock, and having a fish fry in Grandpas back yard. The family used to gather at our favorite camping spot right on the lake; Several families came for four days of of fishing, boating, jet skiing, and roasting marshmallows over the camp fire at night. Mom and dad had good friends who loved the outdoors as much as they did. My dad wads famous for my son and I to get in the motor home and maybe ending up at the ten Thousand Dollar Bar in Montana for say dinner. 

They say we are given one life to live. I believe we should live life to the fullest and keep dreaming and making your dreams come true. Some folks in the Golden years plan on adding on to the already forever home they bought several years ago. they plan on investing in a home they can share with family and friends. Instead of traveling to a favorite vacation destination this year, they are bringing the vacation home. Many families are upgrading the back yard into a retreat. Adding a fire pit to set around, a water feature maybe or a outdoor kitchen. With the cost of traveling, airline fares, hotel costs, it just makes sense to stay home and enjoy your own taste of paradise. 


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Garden MakeOver

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I tease often that I am becoming a reformed black thumb gardener. By mid summer, my grass and plants are threatening to move to a new house, one with some garden savvy to live out the plant days in comfort and colorful bliss. I cannot help it, I water, dead head, prune, fertilize and yes, water. I would love to have a Home and Garden backyard worthy of an Annual Garden Tour, if I had the time to invest in a beautiful backyard. It is sad when I, yes I, can actually kill a harmless geranium. 

This year, I have a secret weapon. His name is Nigel. I am trusting we can get my yard looking nice again. I don’t want a secret garden, just one I can enjoy after a hard days work. Give the birds their own space to come and eat and drink under my pine tree. I see hummingbirds fluttering looking for a spot to drink, butterflies flutter around my yard looking for a perfect spot to land. I have such potential for a critter friendly place to visit often.  I can just hear some awesome gardeners thinking’ I would love to get my hands on her yards. I can work my magic.” Or you can give my some helpful hints to make my yard more inviting. 

When my husband and I bought our home thirty years ago, we lived on a pot holed dirt road, with five homes on the block. This was a fairly new development, with three floor plans. My house was pretty much turn-key. Jerry and I did  not have too much on a wish list, a place for our soon to come son, a bedroom for us and maybe an office. We have a spacious backyard(too spacious) but we never figured out how to fill the yard in with trees. You also know helpful relatives. They couldn’t figure out why we did not plant at least one tree in our backyard why it would be a twenty footer by now. Non of these advice giving folks ever offered to help beautify the sanctuary. I laugh now because my yard is nice,but I know it could look more pulled together.

I have a good friend that lives by the river I tease her about how her  house could be on a Garden Tour. She gets compliments everyday. She laughs because most of the beautiful plants everyone is raving about are weeds that reseed every year.  A funny story about her. She is a Flight Attendant: She left on a trip one morning, four days later when she returned home, her mother(they built the house together and resides together) her mom had the Junipers pulled in front of the grand wrap around porch. She told her daughter” they were too big and this way we have more room to plant nice flowers.” My friend laughs when she tells me the story because what could she do about it. As most of the gardeners know a nice yard takes a lot of work to keep up. I was amazed to find out she works nine hours pulling weeds, clipping, plating new flowers and mowing the yard just to keep it looking nice. It is easy to be envious of someone when they have the energy and the green thumb to have a nice place.

I had to realize I was a single parent who provided a loving home; I did not have the time or  the finances to keep updating my yard. A few plants here and there were fine, but I know people who spends hundreds of dollars every summer. I love the term a work in progress- The home looks like Better Homes just visited and their yard is being featured in next Months issue. But for now, I will take out a crowed shrub,put in a container garden in front(word to those thinking about a metal roof. Good investment, make sure your plans are in containers because the snow will bury them. I found this out this last winter. I think with all the commercials coming out now about making your own retreat is intimidating. You one need to have the cash flow, and two, someone willing to come help you build your grilling area, don’t forget the fire pit, and your relaxing oasis area. Stay cations are getting more  popular now. If you spend this much on a yard, why go to a five-star hotel when you have just created one. Sounds like a plan to me.

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