It Is Amazing What A Skiff Of Snow Will Do….

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It snowed during the night. 

Just a skiff mind you, just enough to get me back into the holiday mood. I put Christmas music on, burning a winter inferno candle, and I have just finished putting together my Victorian village. I am ready. It is sometimes hard to get into the holiday spirit since my son Levi’s death 6 years ago.I would love to buy him his favorite cologne.In his honor, I buy 2 gifts for Toys for Tots.Christmas has sure changed the last few years.But I am keeping a peace in me in knowing my son smiles from heaven and is proud of me.  

There are so many struggling this holiday season. Some families are just trying to put food on the table, others are trying to keep heat in the house. it seems like everyone is going through something this year. I hear so many saying they can’t wait for the new year. Even in our struggles, there is so much to be thankful for everyday. Some have their families they see everyday, hug them extra tight. Some have been through some unimaginable struggles this year, I think they are thankful to be alive. Some feel depressed this time of year, I wish you peace this holiday season.

It does not matter what your circumstances are, how many gifts you can buy this year or not be able to buy. I cherish all the memories I was blessed with of christmas pasts. Watching my son Levi sledding behind his grandpa’s jeep or building a snow fort, seeing his happy cold little face light up drinking hot cocoa. I  have memories of my parents hosting the sledding parties. My dad pulled everyone around the neighborhood in his 1946 Willies jeep. I can always find something to bring a smile to my fac when I start to get depressed. I hope this holiday finds you happy, healthy, and full of grace for even uncle… we had to invite to dinner again this year. It is only for a few hours, and so many don’t have family around them this year. Life is good indeed.




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Christmas Eve Morning Snow

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I woke up this morning

to another round of snow. Snow just makes it feel more like Christmas to me. I  am reminded of all the Christmas past sledding parties my parents would host. My dad owned a 1946 Willies Jeep he would pull friends and family around his neighborhood. Mom had hot cocoa waiting for us to warm up when we couldn’t feel fingers and toes. My husband and I celebrated many Christmas Eves with sledding parties. When our son Levi was born , we couldn’t wait until he too could go on his first sled ride.When Levi turned one, we put him on our sled he loved the snow until he pulled off a one of his gloves and picked up some snow. He cried. Levi’s daddy hugged Levi and told him he was okay and put  Levi on the sled with him,  Levi was laughing. I treasure these special memories. Today, I will spend christmas eve with my mom. My husband died from complications from his diabetes when our son Levi was four years old. My dad died from his disease in 2002. my son Levi took his grandpa’s death hard. Levi moved out of my house to take care of his grandma when his grandpa died. My son Levi was involved in a fatal traffic accident in July 2007. He was only 20. Families lives can be forever changed in a moment. My christmas prayer today would be to put your differences aside for one day. The person you feel obligated to Have to invite, may not be here next year.

One of my fondest memories of christmas eve is my son Levi and his neighbor would go outside all day and build a snow tunnel connecting both yards. I can still hear both kids laughing, planning on how to start the tunnel, and don’t block my mom and dad’s front door. I would call the both kids in for lunch to let them warm up, then back to building again. 

I would not trade my memories for anything. I was given the awesome responsibility of raising my young son alone after my husband, Levi’s dad died. Levi and I endured many hardships and difficulties, but with God’s guidance, we survived them all. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become. yesterday I had coffee and a desert with a good friend of mine. I needed to hear her words of wisdom for my life. She told me she struggles also, but we need to live in the moment. Don’t look to the future or look behind. The sun was out so we sat in her kitchen letting the warm sun hit us the sun felt good. She told me enjoy the sunshine for it might not be here to long and we are enjoying a good cup of coffee. She is right, we can get wrapped up in ourselves or our circumstances, that we don’t appreciate what is around us. May you have a Very Merry Christmas Eve.

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Moving Forward After A Loss

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My life was forever changed,

when my son Levi was lost in a tragic car accident. There are no words to encompass the depth of grief I felt that day and continue to feel.  I raised Levi as a single parent after my husband, Levi’s dad died from complications from his diabetes. I had the awesome responsibility of raising my young son alone. I was missing my husband, at the same time caring for Levi. Levi and I struggled with many hardships and difficulties. We survived them all. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become.

I tried to keep the traditions I had for my son alive. I had always taken Levi to my parents house to decorate.  Levi and his grandpa would decorate grandmas house inside and out with lights,often times with snow pouring down. What a fun sight to behold. Grandpa and grandson would be busy for hours. grandma always had hot cocoa waiting to warm up the two elves of christmas! Then of course, grandpa and Levi had to go shopping. Another tradition Levi and his grandpa had been to make fudge,Christmas eve, the family visited friends and family delivering the sweet treat. Christmas day was devoted to making the snow fort and sledding party after dinner. What a lively house the Leigh household was.

Holidays are spent much quieter now. My dad, Levi’s grandpa died from his disease 10 years ago. Levi was only 15 years old when his beloved grandpa died.Christmas that year was spent with Levi and his friend decorating her house. Our friends and family came and celebrated a christmas day open house. The family kept mom busy and it helped her in her grief.

My life was forever changed again in July 2007 when my son Levi died in a tragic car accident . He was only 20. There are no words to describe the depth of grief a parent feels after such a loss. The holidays take on a new meaning. To deal with my loss, I write memorial stories honoring both my husband and son and their legacy they left.Some stories are easy to write, others are more painful.

I now decorate my mom’s house with few Christmas trinkets. Some good friends are coming over for Christmas dinner and gifts. Many family and friends have now moved away, we are all to old to host sledding parties. Sometimes, I envision Levi decorating his grandmas house. I see the  sparkle in Levi’s eyes as he works his magic. Levi loved his grandma and grandpa. Life isn’t the same without the laughter, lively conversations, watching the children play and have snowball fights. I feel blessed to write stories of love, friendship, honoring memories and drinking in the good things god still has for me. Wherever you are, have a Blessed Christmas.

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Sledding Parties and Snow Forts

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I woke up to a snowy morning.


As I watched the snow fall,  enjoying my first cup of coffee, I thought about all the sledding parties my parents hosted the first snow fall. My dad owned a 1946 Willies jeep. He pulled our sleds around the neighborhood trying not to run you into a parked car turning a corner. My son Levi had his first sled ride at one year old.He loved sledding until he took a glove off and touched the snow, then he cried. When family and friends felt frozen, we went inside where my mom had cocoa waiting. One time,My husband and I were riding in one sled, my dad went around a corner to fast and we did hit a parked car. We both fell off the sled laughing so hard we couldn’t get up. what a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon playing in the snow.

I remember the snow forts my son made in the front yard. Levi would spend hours outside bundled up creating his snowy masterpiece. The next door neighbor would come over and help Levi to build the fort. The fort connected the two yards. I invited the neighbor to join Levi for dinner. Early the next morning, they were back outside finishing their fort.

After school Levi would grab his sled and head across the street to a small snow-covered hill. He and his friends would play all afternoon taking turns sledding down the hill. The moms called the kids to come in at dinner. Then it was time for homework ,a bath and bed. I cherish the memories of my son and watching him grow into the fine young man he had become.

Sometimes our live take a different direction that we envisioned.  My son was lost to a tragic car accident 5 years ago. I am thankful I have so many good memories to write stories about his life and the friends and family who help encourage me to keep moving forward in my life.

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