A Change in Plans

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When I was a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a Paramedic. The hit TV show Emergency  was a big help for many deciding a career choice. I was heartbroken there is a height and weight qualification. One day, a teacher told me about a new program being started at school. It was a technical school designed for students who needed special training but not necessarily college classes. One of the classes being offered was for Nursing.

I can not tell you how grateful I still am today for the teacher inviting me to an after school field trip to visit the school. there are so many aspects in the health care field many do not understand how important it is to get quality employees to help care for the growing needs.  Mental health is a growing problem in our nation. It is surprising the number of individuals under 18 years are being treated for this illness. Johnny gets mad at Timmy at school and decides to bring a nifty knife to school the next day to scare Timmy. Now schools want to arm the teachers to defend the students. Where will this all end?

I remember in my early twenties, before I was married to the love of my life, I had the best job. I worked in a Company that trained young men and woman who were disabled. We were a cleaning crew, who worked hard and had a fun evening. Some of the conversations were hilarious. I enjoyed helping my new friends with daily tasks, seeing them light up after learning a new job. I worked with my co-workers until my husband became terminally ill. I took a break for a few years raising my young son alone after my husband passed away. I had hoped one day, I could get another job in this field of work. Sometimes I will get out for the morning, doing a few errands and decide to go out for lunch. It is fun to enter a fast foods place and see a few of my old friends eating.

Five years ago, I was looking to change jobs. A friend of mine told me about a job in a group home setting. I applied for the job, went to the interview. I was pleasantly surprised to see two of my old friends I had worked with just a few years earlier on the janitorial crew. Seeing C brought back memories of when my old boss asked me if I would ride with her to take a couple of clients home. After visiting a group home (some people are late getting ready for work) I was able to talk to the house manager. I always wanted a job working with the clients and helping them in their day-to-day life. Five years ago, my secret prayer was answered. It was fun working with some familiar faces, and they were happy to see me in the evening before bed. They say the job is not for everyone and the saying is true. It does take someone special to care for the ever-changing needs the young men and women require. I am one who can say I love my job, I enjoy and get along with my co-workers and I have a great boss.

I am pleased to know that Nursing is still a career still offered in technical schools. there is a growing need to qualified people who want a rewarding career. From my crush on an actor, to I am happy with where my life has taken me. I think both my husband and my son smile down from heaven and are cheering me on everyday. When life threw me a curve ball, I learned how catch the ball and pass it on to someone else who needed a kind word or a shoulder to cry on. I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends who has been a help to me. I chose not to become bitter and angry at God after the deaths of both my husband and my son. I chose instead to trust Him. It has kept me grounded in what is important in my life. I take time and smell the roses and  enjoy the life living in my small town with so many wonderful familiar faces.


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A Special Day

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This afternoon, I am setting here staring at my computer screen with a blank stare. Many bloggers have had the same feeling what to write about today. Most of the time, I usually have a million ideas floating around in my head and all I have to do is pick one to write about not today. I was preoccupied with buying dinner preparations for my mom to help her celebrate her anniversary. Mom and dad would have been married 59 years. I am reminded of the time when dad wanted to take my mom out to a nice seafood dinner the only problem was, the roads were closed due to a severe snow storm that morning. Mom and dad returned home and settled in for a dinner of soup and a sandwich with plans to try again when the weather turned warmer.

Some of my friends and family were sharing stories of my parents as I called them today. My family lived on a ranch in Southern california. One of our horses, april was having a difficult time birthing her foal. We had a line of cars taking pictures of April as Nugget finally made his debut into the world. Another time, (while my brother and I were at school) our calf was being butchered. People were taking pictures of our poor calf in his final moments. Living on a hair pin turn, my dad and brother were always replacing our fence when accidents happened. Maybe this is why I went into health care.

Mom and dad were part of our 4-H Club. Dad was the rabbit leader. We lived in a single story mansion. Our living room was large enough for a slate pool table. Mom put a sheet on the pool table, so dad could teach us how to show our rabbits for the fair. My brother and I also were involved the sheep and horse projects. You raise a little helpless lamb to get ready for the fair and market. Many of my friends from school were envious I could ride my horse after school or play with the new bunny rabbits. I had a good childhood, I learned responsiblity, sportsmanship, and a few blur ribbons for our hard work as a reward. Mom and dad decided not to be  rabbit leaders when my brother and I entered High school. We both had jobs and dad was hurt on his job.

I think my parents had a good time in retirement after moving to Idaho. My dad was hurt on the job and needed to move to a drier climate. They bought the forever home sight unseen. Well, they fell in love with thier new home. My bother and I were used to spacious bedrooms- our rooms were not spacious. I went from a medium sized bedroom to I think it was the sewing room. Jeff hasd a slightly bigger room. After I got used to my cubby hole, I enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me. Dad had fun riding around the neighborhood in his 1946 Willie’s Jeep. Snowy days, family and friends were pulled around the neighborhood behind the jeep. When we couldn’t feel our fingers and toes anymore, mom had hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies waiting to warm us up. I had some great conversations today honoring my parents. 

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Life At The Beach

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My family moved to the Northwest in the early 1980’s. They wanted a change from the rat race as they called it in Southern california. My Aunt traded a quaint little ranch home for a split level home to share with my beautiful grandmother. The family painted a pretty picture of life in a small town.

My family consisted of a mom and dad and twins Jeff and I grew up on a ranch on the outskirts of town. we raised chickens, rabbits, had horses, goats, a pig, a cow named babe (yep), and sheep for our 4-H project. Every weekend it seemed like family came to our house for hunting,horse back riding in the orchard behind our house or for a ride in my dads 1946 Willies Jeep. I must say my childhood was unforgettable Many of my friends were envious of my brother and I. Of course, they did not partake of the endless chore list that comes with raising animals.  Not many classmates would relish getting up early on Saturday no less, just to feed your animals. I still laugh today at the precious memory.

My dad was hurt on his job before I entered high school. He was retired the following year. I think mom was tired of working and wanted to retire with my dad. They started to take longer trips looking for another house to buy. My brother and I thought it was great to get to stay home and house sit the trouble was got into being tweens. My best friend stayed at the house one trip-she was thrilled to get away from her mother for two whole weeks. Jeff and I never threw wild parties or were disrespectful to the responsibility given to us. This was our first taste of being on our own. To say the least, we were very boring… we both worked our jobs, fed the animals, rode our horses, and the three of us appreciated our first taste of  home ownership without the bills. I remember being in the kitchen cooking dinner together, then sitting in the huge living room for an evening watching television.

I have to say, I left a very nice, cozy, spacious,bedroom in California. When I saw my new bedroom,the size of a sewing room, I was ready to move back to the old house. I discovered as my brother did my parents traded our very large and comfortable ranch house much smaller split level. They bought the house sight unseen-my Uncle found it for them. My dad was on a walker at the time and wonder how he was going to climb stairs both upstairs and downstairs. I was taken by the beauty of my new small town. So many mountains behind your home, rivers, lakes and streams for fishing,recreation boating. I was surprised at our beach(not waves crashing on the shore) more like little ripples from passing boaters.  The town was charming… much like the small town I left. We had a single flashing red stop light at the end of town, not many restaurants to choose from, three grocery stores, four banks, all occasion gift store and a truck stop.  Winter turned into my dads playground. he loved pulling friends and family around the neighborhood in his old Jeep. One never grows tired of seeing the deer, moose, elk,quail, and turkeys hanging around neighborhoods.

Sunset Magazine named Idaho one of the best places to retire a few years ago, as a result, we are losing our small town feel. We still have the beautiful mountains around us, lakes and streams to fish in hiking trails, a short drive to the National forest, huckleberry pickers heaven, four ski resorts, uncharted backwoods to explore. I understand why families are deciding to call this their new home. I liked when my home town was a little quieter, on warm evenings, you hear crickets chirping to compete with freeway noise. As I grow older, I just accept the increased traffic, impatient drivers, needing a crossing guard at the grocery stores, new housing developments being built, more roundabouts being seeing some familiar faces around town, but enjoying the fact my small town has not lost its friendliness altogether.

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A Special Evening

December 16, 2017 at 4:33 am (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, grief, Memoir, Middle age) (, , , )

Last night, I went to a Christmas party hosted by two of the most gracious people I know. They live in an exclusive neighborhood in my home town. I love to hear Rosie tell her love story. We all laughed because she lived across the golf course from her soon to be groom. He was building his new home and met her at a Christmas party at the Country Club.Within four months, he proposed to her and the rest is beautiful history.

I have been attending a womans group for twenty plus years now. My husband died from complications from diabetes when our son as three years old. Our lives were changed forever over night. I had my church family who were a great comfort to my son and I first met Rosie at her book store while shopping one day. I remember how warm and friendly she was and has a beautiful smile. She invited me to her home that evening. I started going to her home once a month for a womans time of fellowship. Being a single parent, I sometimes felt over whelmed with my pre teen son.  I knew if I had trouble, second moms were always there to listen or give a hug if needed. I felt safe in the company of woman. I really appreciated the fact we all had something to give to each other in our little group of friends. When my son became a tween, we could laugh and share our war stories of parenting.

Back to the Christmas party. The home was decorated so beautifully with white lights and red ornaments. The host is a gourmet cook so we had delicious assortment of baked goods and snacks. Rosie is always the gracious hostess someone new comes. She is an Author, recorded the Psalms to music, wrote three cook books. She gives them away to bless others.  Everyone leaves with more than just a hug from her. I love the block they live on has red lighted trees displayed on the lawns.  While driving to their home, I put on my favorite holiday music and drove around looking at all the big homes lit up. I was surprised by the dim street lamps. I was going to late to my party got turned around by a few streets. All hope was not lost as I found the house at last. I was the scond one there. Worried for nothing.

I  needed to love of some dear friends last night. everyone at work is sick or getting over being sick. No one has any energy or wants to celebrate the holiday. If a sweet co worker had not put up the tree for us and decorated it, we probably would not have one this year. Our party is this Sunday…. I still need to get my supplies bought and put together for the festive day. I look forward to seeing everyone together with the kids. I like the group of people I work with. They are fun to be with, we help each other at the end of our shift, we do our paper work together and have great conversations and coffee together. If everyone can stay healthy long enough that is.

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Better Options

November 29, 2017 at 8:11 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Uncategorized) (, , , )


I have heard a lot of conversations about clean food lately. Everyone seems confused about what the term really means. I think I have an idea as to what people are talking about. I hope.

The term clean food suggests healthier options to diets and life style choices. They say taking a walk after a meal helps in digestion, healthy for your heart, helps with cholesterol, and helps clear the mind. More neighborhoods are considered family friendly ( there is a good term). A safe friendly neighborhood as opposed to what? One with high crime,we would willingly take our children for a walk around. Not a wise person. Clean food is based on the same principle. Officials have gotten together to cut down on the amount of sodium we get in our daily diets. Coke products have lowered the sugar content in drinks, packaged lunch meats are cutting sodium levels in half.

TV commercials are getting on board as well. Popular food chains are adding healthier option to kids meals. Instead of fat deep-fried foods,kids can have apples and milk to replace fries. I noticed in the last couple years restaurants and fast food chains are adding the calories to menu items. Consumers can make better choices in what they order. Some dollar menu items have always include salads with low fay dressings. A friend and I went into a popular sandwich place the other day. I was delighted to see the menus have added more fresh fruit and vegetables to the menu. A dinner now comes with a baked potato, red skin potato, rice, or mashed potato with gravy as an option. Some folks such as I cannot tolerate high sodium. Others have allergies to nuts, eggs, dairy,wheat and so forth.

There has been a 31 a day clean eating poster around for a while now. It includes eating more fruits and vegetables for healthy living.  When building a salad,go crazy on the amount of clean options being offered. Salad bars have come along way in the last few years. You no longer have to go to an up scaled neighboring restaurant to get a good salad bar. I also notice menus are carrying low carb,and under 500 calorie choices. One of the best planned out fast food chain ideas came in the form of a play land area for the kids. Someone was brilliant. Instead of going home after your meal, the kids can meet new kids and improve on social skills and burn off some energy and calories as well. We really have made strides in the right direction to getting our great country healthier.  But of course, it does all boil down to personal preference. There is nothing wrong to choose the super sized meal. I hope everyone knows I mean this. I just wanted to help shed some light on confusion I have read in blog posts and in general conversations.

I recently read a post from someone who I thought made a good assessment on all of this. Like so many, this new idea about clean eating was a bit concerning to her. I loved a comment she had made about clean food as opposed to dirty food. Brilliant! She made a good point about high fat, deep-fried, mashed potato and heavy gravy are the dirty foods. She may have come up with a coined phrase. I just think folks are really looking at life style changes with so many hereditary diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. it just makes sense to take good care of ourselves.

I went out to eat with a friend the other day. While pouring over the menu, we were commenting on the new winter menu items. free range chickens, grass-fed beef, lighter fare breakfast items,veggie burgers were just a few of the updated menu items being offered. I do not get a chance to go out very often, so it was nice catch up with a dear friend and have better choices added to our changing our minds three times to finally order lunch.  I like the idea steps are being taken to get America fit once again. The question becomes,do you embrace the changes or do you simply look the other way. the choice is really yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone

November 22, 2017 at 8:13 pm (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, grief, Memoir, Middle age) (, , , )

I set out later to my last-minute shopping than expected. The store was not so bad, as I thought the stored would have been more crowded, and crazy.  Wow, tomorrow is Thanksgiving already. Where has this year gone? Sitting here writing this post, I am reflecting on this year; For many families, this holiday season is tough. Lost loved ones, military families peace for the conflicts they face everyday.  God’s continued grace and comfort for your lives. Friends and family who could not come this year.

While sitting here, I am thinking so many blessings I have. Like you, there are too many to count. I have good health, my mom, a good job that I love, my church family who hosts a dinner Sunday before Thanksgiving. we come together and fellowship, and eat, because we have found over the years many  people have no one. This way, the community can come together and have a good meal and  fun-filled evening.

I wanted to share three things I am thankful for; I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. I could not have over come my circumstances without you. I appreciate the golden nuggets of your perspective. I make a pot of coffee, sit before the Lord and ponder what was said to me. Others often see what we do not. I keep and open mind, and sift through the conversations.  Everyone grieves differently. I will miss my husband and son at the table tomorrow, but my mom and I will have a nice dinner followed by stories of her childhood. If I could tell the youth anything, it would be enjoyed the stories because when this person is gone, so is the legacy.

I am thankful my community: So many donate, participate, and serve to help the unfortunate ones. Toms Turkey Drive helps to feed 11,000 families a complete turkey dinner. Coats for kids are another way the community comes together to help those in need.  To have a new warm coat for winter is something so many of us take for granted. Union Gospel Mission, food banks, warming shelters so people can have a warm bed, and a meal, local soup kitchens that help feed those who are lonely and feel abandoned. ( I remember one year, my local church was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. members of the congregation,went around town and picked up those found walking down the street and took them for a warm meal with great conversations). I am proud to live in a caring community not just once a year,but everyday of the year.

I am thankful for good health.  I have learned how to keep my stress under control. I had to learn how to daily deal with stress in life, my grief , concerns for the care of my aging mother, and taking good care of myself. One of my secrets is having a cup of coffee with Jesus. I started to have coffee when my husband became terminally ill. I felt a peace enter me,and I could be the wife and mother I needed to be. The same grace and peace is over me now. I choose to walk in thanksgiving instead of bitterness. I have lived a good life and  I think the one thing I am most thankful for is the I was given the privilege to be a wife and mother, even if for a little while.When my husband and I married, we thought we would grow old together, start a family,buy our first house. We envisioned a life as grandparents one day, traveling when we retired. My life was forever changed one day, but God had plans for my life. I think I am most thankful because I am still needed here now. Someone has to keep writing my moms memories, such great stories of her living next door to a movie studio, and watching Roy Rogers film his TV Show. I never get tired of hearing about my Uncle Bert.

May you be surrounded this holiday season my those you hold near and dear to your hearts. Thank you for all your loving support and reading my stories. I hope they touch your heart and you can walk away with a nugget to chew on . The turkey thinks he is pretty smart. happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family.

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As Good As Chocolate

August 30, 2017 at 12:24 am (blogging, Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age) (, , , )

With our ever busy lives we live today, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We are over committed, not enough hours in the day, can’t get away for vacation this year…again. Some days life feels like a bowel of cherrish, others you are spitting out just the pits. You have just spent a small fortune of school supplies and are discussing with your spouce you went to school with less supplies not so many years ago. School clothes can be expensive,and then sports…..

I was reading a book last week. I read an unexpected chapter on taking care of you. Yes, you matter. There are so many min- vacations you cn take in your own backyard. Ha, you say- close your eyes and remember the best part of a special day. Make you a deviled egg sandwich, put a piece of cloth on your table and a fresh flower from your garden. take a coupe minutes and taste the sandwich and feel the sunshine on your face. Okay,nobody is looking,the kids are playing at the neighbors-turn on the sprinkler and run through it. Go ahead. See the hammock between those two trees? take a few pleasurable moments and lye down and look at the cloud formations. what do you see? take a few minutes and weed your garden,if you enjoy that sort of thing,(others do it because we don’t want the weeds to win). Sit down in your favorite chair outside on your beautiful deck, enjoy that piece of choolate.  Often times,we as busy moms forget we are impotant too.

I am an empty nester. My son moved out a mere eleven years ago now. Yes,my house is quiet,but I have family and friends over often and enjoy a good movie marathon or just catch up with our lives over a yummy desert. A visit with my dear friend and watch one of our favorite British Mysteries.  you can never go wrong sitting a writing a post with a cup of cold coffee, Taking an evening walk around a nice neighborhood, getting ideas about your own landscape.Looking is free.

I plan on taking a couple classes this Fall. On top of working, writing, I also am caring for my aging mom. Caring for my mom sometimes entitles me to an extra piece of chocolate. some of you know what I mean. I have to sometimes be reminded life is getting to me, or I need to take a drive to clear my head. It is easy to loose track of who we are sometimes. This thing we call life really is a beautiful thing. I still ove jearing the crickets at night while siting on my deck. It is fun to hear how loud the cricket can chirp to be heard over the freeway noise. Who said summer is not fun.

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Hazy Days Of Summer

August 10, 2017 at 2:20 am (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Uncategorized) (, , )

I am having a hard time wanting to venture outside this evening to water my poor flowers. My usual sunny blue sky has been replaced with thick brown smoke. We have four wild fires burning around the Inland Northwest. The smoke is so bad, you can hardly breathe. It is a chore to run your errands or grocery shop. I have not taken my evening walk in almost two weeks. I can understand the fog that envelopes your neighborhood in October, but it is a little much to be surrounded by thick blanket of brown haze. 

When I first moved to my forever small town, I was struck by how beautiful the area was. With so many lakes around to fish, go camping in the forest, plenty of hiking, boating, picking huckleberries, and seeing wild life a few feet away. My parents had a cabin, the family would camp for the weekend having caught your dinner and cleaned it,we would put the fish over the open fire. Someone always made a cobbler for desert, then we would play cards until early morning. In the summer, the farmers burned the fields for next years crop. I remember the thick brown smoke, the temperature would rise ten degrees, you could hardly breathe. A couple of years ago, the city band burning the fields due to air quality. 

It is disheartening to earn all the fires around us were not dry lightning. Several were deliberately set by teens. I remember last year driving into town with the hot, dry conditions seeing an idiot throwing a cigarette out the window. One careless mistake can have devastating consequences; Two teenagers learned the lesson the hard way last year. They thought it funny to set a fire in a nice neighborhood. They did not laugh when they were charged with the crime and the parents had to pay for the damage because the teens were minors. It is sad to see the after effects of a fire. Acres of black replaced the beautiful mountains teeming with wildlife. The fires will soon be under control, the smokey air will clear and we can enjoy another season coming upon us.

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Lasting Friendships

July 5, 2017 at 7:32 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Single Parent, Uncategorized) (, , , )


A couple of nights ago, I was catching up with one of my girlfriends. We were chatting about our busy lives, promising to get together soon. With our busy lives, we sometimes have to pencil each other into our daily planners. As I hung up the phone, I thought about how long we had known each other and how many difficult circumstances we had been through together.  Before w both had full-time jobs, we would run errands together. Most of the errands were taking back paint supplies or wrong sized shoes. I enjoyed Sharon’s company and her upbeat personality. We were both young parents who sometimes struggled either in finances or parenting.

I remember when we first met-I enrolled Levi in pre-school to enhance his social skills, sharing skills, respect skills, and an added plus, he found out little girls were not yucky. Levi really liked going to pre-school everyday and he liked his teacher. After picking Levi up,we would share his day in school and what he learned. I loved hearing him sing his new songs he learned that morning.  You know you have found the right school when class becomes more than just learning colors, numbers and your ABC’s.

The Patterson family and the  De Gon family became lasting friends. Some families live in a forever home, some families move every couple of years. It was always a fun adventure find the new Patterson home and have a nice meal together and maybe watch a movie together. Chris is a paint contractor, I loved to see how he transformed a dated kitchen or bedroom into a beautiful space. Chris is very creative and always added a homey touch to some neglected rentals. Chris and Sharon came over and helped me refresh my home a couple of times. I remember I had basic white walls. Chris painted them a winter sky (light blue). I have always loved the Victorian Style of decorating so the wall color matched my furniture perfect. I remember Chris ragged rolled my kitchen/dinning room and bathroom. Friends asked me “how did I put this up n the walls?” I chuckled. 

 I love living in my small town  with many good friends I can count on when I need comfort or just want to hang out for the evening. A fw years ago, a good friend who just happened to own a B&B in Ireland at the time, came over and  freshened up my bedroom for me. I often wondered why our bedrooms are th last room we decorate. The rest of the house is beautiful,then we enter our room. My friend was shocked I had not messed with it since my husband died. Not because I couldn’t, because I did not know where to start. Looking back, my bedroom needed a make-over and I knew just the person. I laughed because she sent me to Church and when I returned home later, my room looked like a B&B inspired room. She created for me a refuge from the storms in life. My problem is … I have not changed the room in ten years now I do not mess with perfection and Victorian. 

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Summer Days

June 28, 2017 at 4:24 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , )


Growing up, my brother and I had the best babysitter, my Aunt. My Aunt and Uncle lived down the street from my family; my Aunt turned her ordinary ranch style home into the beauty on the block I had never seen wrought iron used to separate the living room and dining room. My uncle built her a beautiful gazebo, a huge green house for her orchid business, and a dance floor. My Aunt also loved the beach. She would sometimes take my brother and I with her for a couple of days. Not many people have made such an impression on me growing up as my Aunt; I remember how much she loved crafts, especially flower arranging. Every season, she was busy making a center piece fora party. I often  wished I could create beautiful flowers and crafts after watching her.

While surfing the internet, I came across a list of activities for kids to beat the summer boredom. I had to chuckle to myself because growing up, my generation found things to keep occupied. If I ever said I was bored growing up, my mom could think of a million things for me to do. I think sometimes the best summer days are spent biking riding with a friend, going to the Library for story time or checking out your favorite book, going to the park, having a water balloon fight with your friends.  Help dad build a fort with blankets, then invite your friends over for a sleep over. I think technology has taken over so much that kids don’t know how to keep occupied unless they are playing the latest game. I understand parents working longer hours and wanting to check on the kids, getting permission to go to the park with friends, or asking if friends can sleep over, but phones has just taken over as a form of activity. 

I guess I remember growing up with respect: when someone is talking to you, you look them in the eyes, not answer while texting , dinner time was spent at the dinner table eating a good meal and talking about your day, game night, swimming parties, flying a kite in the park(it was a family event). Times have changed in the last 20 years: You can hear the kids screaming outside using colorful language, youngsters sassing parents in the grocery store, kids screaming bloody murder because they could not have a candy bar, does anybody know what a side-walk is used for? Kids do not watch where they are going,  they are too busy to look both ways before darting in front of a moving car,they are too busy on their phones. Summer camp costs too much if you have more than one child, Day Care centers will not take a child after a certain age, it is humorous for me to think  a child can only go to the beach so many times in the summer. I am glad I grew up before technology took over. 

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