Post Holiday Snowy Afternoon

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I remember last year at Christmas, we had eight inches of snow over night for a tricky commute the next morning. This year, it snowed the day after Christmas; It was a blessing in disguise for some I suppose as we like it if you have experience driving and most importantly, stopping at the stop lights and signs. I just love to watch the snow falling and watching the dads pull the kids around the neighborhood in their sleds-or have the dog pull them for you.

Some of my fondest memories are of my friends and family being pulled around the neighborhood on my sled behind my dads old 1946 Willie’s Jeep. I do not know who had more fun, dad or us. When we could not feel our fingers or toes anymore, we would go inside the house where my mom had hot cocoa and home-made chocolate chip cookies waiting. The teens in the neighborhood always had a contest of who could shovel the driveway faster,so the parents never had to bother with the chore(who trained who well here now that I think of it.). I remember the small town sense of community then. We only had three thousand residents living here at the time.

My how times have changed.  The small town is growing rapidly these days. Every time I take a drive around m small town, I realize we have three more apartment buildings going up. We still have a small town charm and neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand. My next door neighbor came over while I am sitting here writing this post and shoveled my driveway for me. How nice of him to think of me. It is nice to live in a smaller town, you have your favorite coffee-house you frequent, your grocery store, same bank and the friendly tellers there, so it doesn’t matter how much we grow, you still can have a small town feel.

Sometimes life get busier than we would like,I have some dear friends I keep meaning to catch up with over dinner or a movie. Not so long ago, two of my dear friends and I had the same schedule and we went out to lunch or for a nice drive together. My one friend and I laughed when I suggest taking a winter drive all we are missing is the snow. Soon Spring will be here and we will trade our coats,boots,layers for tees and shorts. But for a few moments more, I would like to savor the last of winter. I still love to bundle up near the fireplace and drink my coffee, see deer or moose in the front yard eating off one of the trees, quail eating among the pine trees where they think they are hidden, the neighbors still walking the dogs around the neighborhood by the river. I could not think of another place I would rather live. 


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The Camping Trip

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I remember taking my son over to his grandpa and grandmas house to spend the night and rise early the next morning to go camping. My dad would wait until his grandson came over to help put the wood in for the nightly campfire, make sure they had plenty of  sleeping bags for the beds, and  the fishing poles and let’s not forget the worms. Dad had a favorite spot reserved right on the lake. Family and friends would also reserve a spot in our campground bringing their boat,or inner tubes for a day of fun. A roaring campfire finished off the great evening after dinner.

One of my best memories was when my parents took my son with them for the weekend to The hot springs in Montana for the a few days. A quick stop at the ten thousand-dollar bar was a must on the way.  After setting up camp and after a meal made over an open fire, my dad was getting ready to chop some fire wood and called my son over to help him. My son thought he was going to help stack wood beside the fire pit and surprised to learn his Grandpa was letting him help chop some wood for his Grandmas fire, he was grinning from ear to ear. He was a lucky kid to go camping often and fishing early in the morning. 

 My dad took ill before my son reached his teens. I remember a time when my dad was not feeling good and felt bad because he promised my son he would take him camping. My son told his grandpa’s is okay grandpa.we will took dinner over the BBQ grill, make our beds out in the motor-home and listen to crickets chirping outside our window. We don’t have to go anywhere, we are still camping”. I thought my dad was going to cry. Levi told me the next day he had just as much fun camping in the driveway as much as if they went to the lake. I am glad my son had the opportunity to go camping, fishing,hiking, and chopping wood as a boy. It was fun to get together with other families and roast marshmallows over an open camp fire, play in the lake, playing cards , stay up half the night enjoying the good conversations. 

I always enjoyed vacations when I was growing up. My family took a week off to travel to Colorado or Utah to visit family. My family had a truck/camper, it was exciting to leave what felt like the middle of the night and watch to cars whiz by until you fell asleep. Of course my favorite memory was when my dad stopped for gas, I thought it was a good time to go to the bathroom, so I got out of the camper and headed over. I neglected to tell my dad and he took off without me. A motorist was trying get my dad’s attention for a few miles until they hit a stop light in the next town. The guy told my dad” you might want to go back and get your daughter”. I remember my dad telling me”we have a bathroom in the camper you know.”  The next time we took a trip in our car, I was in the back of our station wagon. Mom and dad didn’t hear me for a while so dad yelled my name to make sure I was still with them. I told them I was. Camp on my friends.

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A Shared Room

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Growing up, my family lived on the outskirts of town on a ranch. My twin brother and I were in 4-H. We raised sheep, ducks,horses,rabbits and were visited often by the snakes who loved to snack on baby rabbits. I look back on my youth with a new appreciation. I used to dream of switching homes for the weekend with one of my friends. I laughed to myself every time I heard how lucky I am to get to ride my horse anytime I wanted. You also paid for the hay to feed your horse, cleaned the big smelly coral, had to brush the horse everyday. , You get up at six every morning to feed and water the sheep and the rabbits. Then rush to get dressed and eat breakfast before heading the mile walk to the bus stop. I lived a mile away from the nearest housing tract. ( some friends were still jealous). 

 I sometimes envied my friends because they had a few more girls to go into town with and play with. I only had my brother and the animals to talk to. Having a twin brother was fine until one of you wore out his or her welcome and then you fought. Life is always greener on the other side of the AstroTurf. I can really say I had to realize not everyone was lucky enough to have a horse at eight years old with a huge orchard behind my house yo ride. My parent kept a couple of horses for family because we had such a big coral. On weekends we usually had a crowd for dinner and then horse back riding. My dad was the proud owner of a 1946 Willies Jeep,so we had fun driving around the many trails and mountains behind our house. 

I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have only my twin brother until I started to sleep over at a friend’s house. My brother and I had always had our own bedroom. We both shared a bathroom,but we had our own space. I used to watch a few sitcoms in the 1970’s and wondered how  sisters and brothers could  share the same room and bathroom without taking a number. I did not realize closet space was at a premium, shared dressers,you had to all agree on a room color and pictures, no privacy, wanting to borrow your older sisters clothes. Some of my friends had two sisters and a brother.

When my brother and I were teens, we decorated our rooms in our taste. When we moved into the house,my dad painted the room the color of our choice,as we got older, we put up posters.  I had a crush on Randolph Mantooth,you could not see an inch of my walls through the posters of Johnny and Roy. I grew out of the phase and decided I wanted to skip over my teenage years and just have a young adult bedroom instead. I opted for roses everywhere. We are so funny in out teens aren’t we? i cherish the many wonderful memories of teaching a friend how to ride my horse and trying to talk her into getting back on my horse after he bucked her off. She wouldn’t budge and my horse just stood there waiting for her to get back on. I had to do the noble deed. You could almost see my horse snickering at her. I realize I had a good childhood living  life on the ranch not sharing my bedroom with anyone except my occasional guest. 

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Happy Father’s Day

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I would like to wish all the father’s

a happy father’s day tomorrow. The lawn parties, playing football with the grandkids, good food and even better company. I hope your day is filled with laughter, good memories of father’s day pasts, holding your brand new grand baby for the first time, make it a special memory making time.

I remember this photo of my dad and my son with fondness. My son Levi was the first-born grandchild. My parents were affectionately called ‘Grandma and grandpa John’.  They took my son on many fishing trips, camping trips in the motor home and long weekends spent at the hot springs in Montana. grandpa John would help my son split the nights firewood when family and friends gather around the campfire. I am thankful Levi was given the opportunity to spend summers with his grandparents. I became a young widow after my husband,Levi’s father died from complications of his disease. I had many hardships and difficulties trying to raise my young son alone. I am thankful I could have a weekend to myself while the rest of the family went on vacation.

When my dad became to ill to travel anymore, Levi would suggest they just camp out in the motor home in the driveway. Grandpa and Levi would BBQ the dinner and join grandma to eat it in the motor home-They always found a way to have fun and make lasting memories.

They hosted many gatherings in their home for family and friends. When I was a girl, my parents hosted opening day hunting parties, family would gather to go horse back riding on our ranch. When we moved to Idaho, my family would host sledding parties. My dad would pull us around the neighborhood in his 1946 Willie’s jeep. Grandma John would have hot cocoa waiting for us when we needed to thaw out.

I miss my dad. He passed away in 2002 from his disease. Grandpa John had many friends and family who loved him and enjoyed a glass of wine with him in the afternoons. scan0014

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Author Question “Why Did You Write Your story?”

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I have been asked why did I decide

to write my first book “Healing in the storms.” Sometimes our lives are forever changed in the blink of an eye. When we marry, we envision a life growing old with our spouse, we imagine our lives retired and maybe traveling and enjoying our grandchildren. I do not live my life with what if.. or I wish.. I continue to live my life everyday looking forward to the good things God still has for my life. 

 What happens when a young woman finds herself raising her child alone after 6 short years of wedded bliss to her husband the love of her life? What happens when th son she bravely and tenderly raised is lost to a tragic car accident just 17 years later?



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Christmas Traditions

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I remember a time when the house

was filled with laughter, my young son Levi and his grandpa decorating the tree with ornaments and lights. The talking moose and snoring santa not forgotten, each had their place in the living room. Grandma in the kitchen making cookies and planning the holiday meal. Uncle Jeff made his santa appearance while my son was fast asleep. I remember sledding parties on christmas day,all the cousins gathering at my parents home on a cold winter day. 

My family  tradition of visiting relatives on christmas eve. The tradition started when my twin brother and I were children. My parents had the neighbors put gifts under the tree while the family went visiting. On our way home that evening,dad would look at christmas lights. this has always been my favorite part of christmas. I loved to see the beautiful home decorated.

When my husband and I were married and started our family, I kept the tradition alive of visiting friends and light seeing. My husband and I went to the resort to see santa when our son Levi was two-year old. I remember spend the afternoon looking at all the decoration and listening to the Christmas carols. I treasure the memories of these special days.

my life was forever changed with the death of my husband from complications from his diabetes 6 short years after we were married and with the death of my son Levi in July 2007 at age 20. Christmas is quiet now just my mom and I. Dad died in 2002 from his disease. Life can change in a moment. The holidays are hard without my loved ones here to help celebrate,but I have treasured memories of times past when the laughter filled the house and lively conversations filled the dinner table with good cheer.Levi Degon0051

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The Bucket List.

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Ever since the movie had come out,

we have a bucket list of things to complete before we die. I have only two on my list. Actually, three. I had always wanted to be married with 11 children. Well, two out of 11 was not bad I guess.Both my husband and son died at a young age. Life can  be cruel at times and other times give you the best years of your life. One of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life was to write. I am a published author and have written many stories and articles for papers and books. I have always had a love for the Victorian homes. I live in a ranch style home with the Victorian charm added inside. My dream had always been to tour a true Victorian era home. This has been on my bucket list for several years. Victorian home came on the market recently. The home is located on 10 acres of previous historic homestead. I am going to visit this painted lady and take in all the Victorian  interiors I can. I feel like I have won the dream lottery.

After I had lost my son to a car accident five years ago, I found myself needing to  work many hours to keep my mind occupied. I have always worked  full-time as a single parent, to provide for my son.Now, as and empty nester, I worked to fill the void Levi’s death left. . Every year, I  try to go to the Parade of  Homes in my area. I like to see how the homes are decorated each year. I have been to many up scaled neighborhoods over the past few years. It was nice when I could request the day off from work and attend the event with some friends.

I  keep busy with writing new stories and participating with  book signings of my new book. Life is much to short to be bitter or angry. There was nothing I could do about the outcome of my son’s accident. I was given 20 precious years with my son. I know I will not be a grandmother,but I was fortunate   to have conceived a child. Because of my husband’s illness, we were told we could not have children. God had other plans for our lives. You have to watch what you are gripping about and count at your blessings instead. I have lived a very blessed life. Even if I had to press through some rough storms along the way.

I can not believe summer is almost over. We just started to get some summer, and school is right around the corner again. It is fun to go shopping and watch the mother/ child interaction take place. I remember  buying clothes and school supplies for Levi when he went to school.  My son always liked to shop almost as much as his dad enjoyed shopping. When Levi was a baby, my husband I would go shopping at the local mall  for the day. It does not seem like 20 years has passed already.

I have another book signing in August. I hope to see some of my readers here and  have your picture taken with a camel.I enjoy getting to meet some of you. I hope this blog post has blessed you. I welcome comments and like to interact with my readers.

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