Peace Starts from Within

September 21, 2015 at 9:28 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, Single Parent) (, , , )

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Happiness is not a feeling, it is our choice.

We have no idea what is around the corner. When we feel overwhelmed, we react different from when we feel calmness in our lives. This life we are in is tough no doubt. So many commitments,too many expectations on us,added to our busy home life.We fall into bed exhausted some nights only to do it all over again tomorrow.

Where do we have time to find enjoyment? Do you think to yourself is this all there is? My life feels like it crashing down around me. Some think the glass is half full, while others think it is half empty. Taking time out for one self sometimes seems like a distant dream doesn’t it? I have been there too. Short staffed at work, a tweenager with added attitude, longer hours at work leaves little time to explore who we are again and what are we here for again?

Some families are grieving the loss of a child like I am. everyday can be a struggle to get out of bed and start the new day. I do not have any better attitude than you do, I have made a choice to look for the best in each new day. No matter how frustrated I am,I know it is only temporary. Sometimes I know, you do the best you can today and some feel it wasn’t enough. I find my strength, my courage and inspiration for today in knowing I am good enough. I have a strong faith in God who has walked me through some of the darkest days of my life-like He has for many of you. So many have forgotten what is like to cast you cares on Him because we think we are not heard or who cares about me and my problems.

When I lost my son eight years ago, my life was forever changed over night. I had to learn how to live again and life not only day-to-day life,but also live my life to the fullest potential I can. I had to realize the deaths of both my husband and my son, did not mean my life had ended also. Peace is not always easy to find in our lives. I choose not to become bitter and angry, I choose to have a positive attitude even though I may be screaming inside with frustration of the day. But tomorrow is a new day and I choose to enjoy the precious day I have been given to encourage, strengthen and empower those around me. I too have to watch myself when i am overwhelmed and not be spiteful.

Life is just too precious to not be grateful for everything we have and enjoy everyday. Hug you kids extra tight tonight, tell them how much you love them,how proud you are of them and you are glad they are in your family. I have so many wonderful memories as a wife and mom. I am blessed to have been a wife and mother even if for a little while. Thank you for supporting my blog.


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Stress Busters

May 26, 2015 at 8:01 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, Poetry) (, , , )

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Take a walk to clear your head. Not only can you take a break and re-group, it is great exercise.

Put on some soothing music. Stress seems a mile away as you even if for a few minutes.

Take a relaxing shower. Put on one the messaging shower heads to relieve tensions after a busy day.

Pull some weeds( I hear this activity relaxes some folks) And in the end, you have a great looking yard again

because you know now you have to mow and then weed eat and then…

Take a scenic drive somewhere you have not been before. Skip rocks in the lake or go fishing for the afternoon.

Go to the beach. Dip in the waves a few times. People watch.

Go on a nature hike with the kids.Have a picnic by a stream. Let the water melt the stress away.

Plan a nice dinner with friends. you know you have been meaning to do it. Now is the perfect time. it gets your mind off things plus you spend quality time with loved ones.



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Learning Not to Give A Bother

May 14, 2015 at 5:34 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Life beyond parenting, Memoir, Middle age, Poetry, Single Parent) (, , )

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Waking up to a brand new day.

Letting go of what is not important.

Learning from our mistakes, accepting the failures.

Our failures helps us to realize our full potential.

When pressures build, time for Starbucks.

Life gets hectic,but only for a short time, the kids will move on in a new beginning.

Live with no regrets.

Making sure Your are important also.

Build a garden for the kids to care for-salads taste better with small hands love.

Finding time to cook together in the kitchen.

Learning to take micro-escapes in your day.

Letting go of the hurtful comments people have made.

Remembering we are all in this together-I feel better now.

Taking time with famity and friends to celebrate life’s precious moments.



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Strength In A Crisis

March 26, 2015 at 6:16 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Single Parent) (, , , )

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Dad retired from the school district when I was in high school. He had cancer. I took my dad to doctors, while mom worked. (Yeah dad was walking with a walker; he couldn’t hardly walk, let’s put him on some heavy equipment. Doctors didn’t believe he was disabled.)
I was a junior in high School; dad got me a job at the school district. I took dad to the doctor’s office before I took my test for the job. The nurse forgot that dad had been allergic to rubbing alcohol, the nurse forgot about the allergy and gave him the shot. Dad got dizzy, hit the door cutting his head and passed out. The head nurse and I took dad in a gurney across the street to the E.R. room to be checked.
I went to take my test. The nurse drove me to the appointment. (I still had to take the test even with all that just happened.) The nurse said if I didn’t do very well on the test, she would ask if I could take it again because of what happened.
I took the test, and out of 75 people there, I had the top 11th score. I got the job.

Excerpt from Healing in the Storms

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What If My Life Had Never Changed

January 25, 2015 at 9:30 pm (Single Parent, Sons, Survivor, Uncategorized) (, , )






I am reminded how precious life is.


We never know what our future holds. When my husband and I married, we thought we would grow old together, raise a family in our new house, and imagined a life as proud grandparents of our son Levi’s children. We often talked about traveling when we retired, (sneaking the grandkids along) for camping trips and fishing. My life had taken a different direction.

My husband died just 6 short years after we married. I was left to raise our young son alone. With God’s guidance, I raised Levi from childhood through his teens. I am proud of the fine young man he had become. My life was forever changed again, when my son set off with some friends one sunny Sunday morning July 2007. By that evening Levi died in a tragic car accident. He was only 20. There are no words to encompass the depth I felt that day.

I often ponder where I would be today if my life never changed. Would Jerry still have complications from his disease? Would he be fulfilling his dreams? Would we now be retired and traveling? Would Levi have married? Have kids? Be living in the area? Own a business? Would we be the proud grandparents to Levi’s children?

Levi was our miracle baby. Because of my husband’s disease, doctors told us we could not have children. We had a ten per cent chance to conceive. God had other plans for our life. Levi is the most precious gift God ever given to me. I have so many treasured memories in my life as a wife and mother. I had many hardships being married to a diabetic. Some of the memories are painful; the ambulance calls for complications from Jerry’s disease, Levi and the croup, still the good times outweigh the bad. I can’t imagine my life without Jerry and Levi ever being a part of it. (I have had many lemons handed me in life, I just make more lemonade to share and encourage others who are who are hurting). I could not have imagined my life would be forever changed in a moment. I could have been angry and bitter with God, I chose instead to trust Him. As I continue to heal and write, I am remembering long forgotten memories of a life when my husband and I had ahead of us.

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A Great Way To Start The day.

January 12, 2015 at 6:50 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Life beyond parenting, Poetry, Single Parent) (, , )


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A Different Day

December 27, 2014 at 9:59 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Uncategorized) (, , , )

Levi Degon0035

28 years ago today the best gift God could have ever given to me was born. He was the joy in my late husbands and my life. In July 2007, Levi set out with some friends to float the river, by that evening, both our lives were forever changed. Levi died in a tragic car accident. he was only 20. In honor of his birthday today, I would like to include a story about a sons love to his mom in heaven.


I as sorting through some of Levis belongings a couple of months after he died. I found a cd labeled Levis pictures. When I looked at the pictures, i was stunned to find my son and his friend took 25 black and whites photos of him just three months earlier. I was just praying that morning I wished I had some recent pictures.

I know my son is smiling down from heaven watching over me. I miss his sayings “be safe mom” whenever I would leave. I miss his sparkle in his eyes, his infectious laugh, his mischievous smile. Sometimes our lives take another direction that we envisioned.I know Levi is heaven cheering me on and on.





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The Day Before Thanksgiving, And All Through Our great Nation….

November 26, 2014 at 8:47 pm (Life beyond parenting, Memoir, Uncategorized) (, , , )



On this day before Thanksgiving,

some families are preparing for a day of feasting. Many in our Country are at unrest of an unexpected decision.Many lives were changed in a single moment. Some were happy at the decision, many others were outraged and had taken to the streets in violent outbursts. I pray we will allow God to come in and start healing the anger, the pain, the disappointment and support Michael browns family emotionally. How sad to see a mini Iraq right in our own backyard. There is no easy answer in this situation I understand, but violence of the magnitude is not the answer either. There were so many lives destroyed; many lost their livelihood due to fire and looting, police vehicles were destroyed(who pays for them?) I pray peace can once again come over Ferguson.

As far as the cartoon goes, it is sad we are loosing our holiday for an extra day to shop. I can remembera time not so long ago when you better be prepared on Thanksgiving because everything was closed . Mom and pop stores were open until noon, then they went home to have a meal with loved ones. Tha face of our country is changing it seems. tradition has taken a back seat to greed, so many going hungry, a bigger demand for heat assistance. Back East was clobbered by an incredible snow fall,now starts the massive clean-up effort. However you may celebrate tomorrow, may you be surrounded by those you hold near and dear and I know sometimes Aunt Edna or Uncle Harry can be difficult to be around, we can still learn so much from the wealth of history they bring, When they are gone, there will be no more stories to tell about your rich family history. Cherish the time you have with loved ones. It will my seventh Thanksgiving now without my son Levi, He died in 2007 in a tragic car accident. he was only 20 and went home too soon. Family is everything. Blessings.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

November 23, 2014 at 12:39 am (Creative Non- Fiction, Uncategorized) (, , , , )

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Thanksgiving is a time to share what you are most thankful for. Some rise early in wee hours of the morning to begin cooking the meal, while others have a family style pot luck. Some enjoy a football game in the front yard or the park, while others watch their favorite teams play and root and or fight over who has the best team. some decide to pop in a favorite holiday movie while others retire in the formal living room for desert and coffee. 

In all our traditions there are so many who will not or can not enjoy the holidays. So many families pray for the safe return of son and daughters fighting for our freedom. Thank you for keeping us safe so we can enjoy the holiday. Many other families are grieving the loss of a loved on this year and feel someone is missing from the table. They make the most of the day. Others enjoy the day thankful for the many the food banks and churches that graciously donated their time to feed those less fortunate.

There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season. The love of family and friends, being able to come home this year, comfy clothing that expands, a good book,a warm fire, gathering around for a board game, taking a walk,what ever your tradition is, be safe, enjoy the company of loved ones for you never know when it will be the last time you see them. This will be my seventh Thanksgiving without my son Levi. he died in a tragic car accident in 2007. he was only 20. I have fond thanksgiving pasts and treasured memoies,but yes, someone is missing from outr table again this year.  treasure those you love and hold dear.

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Have A Happy, Safe 4th Everyone

July 4, 2014 at 5:41 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

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Happy 4th of July.

In our day of BQS, fireworks displays, church picnics, may we always take the time to remember the many who proudly served past and present to keep our homeland safe. I am proud to say my brother was a Marine, and my dad was in the Air Force. The sweetest photo I have ever seen was of an old veteran standing and saluting the floats as the parade rolled on by. I think it can become easy remember to pray for our troops when some of us ourselves have never been in their shoes. 

Sometimes I think we can just go through the motions of a holiday; we look forward to a three day weekend, others wish they could find work, families escape and go camping and fishing.We live in a great country founded on certain truths and beliefs, may we never forget what this nation of ours was founded on. when we told God to leave  our Country, our dynamics changed. I pray God will continue to bless us, keep us safe from harm and help keep us the great Nation we are. It is ironic, with all the complaints We the American people have about this country of ours, so many are risking their lives to come here no matter the cost.

Our Country is so torn over religion, politics, family values or a lack of, animal cruelty, elderly abuse, Obama care, the illegal immigrant crisis, food and water shortages, sometimes it is hard to remember what a bless Nation we live in. We still have freedom of speech, religion, without the fear of death for our rights. Communities are sick of gangs, drugs, prostitution and naughty shops and are taking the cities back. Groups are no longer waiting for funds and are cleaning up whole blocks, restoring churches,historic homes, small ton make-overs. We are proud of our communities and we plan to keep them nice. I love some of the shows on saving a bakery, an amusement park where employees remember coming as a kid, barber shops, (we just need some funds for our infrastructures and crumbling buildings) that will next I can feel it. Besides we have to have safe traveling roads to get to our favorite city and not fear going into the water below. The greased wheels are slowly moving forward for the good. I am proud to be an American, and I am honored to serve my Lord Jesus Christ. There is so much talk about not offending the Muslims, our Country was not founded on your beliefs we have freedom of religion yes, but not it over taking and governing us. It is sad when we can’t put a flag in our window without the association telling us to take it down, don’t offend anyone.


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