Enjoying The Afternoon

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I cannot believe that it is May already. they say the olde you are, time seems to fly by. I woke up this morning to what looked like another cloudy, cold day. I was pleased to see the sun shining by mid-morning so I could enjoy the afternoon. One of my favorite activities is a day drive. 

Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I had planned to go to a resort town not far from my home town. My friend had to leave earlier than expected, so instead, I weeded my front flower bed; it needed to be cleaned out and ready for succulents to be planted in my urns and bird bath. So I guess my day was well spent anyway. I needed to get to my weed and get my flowers bought before the heat arrives. 

This morning after feeding my mom her lunch, I decided to head out and go around one of the many lakes in the area. We have mountains and forests overlooking lakes or the perfect view for a home. I am fortunate to in a cove that looks out over the vacation home off the river. One of my favorite drives in only twenty minutes from my home. The area is rural with quail, deer, moose sightings and turkeys walk in a straight line along the roadway.  My family used to go to the campground with friends and spend the week with my son camping, fishing, and boating. Friends would come from Oregon to celebrate a holiday or birthday camping. 

The older I get, the more I am starting to enjoy four season living. I call myself semi-retired because I work a thirty hour week now and can now spend time pursuing hobbies I did not think I would enjoy. The last couple of years, friends have come and helped e paint my house, put on a metal roof and update my old furnace. This spring, it is time to take down Levi’s tree planted for my late son. For some reason, it just died this last fall. I decided to plant two shade trees in my backyard and extend my patio and add a patio cover for a basic elegant backyard. I have no desire for a fire pit, outdoor grilling kitchen waterfall, or an outdoor fireplace so I will opt for a basic elegant backyard instead. I  do not have a bucket list of things to accomplish before I die. Sometimes, I think it is a nice way to get together with older friends and see the Grand Canyon or go on that special trip you and your honey planned all those years ago and life got in the way. The only thing I want to do this summer is taking the seaplane tour because we have a beautiful mansion on the tour. I noticed three years ago that the plane soared over my backyard. I thought about actually tidying up the place more and then taking the tour and being proud of my house from the air. I know, I am funny, but it gave me something to look forward to this year and then I can sit back and enjoy my newly designed oasis.


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Siblings Day

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Let’s see if I can get myself into trouble on National Siblings Day. My twin who shall remain nameless does not like his name, picture or anything of the sort told about him. I think I have one of the best twin brothers one could have. We got along pretty well growing up, living on a ranch five miles from town. We had each other to play with until one of us wore out his/ her welcome then we found another activity to do alone.

twins will tell you how many minutes apart they are-some twins will go so far as to say for seven minutes, they had it made. I always hated when people talked about ‘the twin thing.’ If something went wrong with my brothers truck, I better watch out because the same fate awaited me as well. When we entered school, we were put in separate classes so we could both learn at our own pace and not be compared as it was, we never had one class together.  We both held different interests, mine was nursing and His was art.

I would not have traded being a twin for the world. Even though we are not as close today as we once were, we still both talk about growing up on the ranch and our 4-H days and teaching our lambs to walk around our circular driveway on a leash. I got a big kick out my friends and a cousin of mine. they envied my brother and I getting to care for all the animals until they found out lambs, chickens, horses,cows do not care if it is Saturday, they still want to eat a six a.m. whether you are awake or not. My friends decided to stay in the town and play with friends instead.

So much has changed since we were young. We both were married, had one child each and tried to live the ‘happily ever after life so many dream of’. After six short years of wedded bliss, my husband died from complications of diabetes, a few years later, we lost our son Levi to a tragic car accident. He was only 20. My brother has a wife and a beautiful and successful 25-year-old daughter. Both my son and my brothers daughter were in a music video. Both my brother and I are proud parents.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball, it is easy to become a lemon taster and be bitter and angry with your circumstance, instead of becoming bitter and angry, I chose to trust God. He has gotten me through some of the darkest days of my life, everyday I heal more and have wonderful memories of my life I can share with you to maybe somehow help someone who is hurting.

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My Son Re-Paints His Bedroom

March 16, 2016 at 8:04 pm (Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Single Parent) (, , , )



March is Memoir Madness Month.

My story is about when my son Levi painted his bedroom while I was working.

When Levi was 15, he and a friend re-painted his bedroom. his bedroom was already recently painted blue; Something about he was tired of the color.Those sudden teenage impulses.He bought with his own money, the most hideous green paint you have ever seen in your life. (It wasn’t the color olive.) He had streaks in the paint job because he didn’t know how to paint that well;The room looked a mess. He thought I would be mad at him. I told him he had to live with it (Yuck).

He begged me a year later to re-paint his bedroom. I told him when he earned the money, he could have the room re-painted himself; It never got painted. He decided to go with the Military themed room instead.  He was creative I must say. He put up netting on the ceiling, he put his bed in the closet, he seemed happier in his bedroom and was  adjusting his choice of color. I bought him rope lights to put in between the netting. It looked pretty good.

This life lesson happened 15 years ago. The bedroom did get re-painted a couple of months after my son died in a tragic car accident. He was only 20. I am glad I have this fun memory to share with you as many parents have or will have this battle with a child. I turned Levi’s old bedroom into my dressing when he moved out. I have a pretty place to get dressed in the morning and out my pajamas on at night. Life really is good even in the difficult times, we do keep moving forward.

excerpt of ‘Healing in the storms’.


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