Is Spring On its Way????

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Our weatherman said Tuesday was our last day of snow this year. We will see. We all know about the ground-hog land his lie. Social Media has had a field day with the ground-hog this year. Anything from a guest appearance of The Maury Show to a wolf eating him for his lies.

I am one who usually would rather winter take its time ending and spring begin. I love the cold crisp days, watching the snow fall,while sipping my morning cup of coffee, dressing in layers, the chili cook offs, watching families pull the kids on sleds down the street to race down the hill or ice skate. Cold snowy days are a nice way to cuddle up with a good book with a fire burning. It is a great day to have the grand kids over for sleep overs and making cookies and choosing a good movie to be enjoyed by all, Families take the dog and kids for walks in the evening, not to mention the many tireless hours spent shoveling snow. Communities are starting to help out the elderly and disabled by shoveling the driveways for them.

I remember my first winter here in my home town. All the neighbors gathered at my parents house and the teens were pulled around the neighborhood by my dads 1946 Willies Jeep. Dad had fun trying to turn fast around corners so we would whip around missing a parked car by mere inches. We we could not feel our fingers or toes, mom had hot cocoa and home-made chocolate chip cookies waiting for us. My parents knew how to throw a good party or a casual get together. Our old house was isolated and my brother and I had only a few friends who came over to our ranch. it was nice to live with live neighbors around again.

When you talk to folks living here, you get a variety of answers on which season they prefer. Not many dream of a white five months. they would rather we skip the white fluffy stuff and let them get back to planting their flower gardens. I have seen some pretty beautiful gardens and I know how much time it takes to keep them looking show perfect. I have a friend who spends countless hours a week just cutting, pruning, replanting flowers, to have the moose enjoy the fruits of her labor. I admit, I wish I had to green thumb she has, but she is also committed to maintain the beds and keep her yard beautiful. I love to visit the Annual Garden Show in our area. I know many have to be retired to put this much time and planning into the landscape.

I love living in a four season climate unlike living where it is hot, hotter and stay inside today hot. I never was one who liked dry, hot climates where tumble weeds are part of the landscape. I enjoy a few hot summer days, but then like it when the evenings cool off so you can water. I have lived in my home town for over thirty years now and I think it is the ideal place to look forward to retiring to in a few short years. I live in a small three bedroom rancher that I hear are a hot commodity now. Everyone is looking to down size as they grow older and do not want all the yard work to contend with anymore. When you live where there are plenty of lakes to fish in, hiking trails, huckleberry picking, out-door concerts, farmers markets to enjoy where else would you want to go?


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Enjoying Spring

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Spring is here!

Here are some fun activities to enjoy this season.

Take the dog for a walk.

Go to the park.

Find some mud puddles.

Look for butterflies.

Listen for the crickets at night.

Fly a kite.

Go to the zoo.

Have a family picnic.

Ah spring cleaning again.

Go on a nature hike, look for squirrels.

Have a watermelon eating contest.

Time to plant that garden.

Let the kids help plant their own garden.

Enjoy eating at a side walk cafe’.

Go on a scenic boat tour.

Look for butterflies.

Visit a farm.

Grill those burgers and dogs.

Volleyball anyone?

Baseball and basketball games.

Weather is starting to get warm again.

Eat jelly beans.

Look for grass hoppers.

feed the ducks at the park.

Sight see the neighborhood.

Take a garden tour.





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Signs of Spring

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Ah spring

You can finally star shedding some of those layers- sweats are traded for Capri length pants.

You can go for walks at night without being afraid-of course Fido helps no matter what.

Instead of staying indoor hibernating, neighbors start getting together for barbecues.

All the dead looking trees begin to show signs of life once again.

The robins appear once again in droves-looking for the early worm no doubt.

The park is bustling with the sounds of children’ s screams.

The garbage man begins whistling again.

Landry can once again be hung out to dry in the crisp smelling air.

Sunday afternoon brunch.

Salads and a jet tea anyone?

Egg salad sandwiches never tasted so good.

A nice sunny afternoon drive around the lake.

Let’s not forget fishing derby’s.








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Signs Of Spring

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I would love to be able to have a beautiful garden like this one.

Such a beautiful place to have morning coffee enjoying hearing the birds sing. I have a nice sized backyard, but no real-time to care for it. I have a memorial garden for my son Levi who died in a car accident in 2007. I try to plant butterfly plants every season to enjoy. Last year I saw a lone white butterfly fluttering around my yard trying to find a place to land. This year I am plantinga real butterfly garden. I tend to have a black thumb when it comes to gardening, so I need an easy care yard.

Also last year, two birds got into a huge brawl in one of my pine trees. The fight started out on the telephone lines you see. One bird was mouthing off to another bird on the fence. the two entered the pine tree and started fighting. The one bird knocked the other out of the tree to the ground I could not believe it. The bird went back into the tree and fought some more before flying away. I was left with what just happened? Such excitement for a quiet neighborhood as all the kids on the block are now twenty- something.

I think this year eveyone is looking forward to spring; the warmer sunny days,  sitting on the front porch with iced tea. Families are out biking,the kids are outside with chalk, or playing in their battery operated cars, it is fun to watch the kids help mommy and daddy play in the dirt. Time also to tune up the old lawn mower. Everyone’s mood seems to improve with spring. hearing the birds chirp in the morning,(not brawl, just chirpping happily). And of course seeing all the newborn is fun to drive by the farms and see the calfs, ponies, lambs, bunnies, chickens with the babies gathered around. 

 I can remember when I was a girl, buying my first lamb. What a thrill-untill my brother and I found out you get up at 6 a.m. to start caring for it. Before and after school, we walked our lambes 0ne mile. Jeff and I were in 4-H club together. What treasured memories I have of growing up with all the different animals. Most of my friends envied me for living on our farm. They would come over and ride the horses after school. Those were the good old days when time seemed simpler than now. Jeff and I didn’t have much time to get into trouble because we were busy with the animals and getting ready for the fair. Life is good indeed!

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