Remembering My Awesome Son Today

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This morning I had gotten up at the usual time.

My morning coffee was being sipped outside on the patio. As I took in the cool morning air, my thoughts turned to my son Levi. Today is a hard day for me. Levi died in 2007 when he was involved in a tragic car accident. There are no words to describe my emotions; friends are supportive,but I have to walk through this journey with God. He has taken me from grieving mother into the light of His grace,mercy,strength, and new-found happiness. 

Today Levi, I celebrate who you were as a young man, you made me laugh,cry and want to string you up by your little toes,sometimes all on the same day. I miss the laugh, your sparkling eyes and most of all “be safe mom”. If anyone has a special story about my son, please I would love to read them.



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Living Everyday With A Thankful Heart

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Levi Degon0011



This is a picture taken of both my late husband and my son. Daddy and son were busy cleaning up the lawn for me. It looked pretty nice when they were done. I often think back on some of the best times I had as a wife and mother. Sometimes our lives take a different direction than we had planned. I thought my husband and I  would grow old together, we envisioned a life retired, proud grand parents to our son Levi’s children. I could have become bitter and angry at the loss, but anger does not solve a problem. I was given 6 years married to the love of my life; I was also given the awesome responsibility to raise my young son after my husband died from his disease. i could have said ‘life is not fair’ and this would be a true statement, but I would not be the person I am today if it were not for my hardships in my life. 

I choose instead to live everyday with a thankful heart, my strong faith has kept me moving forward in the good things God still has for me. If we look around our great nation, it is easy to see how blessed you are. We all have a bad day we slept through our alarm, kids were late for school-it was a Saturday. We can easily reflect on the bad in our lives and miss out on the good times in our lives. There are so many who have lost everything in the recent tornadoes, the big fires burning out of control, so much devastation. It is easy to forget we have so much to be thankful for. 

I was blessed by God’s protection yesterday. I did not know my thermostat housing in my car had split and all my anti freeze and water leaked out of my car all at once. I pulled into my mom’s driveway and asked the neighbor to help me. He was kind enough to replace the part for me. There are so many little things in life to be thankful for. It is heartbreaking that so many families do not gather at the table for meals anymore,The lack of respect in the teens,violence at school, road rage, the list goes on. It is not easy having a thankful heart all the time, I long for the life I shared with my family. I often ponder where we would be today if they were still alive. Take the time to hear the bids singing in the morning,enjoy your first cup of  freshly brewed coffee, hug your kids extra close today we never know what today may bring. 

I am busy planting some more flowers in my son’s memorial garden. I love to watch the butterflies flutter around , the birds playing in the bird bath, listening to the chirping of all the birds in the back yard. It does not take much to make me happy I have been told more than once. I laugh at the thought because I could have become very bitter very easily. Live is something to savor, to enjoy the beauty of each new day and the happiness it brings.  I wish you a beautiful summer filled with laughter, family,dinner parties on the lawn, football games, and lasting memories a summer can bring. Life is good indeed!

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Happy Halloween Everyone

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Some of you are braver than I. I have always been drawn to beautiful Victorian homes. This creeper however, takes a special person to enter through the door and take a tour around. I don’t think the Munster’s TV set look that scary.

Frankenstorm has shown its ugly head the past couple days.We have seen the devastation caused by this terrible storms. I am continuing to pray for those who are in the storm’s path. HGTV’s TV show Kitchen Cousins is based out of New Jersey. They are kind enough to offer assistance in any way they can help. Americans come together in a time of great need. We have a sense of community. it will take some time, but we will rebuild the  where the storm has destroyed. we live in a great country where United We Stand today and forever.


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The Computer Was Down.

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We had this storms a couple of nights ago, I was online and I had a power surge. The computer went off. My friend calls tech. support through my cable company. A technition came out tonight told me I had something wrong with my hard drive. I was upset because the computer I use belonged to my deceased son. I want to keep using the computer for as long as possible. I went to the neighbors behind me, the neighbor had the computer fixed in 5 minutes. the technition was her for over an hour tonight. I am blessed I have my computer back now and I can update all my websites.

I have submitted a couple more stories to magazines. I also signed up for my clesses I wanted to take. The first class is September 20th. I will be learning more how to free lance write articles and how to blog better. I would like to be able to blog stories people want to keep reading and coment on. 

School starts already Tuesday. I can’t beleive summer is already over. I have always liked the fall of the year more than any other season we have in the Northwest. i like the changing of the fall colors and the cool crisp air. I like the first time I have to put on my jacket. I love to take fall drives and see all the changing colors.

I had a good week. I will find out tomorrow if Imy lastest story is printed in the Good News paper. I get excited when I see a story was published. I get great feed back when my friends read the stories. People tell my they are inspired by my stories. I am glad friends kept telling me to get my book published and write some stories for magazines. I never thought it would be this good. I look forward to what this season will bring in my life. Jeff and I will turn 50 in a couple weeks. I am ventering into some classes I never thought I would take. One is on Voice overs on the radio. The other class I will be taking is Making movie magic. I want to learn how to make movies and put audio and narration to the movies. It is shaping up to be a great fall of the year for me. Hey I am back ibn school to. I just didn’t have to spend a ton of money on a new wardrobe.

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Very expensive car problem

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Yeaterday I went to see a friend to do up some t shirts promoting the book. I went to leave his place, and the car wouldn’t start. i had it towed to Post Falls last night. I found out that the timing belt broke, plus the water pump is leaking I won’t get my car back until Friday sometime. So far the cost is &700.00. I was going to be getting cool t shirts to promote my book but…

I am lookin g forward to the  Leigh family Reunion on August 6th. I haven’t seen candy and Dennis for a few years now. it will be nice to see her again. I am glad mom is hosting the event. she has not been having trouble with gout. But she wanted to have it,so it will be nice.

RASPBERRIES. Come to 2570 Ponderosa Blvd. in Post falls and pick. They will be ripe for only 2 more weeks. there are still so many . Come for your jam supplies or popsicles,or yogurt and raspberry freezer treat. it is going to get it probably will for 2 days.

I hope you are having a great summer so far. I will let you know how the car got fixed, if I had a nervous breakdown before then,etc. I am just kidding. I am having a better summer than I expected to. i ususally don’t enjoy the summer heat, but this year hasn’t been to bad so far. SMILING.

I am working on another book signing in Ausgust. i will keep you posted on more details as they evolve.

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Have a happy and safe 4th.

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I would like to take this time and wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Thank you to all who have served in our armed forces.

I had a good but exhausting weekend. I took care of an elderly gentleman for some friends. They live on a little farm outside of town. I was so blessed tonight. I was able to see a 2 year old dear eating grass and garden for about a half hour tonight. The dear was so beautiful. She didn’t seem to mind that I was watching her eat. I needed this kind of blessing from the Lord.

I went to check on my books at Hasting’s today. They have sold all but 4 books. Thank you to all of you who have bought one of my books. I am glad my story continues to get out to those who are hurting.

I have a book signing next Saturday at garden Plaza in Post falls from 3;30-whenever I get through. I will post pictures for those who cannot attend.

I have to work on monday, so go enjoy the picnic and baptism for me. I wish I could attend, it ends when I get off from work. So what do you do???

I found a story I started working on last year. I am glad I found this story. I am going to do a booklet out of the information I saved. I am going to title the booklet”Journey Through Then storm” I hope to have it published by this fall. I will keep you posted. I found out I can have the booklet translated into Japanese, I am excited at the prospect of this new project. I also am working on putting the book “Healing In the storms” in e-book form. So I will have the rest of a busy summer. it will be september before we know it.

Look for my article in the GoodNews paper this week. it is a tribute story for my son Levi who died 4 years ago on July 20th. I miss him very much, but I have a lot to look forward to, because I can concentrate on writting a tribute story in his honor and have happier thoughts this way.

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The Falls Park

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I have just gotten back from the Falls Park.265 lbs of water travels through the dam per minute. That is a lot of water. The reason the park and boat launch is still closed is because our dam is relieving the flooding in North Dakota. The water eventually flows into California.

I have not been to the Falls Park in a couple years. The last time I was there, Jeff and I went to check it out. He was impressed as well. I love that the kids can fish all day from the bridge and there are plenty of trails to hike on and a nice big play ground offered as well. I used to take my kids when I owned a day care center(my youngest day care child is a jr. in High School) I would let them play, and look at the water, have lunch, then go home for nap time.

Some of the kids reading this will say “yes,that is what we did.” plus going to the library in the afternoon. That is how each child could play computer games or read books. It has been so long ago it seems since I owned the day care. it is fun to see the kids now and see how they have grown.

I planted some plants yesterday. I hope they live. I have a real black thumb. And I do water. it is a standard quote to tell me. I am trying to compact my bushes in my flower bed tight, so I don’t have to weed as much. We will see.

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