It’s A New Day

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Today is a new day. I don’t know about you, but I am going to try and live each day to the fullest.

last night, I finally took down my Christmas decorations and after putting them away I realized I was not wanting to look to the future right now. With all the chaos still going on, the new president, lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing it feels like we are on 2020 overflow. I decided there is so much I cannot do anything about so I will make the best of what I can everyday.

I have always been one who finds the beauty in each new day. I turned my son’s old bedroom into my dressing room after he moved out. I didn’t know my life would change forever when he died in a tragic car accident the next year. I put his life in pictures on the wall to remember the fun times and laughter he brought to my life. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become. The holidays are the hardest for me as I do not always feel like decorating the house but I know after I am done it is like he winks down from heaven to say ‘nice job mom’.

Life feels different right now. I know with the pandemic and lockdowns it is different. People have a different attitude about life and moving forward into this year. We do not know what to expect, we wonder what the new normal is going to look like, many worry if they will be able to enjoy sports in the arena like a real game again, the theatre and art galleries, shopping, going to the movies and not streaming, getting together with friends and family again. So much is unknown and yet we are trying our best to carve out a normal today. There is only so much foo’s ball one can play with the kids. In warmer climates, families can at least get out and garden or swim in the pool.

 Some families turned the backyard into a resort retreat. Before the pandemic hit, they renovated the backyard to include a outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, firepit to gather around with friends and family.  Kids were busy with sports and practice, parents work schedules, vacations were getting harder to plan. It is easy to transform a master bedroom into a tranquil retreat new bedding and pillows, the family room gets a makeover with a new rug and decorative pillows, plants do the trick in the walkway leading to the front door. Painting a room can inspire a vacationing look, Online shopping is at an all time high to refresh the home. Home Chef and other meal kits have made it easier than ever to stay safe and get quality meals the whole family can help make.

Our lives look a little different right now, but we will get through this, and in the end, appreciate what we have and who we have around us. Find the beauty in each new day, take the time to smell the roses, and let your loved ones know how much you love them.

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We Are Surviving Together

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I remember a year before my mom fell and fractured her hip and needed surgery, I would go over to her home, have dinner with her and then we would retire into the living room with our cup of coffee and visit. We talked about the good old days when she lived in Chatsworth next door to the famous stagecoach Inn. many movies were filmed in this particular house. My mom told me she used to go over and play in the then abandoned house. My mom told me she never thought of taking one prop that was left in the house used for a movie. She pretended to be a starlet and comb her hair with the brush left on the dresser.

My grandmother had a huge vegetable garden and raised chickens. My grandparents had the one-bedroom house that five lived in, and all the family came over to her house for Sunday dinner every week. Mom remembers helping her Uncle Bert chase a chicken and kill it for dinner that evening. My grandmother for the life of her could never figure out why everyone came to her house instead of a relative with more room. My granddad was a tile setter by trade. He tiled all the beautiful homes in Beverly Hills in the 1930s and 1940s. Sometimes I am sad to see all the old beautiful mansions being torn down to build newer more modern properties. I would have loved to have some of the old tile torn out of the former glory home. It is interesting the perspective of one generation from another.

I have been surviving like the rest of the world through this pandemic. Times were different when my mom grew up. you had air raids so you couldn’t light a fire in the fireplace or the enemy planes would shoot at your house, families drew together because there wasn’t much food my mom told me. My mom lived in that one-bedroom house until she was married to my dad at age 21. Then my grandparents moved closer to family. families stuck together and took care of each other like they are now. Mom didn’t have the technology kids have today, they took care of the animals, tended the garden, prepared the chickens for Sunday dinner, but they seemed happy.

When I look back on this time, I know I did what was needed to stay safe. My lifestyle really never changed that much. I enjoy being at home, I make sure I have groceries for a couple weeks, good books to read or a good movie to watch, I blog twice a week, I took this time and caught up on early spring cleaning, visited a few free Library houses, took walks around the block for some fresh air and just took some extra time to smell the roses and appreciate all that I have. I live a simple life and enjoy the little pleasures like taking a drive in an exclusive neighborhood with a fresh cup of coffee looking at the beautiful homes and the landscaping. The golfers who were enjoying the sunshine today before the big storm this afternoon.

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Wrapping Presents 101 for Cat Owners

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Taking Time To Live Life, Enjoy Life, Toast Life

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I am sitting in my favorite place this morning;

I can hear the birds  singing in the trees, the squirrels playing a game with the cats; You can’t catch me before I run up the tree again. Ha says the cat just watch me… And the game is on. There is one cat Annie who waits at the bottom of the bird feeder for the squirrel to get close enough to grab.The squirel once again gets away. I is a fun neighborhood indeed.

 House-sitting here reminds me of a simple time when neighbors took time to say hello while walking their dogs, families taking an evening bike ride, older couples walking hand in hand for a evening stroll. The neighborhood was built beside the river-Beautiful well kept homes line the street. You almost feel like you are in a Norman Rockwell photo. 

Sometimes it is nice to remember a time when we weren’t all in a hurry to get somewhere. Families gathered on the lawn for dinner, playing games of tag you’re it or football. I remember growing up on our ranch, the family visiting to ride horses or take a walk in the orchard behind our house. My mom never knew how many she would have for dinner. I sometimes miss the family gatherings and the fun we had. My parents traded our ranch for a tract home in a nice neighborhood. For several years, my parents hosted sledding parties at Christmas, New Year’s eve, Mother’s day and they went camping for the summer. Holidays are quiter now since my dad passed away, my husband and son hve also passed away. I try to make holidays special for my mom and keep some tradtion alive. (I decorate her house for Christmas even if she says no) She always seems to brag how nice the house looks to her long distance friends talking to them on the phone. hmmm…..

We never know what tomoorw may bring, I hope you take the time to stop and say hello on your way or tell your loved one how much you love tham and miss them. We can miss the ways of yesterday, but we can also tuck a little peice of happiness in our lives for that rainy day.

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Becoming a Man Of His Word

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I taught my son Levi to be a man of his word. When my son was six years old he learned a valuable lesson. his grandpa invited him to go fishing with him, but Levi’s friend invited him to go to McDonald’s with him instead. I told Levi he would hurt his grandpa’s feelings if he chose to go with his friend instead. Levi had a good fishing trip with his grandpa. My son and his grandpa were best buddies. They had many more fishing trips, camping trips with grandma and grandpa going to the hot springs in Montana. I really appreciated the break when my son could go on a fun adventure with his two favorite people in his life. When Levi became a teen, he helped his grandma with his grandpa when he became terminally ill.


I became a single parent when my husband, Levi’s father died from complications from his diabetes.  I was given the awesome responsibility to raise my young son alone. I became mother, father and sole provider for my family of two now. Single parenthood presented many challenges and difficulties. Levi and I survived them all. I raised Levi from childhood through his teens. Levi was quite the artist. I have many of his drawings in my bible and hanging in my bedroom wall. When his grandpa died, Levi drew an awesome picture as a tribute to his best friend. We don’t realize our words are heard and all the hard work we poured into their lives, comes back in blessing to us as parents. The one comment I will always treasure from my son is ‘you were always there for me and you never gave up on me thank you mom. I love you.’ I treasure these words more than ever now. My son was lost in a tragic car accident in July 2007. he was only 20.

Some people still ask me today if I get angry at God because I will never be a grandmother to Levi’s children or watch Levi get married.  The thought does cross my mind sometimes when I see grandparents taking their grandchildren to the park or walking the dog. But I am not angry at God,  feeling like He took this away from me. God has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life. I am thankful I was given priveledge to raise this fine young man.  I would not trade all the struggles and challenges I had to face as a single mother to my son. The greatest gift of all is be called mom or dad.

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Happiness Is A Choice

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I was having a rotten day.

What made the day worse was my equally bad attitude. I was reading through some of the FB posts and saw this little simple arrow piercing through the heart sentence. ‘You cannot control what happens to you but you can control your attitude towards what happens  to you’. This simple, well put sentence was all I needed to read. My attitude towards the situation was not helping me to move forward towards a solution to my conflict. If you think about it we are humorous when we get mad. We have so many things we will do if… How do you know if will come? 

I have found happiness is a choice we have to make. We may find ourselves in an unexpected circumstance and I know it is hard to be happy sometimes. So many have asked me how could I keep living with the positive attitude I have when I lost both my husband and my son. I have a strong faith and a strong family and friends support. I have two young adults who live next door that have continued to call me mom. (They still do not know how much it means to be called mom again). I have had fiends ask me if I am mad at God because I never was given the opportunity to be a grandma or a mother-in-law. My answer is no I am not angry because God has been so faithful to me. I had the awesome responsibility to raise my young son alone after my husband died from complications from his diabetes. Levi and I had many difficulties and hardships but we survived them all.   I am proud of the fine young man Levi, my son had become. This accomplishment was bitter-sweet for me. My life was again forever changed when my son died in a tragic car accident in July 2007. He was only 20. I could be a lemon taster, but where would this get me? I realized the deaths of both my husband and my son, did not mean the death of me as well. I still have a lot of life yet to live.

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Christmas Eve Morning Snow

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I woke up this morning

to another round of snow. Snow just makes it feel more like Christmas to me. I  am reminded of all the Christmas past sledding parties my parents would host. My dad owned a 1946 Willies Jeep he would pull friends and family around his neighborhood. Mom had hot cocoa waiting for us to warm up when we couldn’t feel fingers and toes. My husband and I celebrated many Christmas Eves with sledding parties. When our son Levi was born , we couldn’t wait until he too could go on his first sled ride.When Levi turned one, we put him on our sled he loved the snow until he pulled off a one of his gloves and picked up some snow. He cried. Levi’s daddy hugged Levi and told him he was okay and put  Levi on the sled with him,  Levi was laughing. I treasure these special memories. Today, I will spend christmas eve with my mom. My husband died from complications from his diabetes when our son Levi was four years old. My dad died from his disease in 2002. my son Levi took his grandpa’s death hard. Levi moved out of my house to take care of his grandma when his grandpa died. My son Levi was involved in a fatal traffic accident in July 2007. He was only 20. Families lives can be forever changed in a moment. My christmas prayer today would be to put your differences aside for one day. The person you feel obligated to Have to invite, may not be here next year.

One of my fondest memories of christmas eve is my son Levi and his neighbor would go outside all day and build a snow tunnel connecting both yards. I can still hear both kids laughing, planning on how to start the tunnel, and don’t block my mom and dad’s front door. I would call the both kids in for lunch to let them warm up, then back to building again. 

I would not trade my memories for anything. I was given the awesome responsibility of raising my young son alone after my husband, Levi’s dad died. Levi and I endured many hardships and difficulties, but with God’s guidance, we survived them all. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become. yesterday I had coffee and a desert with a good friend of mine. I needed to hear her words of wisdom for my life. She told me she struggles also, but we need to live in the moment. Don’t look to the future or look behind. The sun was out so we sat in her kitchen letting the warm sun hit us the sun felt good. She told me enjoy the sunshine for it might not be here to long and we are enjoying a good cup of coffee. She is right, we can get wrapped up in ourselves or our circumstances, that we don’t appreciate what is around us. May you have a Very Merry Christmas Eve.

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Wrapping Presents 101 for Cat Owners

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A Christmas Memory

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Levi Degon0037





I have just finished watching


Christmas episode of a HGTV show “Decorating Cents”. The show treated a special family to a holiday make over for two rooms in the house. A loving and heart-broken dad, two young sons and a family dog named Winnie, lost their mom to cancer 6 months earlier. The show transformed this family’s home into a winter wonderland. I was impressed at how much of the boy’s mom was incorporated into the over all design. My favorite piece was the huge photos of both boys with a snow hat and scarf around the head with just the eyes exposed.

The program brought back a memory of my own. March 2007, a dear friend of mine came over to help me update my bedroom.My friend owned a B&B in Ireland . I told her that I have not updated my bedroom I shared with my husband before he had passed away several years earlier. My dear friend Katherine helped me to transformed my   bedroom  into a B&B bedroom.  friend also helped me to re-decorate my son Levi’s  old room into my dressing room. Levi had already moved out to help his grandma when his grandpa passed away. I appreciate the rooms being freshened up for me. My life was forever changed one sunny summer morning. My son Levi died in a tragic car accident in July 2007.  He was only 20. I love to get dressed in my dressing room. I have so many memories of the son I love and miss dearly. 


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Festival light show

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It started out as a few lights for christmas,

The Couer d A’lene light show, and christmas tree lighting ceremony launches the weekend festivities Thanksgiving weekend. The festivities start with the christmas tree lighting ceremony Santa parade and fireworks display . There is a horse-drawn carriage rides,The Kootenai health festival of trees. Each year, the Festival hosts a silent auction with many gift baskets to win. I counted 32 beautifully decorated trees this year. The Festival of trees benefited The Neonatal Care Unit. Each Christmas tree has no less than 15,00 lights.  Included in the weekend activities are, a silent auction,The Senior social, fashion show luncheon and of course,pictures with the one and only santa!

What  great way to start the Christmas holiday in North Idaho. if you have not taken the boat ride to see Santa’s workshop, it is worth every minute of the chilly outside temperatures. Hagadone hospitality has one of the biggest light displays in the Country. Truly a spectacular sight. I have lived here for 30 years and I can say what a wonderful way to spend thanksgiving weekend. Little elves start decorating the city in October. 

I remember my husband and I taking our son to see  Santa the resort when Levi was young. The holiday displays were inside the Hotel then. We would look at the displays, sit in the restaurant sipping cocoa before heading home. I treasure this memory of a wonderful afternoon each year.

I  became a young widow raising my young son after Levi’s dad, my husband died from complications from his diabetes. Every year, I took Levi to see Santa and look at the beautiful displays. I am blessed to have these cherished memories to remind me of how special Christmas can be. My life was changed again when I lost Levi to a car accident in July 2007. he was only 20. I attended the Festival of trees this year with a special family. I watched my friend’s son sing in the choir. It brought back great memories. I look forward to what this christmas holiday has in store for me. each year I give 3 toys to Toys for Tots in honor of my son Levi. I realized the deaths of both my husband and my son, did not mean the death of me as well. Life has been hard, but it has also been good.

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