Summer Days

June 28, 2017 at 4:24 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking) (, , , )


Growing up, my brother and I had the best babysitter, my Aunt. My Aunt and Uncle lived down the street from my family; my Aunt turned her ordinary ranch style home into the beauty on the block I had never seen wrought iron used to separate the living room and dining room. My uncle built her a beautiful gazebo, a huge green house for her orchid business, and a dance floor. My Aunt also loved the beach. She would sometimes take my brother and I with her for a couple of days. Not many people have made such an impression on me growing up as my Aunt; I remember how much she loved crafts, especially flower arranging. Every season, she was busy making a center piece fora party. I often  wished I could create beautiful flowers and crafts after watching her.

While surfing the internet, I came across a list of activities for kids to beat the summer boredom. I had to chuckle to myself because growing up, my generation found things to keep occupied. If I ever said I was bored growing up, my mom could think of a million things for me to do. I think sometimes the best summer days are spent biking riding with a friend, going to the Library for story time or checking out your favorite book, going to the park, having a water balloon fight with your friends.  Help dad build a fort with blankets, then invite your friends over for a sleep over. I think technology has taken over so much that kids don’t know how to keep occupied unless they are playing the latest game. I understand parents working longer hours and wanting to check on the kids, getting permission to go to the park with friends, or asking if friends can sleep over, but phones has just taken over as a form of activity. 

I guess I remember growing up with respect: when someone is talking to you, you look them in the eyes, not answer while texting , dinner time was spent at the dinner table eating a good meal and talking about your day, game night, swimming parties, flying a kite in the park(it was a family event). Times have changed in the last 20 years: You can hear the kids screaming outside using colorful language, youngsters sassing parents in the grocery store, kids screaming bloody murder because they could not have a candy bar, does anybody know what a side-walk is used for? Kids do not watch where they are going,  they are too busy to look both ways before darting in front of a moving car,they are too busy on their phones. Summer camp costs too much if you have more than one child, Day Care centers will not take a child after a certain age, it is humorous for me to think  a child can only go to the beach so many times in the summer. I am glad I grew up before technology took over. 


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The Techno-Generation

November 25, 2016 at 8:42 pm (Creative Non- Fiction, Memoir, Middle age, positive thinking, Single Parent) (, , )


The older I get, I don’t tolerate as much as  used to. It is not hard to drive down the road and see at least five people talking on their phone instead of paying attention to the road and the car beside them. You sneak a peek in the back seat of an SUV and the kids are watching a movie being occupied.I am glad I grew up before technology took over the minds of our younger generation.

I remember going on trips with my family growing up; As a family, we played a game of find a yellow car or out of State license plate. We did not have a cell phone to call our friends for hours to pass the time in the car, we did not have a movie set up in the back seat to entertain us.We were excited when we spotted a deer in a field or a watchin a pheasant fly across the road. We wanted to go play outside, you got away from doing chores until the friend left to go home. Everyone wanted to come to my house because we could ride our horses in the orchard behind our house. We went riding on our mini-bikes  t and played with the baby rabbits. Dad had a pay phone in the kitchen and teased you had to put in a quarter to call. My friends parents all made sure the kids came to my house with their quarter to call to go home. dad alway got a kick out of that.

Life had rapidly changed. I sometimes feel behind in the times when it comes to modern technology. I can turn on my iPad, but that is about all. I was watching a YouTube video on how to use some of the features of my new phone after watching the video, I felt more lost than before I started. It is embarrassing to ask a teenager to help me figure the dumb thing out. Distracted driving becoming more dangerous.It still amazes me to watch someone speed pass you on the freeway going 75 miles an hour eating a cheese burger jamming to his tunes,or seeing a mother breastfeeding her baby, or the big one texting. We unfortunately live in an age where everyone Needs their phone. I heard some of the biggest business deals were made over lunchtime in McDonald’s. Sometimes I long for the old days when life was simple: you came when you were called,(switches hurt)you did not die drinking out of the garden hose, you ate what you were served, families got together just to visit for the evening. I try to keep some of the magic in my daily living. God Bless.

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