Happy New year!!!!!

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I would like to wish everyone a Happy New year ful of prosperity and a look into a brand new year. This year like every past year, holds uncertainty. The econemy goes up and down,our rent goes up, but no raise to help offset the cost. Groceries are Expensive. It is not so funny when we have to choose between put gas in our car,feed you children OR pets, or pay our rent.

At least gas prices are starting to come down some. Every new year,we wonder how this year is going to be different than lasy year. We just have to wait,watch and see what developes. I don’t listen to predictions because predictions have a way of not becoming a reality. I do know that it is tough out there. I feel sorry for our young generation. There are not many jobs to compete for. Adults are having a tough enough time trying to make ends meet let alone a young college student.

It is a nice morning here as I sit in my office writting this blog to you. I enjoy the sunshine,but it doen not feel like winter to me. Last year had a good snow. I miss driving in the stuff. I know what you are thinking.SNOW is she kidding?No I am not kidding. I like the snow, It is nice to look at all the snow capped moutains, flocked tree tops,  white lawns, you bundle up in a warm coat and scarf. Coffee just seems to taste better when it is Cold outside, with snow  falling quietly out your big window. I guess there are no accidents to speak of, no one slidding into a ditch to get pulled out, no one is pulling out in front of you only to hit the curb after loosing control. There are a few points that are good,but I do miss a white winter this year. I know the season is not over yet, but we had a whiter Thanksgiving this last year than a Christmas.


I do not know what my future holds for me. I have had some people try sand tell me what is going to happen this year in my life. I am sorry, but the only one who knows what my future holds,is Jesus. I know there are well meaning folks out there, but I reguard what He says. There are so many people who are concerned about the fact that I am single. I can not beleive that friends are wondering if I am going to marry this year. it some what cracks me up. Some people (me) are happy in the relationship I have right now, and do not want to discuss if I will ever marry in my future. I know these folks are worried about me after Levi died, but I am happy,healthy and doing very well at that. I like the way I have decorated my house and I do not want to change it because someone else did not like Victorian style. I feel very comfortable in my little house and like to “take a step back in time” when I come through the front door. it is always a treat to walk on the carpet your son helped to install for his mom. I thought it was so sweet of Levi a few years ago, he wanted to “Fix” his mom’s house up more for her so she had a nicer place to live. If Levi could only see the house. He would be shocked at his bedroom. it is truly A Victorian dessing room.I love to get dressed in the morning and put on my pajamas at night.

I have an interveiw in the morning at a place I used to work a few years ago. I will be working as a dietary Assistant if I do get the job. The Company was a good place to work in the past. In my last job, I only had one person to cook for and please, NOW… it should not be to bad. I will keep you posted on the update.

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Ringing in 2012

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My name is Julie. I am the author of the new book”Healing in the storms” published by outskirtspress.com.

I will be in bed at the stroke of Midnight,only to bewoke up at twelve sharp by fireworks,gunshots and yelling. Oh waht fun.

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Very expensive car problem

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Yeaterday I went to see a friend to do up some t shirts promoting the book. I went to leave his place, and the car wouldn’t start. i had it towed to Post Falls last night. I found out that the timing belt broke, plus the water pump is leaking I won’t get my car back until Friday sometime. So far the cost is &700.00. I was going to be getting cool t shirts to promote my book but…

I am lookin g forward to the  Leigh family Reunion on August 6th. I haven’t seen candy and Dennis for a few years now. it will be nice to see her again. I am glad mom is hosting the event. she has not been having trouble with gout. But she wanted to have it,so it will be nice.

RASPBERRIES. Come to 2570 Ponderosa Blvd. in Post falls and pick. They will be ripe for only 2 more weeks. there are still so many . Come for your jam supplies or popsicles,or yogurt and raspberry freezer treat. it is going to get hot.lol. it probably will for 2 days.

I hope you are having a great summer so far. I will let you know how the car got fixed, if I had a nervous breakdown before then,etc. I am just kidding. I am having a better summer than I expected to. i ususally don’t enjoy the summer heat, but this year hasn’t been to bad so far. SMILING.

I am working on another book signing in Ausgust. i will keep you posted on more details as they evolve.

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News paper articles

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I have submitted a couple of news paper stories about Levi. it is a tribute to my son. We will see if they get printed. I have also included 2 photos of him as well.

This is a hard time of year for me. I deal with pain of the loss of my son Levi on a daily basis. Some people comment I am alway cherry and laughing. I have my bad days and my sad days. I just keep myself busy with writting, blogging to you good friends who support me. thank you I

mean it. I love writting and I appreciate you taking time to read what I post. I post a poem to Levi today on his memorial page. I hope you like it.It is hard to loose a child. We feel like we were left behind. But in reality I choose to llok at it as this: God must not have been done with me yet so I will keep moving forward in the good things he still has for my life untill he calls me home to. This is all I can do everyday and keep a chin up and be down. Nobody likes to around someone who is down all the time. Some people I know do have a good reason to be. Everyone handles grief different. Some never get over the loss of their loved ones. I know I will never get over loosing Levi, but writting “Healing in the Storms” has helped me to remember things I had forgotten about because it was to painful.

I did an online interveiw recently. One of the questions asked to me was”How and why did you write your book”? I answered the question with I wrote my first book because after Jerry and Levi passed away, I was always being told to get your book done. You have so much you can give to people who are grieving. I was told I have so much information on how I have handled my loss, that I should share how I have moved forward after the tragedy of Levi’s death in 2007. I am glad I have written my book. I have gotten positive reviews and responses to the book. It has been a long road to where I am now. I feel I am doing good, I have friends I can call if I am having a bad day and need a cup of coffee, I just try to not remember Levi. I used to try to keep myself really busy,exaustingly busy and it didn’t work. I learned the tears are good to cry. I need to cry sometimes and not hold them back. It does get easier the closer it is to July 20. I used to get really depressed and want to sleep all day. But that isn’t good to do. I go have nachos in his honor and go for a drive and put Pillar on. Levi liked that band. Mom and I will get tacos that night probably. We all used to get taco Tuesday, this time it will be taco wensday.

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The Falls Park

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I have just gotten back from the Falls Park.265 lbs of water travels through the dam per minute. That is a lot of water. The reason the park and boat launch is still closed is because our dam is relieving the flooding in North Dakota. The water eventually flows into California.

I have not been to the Falls Park in a couple years. The last time I was there, Jeff and I went to check it out. He was impressed as well. I love that the kids can fish all day from the bridge and there are plenty of trails to hike on and a nice big play ground offered as well. I used to take my kids when I owned a day care center(my youngest day care child is a jr. in High School) I would let them play, and look at the water, have lunch, then go home for nap time.

Some of the kids reading this will say “yes,that is what we did.” plus going to the library in the afternoon. That is how each child could play computer games or read books. It has been so long ago it seems since I owned the day care. it is fun to see the kids now and see how they have grown.

I planted some plants yesterday. I hope they live. I have a real black thumb. And I do water. it is a standard quote to tell me. I am trying to compact my bushes in my flower bed tight, so I don’t have to weed as much. We will see.

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Funny story about Artwalk Book signing.

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My friend Faye, Rosalie, Stormy and I all went to the Art walk book signing last Friday evening. After the event, Stormy wanted to stay longer for the wine tasting. Faye and I drove home in style. Stormy’s Cadillac. When we drove into Stormy’s driveway,we both got out of the car,got out belongings,and forgot we didn’t get our books and I didn’t know where I had put my purse. We went into the house to call Stormy,because Rosalie never has a house key with her. Faye and I were trying to figure out how to get out of the house and lock it because the front   from the inside and we didn’t have an extra house key. Meantime,  I found my purse where I left it when I had arrived earlier.It was in the basement on a table.(Good place for it).

Faye was ready to eat because she didn’t eat all day, so we headed out through the garage exit. I let Faye out but I was wondering how I was going to get out now. I opened the garage door and clicked it to close again. I made a jump for it. It was like out of a movie Faye had said. I flew down the garage stairs and through the door before it closed again. I was told later by Stormy that if you get in the way of the light,I garage would close again because it was child proof. Boy I really know what it is to be a stunt person now.

I really had a good time that night. I met so many nice people and sold a few more books as well.

I have another Book signing at Garden Plaza in Post Falls on July 9, 2011  from 3:30 – 5:00p.m. Garden Plaza is an Assisted Living Facility. I was blessed to be able to serve meals to these sweet people. The residents were excited to hear about the book.They all told me when the book was published to please get the a copy. I was sad to have to quit working for a great company,but I was working 7 days a week and couldn’t function.I cut back housr so I could devote the time to take care of my mom who was struggling with some health issues.

I just finished with a new story for the July issue of Good News Northwest. The story is a tribute to my son who I lost in a car accident 4 years ago. The paper is available the first weekend in July. For those who can’t read the paper, I will post it in July on FB and my blog.

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A sweet note

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I received a very sweet thank you note today from a lady I have just recently met.I was bored on saturday, so I went looking for(not trouble) I went to look at some homes in a new housing developement.The real Estate Broker was a sweet lady that I will remember for a long time to come.We got to talking and I told her about my book and she took one Saturday.The note card I received today told my book was well written and she was glad we had the chance to meet that day.I love stories like this because untill you get feedback on your book, you don’t really know how well it is received by the public.

The same afternoon, I went to another home just around the corner from where I currently live.The agent and I got to talking, I gave her my business card and come to find out she is part of a book club that meets once a month.She bought my book this weekend and the club is going to reveiw the book for the next month reading. They would like me to talk about the book at one of the future meetings they hold.God is so full of surprises that you don’t expect.that is what I love about Him so much.I went out for a casul drive to see a few homes, and I made 2 new contacts.It makes me feel good the book is getting around by word of mouth and it is really Blessing lives.

I just had dinner with my Pastor (Sunday night church),She, I and another lady are doing a Book Signing on June 10th from 5-7 PM for the Artwalk.As we speak,the ad is getting printed and will be in the Press next week Look for it,I will post the ad on FB as soon as it comes out.Thank You so much everyone as always for your continual support of the book and of me.I feel so Blessed to have you as friends and family. Julie

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