The Camping Trip

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I remember taking my son over to his grandpa and grandmas house to spend the night and rise early the next morning to go camping. My dad would wait until his grandson came over to help put the wood in for the nightly campfire, make sure they had plenty of  sleeping bags for the beds, and  the fishing poles and let’s not forget the worms. Dad had a favorite spot reserved right on the lake. Family and friends would also reserve a spot in our campground bringing their boat,or inner tubes for a day of fun. A roaring campfire finished off the great evening after dinner.

One of my best memories was when my parents took my son with them for the weekend to The hot springs in Montana for the a few days. A quick stop at the ten thousand-dollar bar was a must on the way.  After setting up camp and after a meal made over an open fire, my dad was getting ready to chop some fire wood and called my son over to help him. My son thought he was going to help stack wood beside the fire pit and surprised to learn his Grandpa was letting him help chop some wood for his Grandmas fire, he was grinning from ear to ear. He was a lucky kid to go camping often and fishing early in the morning. 

 My dad took ill before my son reached his teens. I remember a time when my dad was not feeling good and felt bad because he promised my son he would take him camping. My son told his grandpa’s is okay grandpa.we will took dinner over the BBQ grill, make our beds out in the motor-home and listen to crickets chirping outside our window. We don’t have to go anywhere, we are still camping”. I thought my dad was going to cry. Levi told me the next day he had just as much fun camping in the driveway as much as if they went to the lake. I am glad my son had the opportunity to go camping, fishing,hiking, and chopping wood as a boy. It was fun to get together with other families and roast marshmallows over an open camp fire, play in the lake, playing cards , stay up half the night enjoying the good conversations. 

I always enjoyed vacations when I was growing up. My family took a week off to travel to Colorado or Utah to visit family. My family had a truck/camper, it was exciting to leave what felt like the middle of the night and watch to cars whiz by until you fell asleep. Of course my favorite memory was when my dad stopped for gas, I thought it was a good time to go to the bathroom, so I got out of the camper and headed over. I neglected to tell my dad and he took off without me. A motorist was trying get my dad’s attention for a few miles until they hit a stop light in the next town. The guy told my dad” you might want to go back and get your daughter”. I remember my dad telling me”we have a bathroom in the camper you know.”  The next time we took a trip in our car, I was in the back of our station wagon. Mom and dad didn’t hear me for a while so dad yelled my name to make sure I was still with them. I told them I was. Camp on my friends.


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The Power Of Finishing The Home Owner To Do List

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I love this cartoon image. 

 My son Levi would have thought of doing the very same thing. Plus, how much fun to swing and paint all at the same time. I have found out over the years home ownership has some draw backs. Instead of a property manager dealing with plumbing issues, repainting the exterior , lawn care  and any other repairs.Oh, the joy of owning a home. If you are blessed with family and friends who can come over in a snap when your washer is flooding the house while you were out is an added bonus to home ownership. But in reality, most of us have friends and family who too have a life, so you are on your own. Don’t get me wrong, I love owning my home, my husband and I bought it together and planned on living out our golden years here. My life had taken a different direction. I became a young widowed mother raising her young son alone. 

In so many respects, I have enjoyed my neighborhood. All the kids grew up together they went swimming at the bay in the summer, rode their bikes to McDonald’s for lunch, taking the dogs for a walk, you could hear the kids called for dinner literally. It is a great neighborhood. We weren’t just neighbors, we are friends, if you need a hand, they are ready to help. Now, most of the block are empty nesters. A couple of the grown children, used to cut my lawn, as I have worked long hours I don’t like doing yard work.( They were not hard to bribe). My yard has always been kept nice.   A nice family moved in next door a few years ago. It has been nice hearing the kids play outside on sunny evenings Brings back memories of  yesterday. Funny where does time go?

Some home owners put off the to do list for years.( Pointing to myself.) it is easy to be too busy to put the fence up. repaint the house, prune the trees. There is a saying ‘the power of doing’. And the added blessing of someone to help finally get those projects done so you can have a nice break this year. What, after you get finished with your to do list, there isn’t money to actually go somewhere. Plus, you put all your time and effort into the improvements, you can’t just up a vacation somewhere else.  So many are becoming a tourist in their town. I live in North Idaho, with the  beautiful lakes, trees, parks, fishing,boating, and great places to eat. We have summer concerts in the park, Silverwood  Theme park to enjoy, and so many festivals all summer long. What a glorious place to live.

So get your to do list finished, put up the backyard pool, start grilling, playing volleyball with the kids and enjoy summer. it is finally here. The kids are young only for a while, pretty soon the are off to college and you wonder where the time has gone. I think I can hear the summer concert starting now in the park. It has been fun living in a place with so much to keep me busy. It is a nice place to call home and enjoy life as an empty nester. I know some parents have trouble adjusting, but now is the time to do some traveling, catch up with old friends, see the children, plan your block party. have fun before you know it fall will be here again. 

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Summer Is Winding Down

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Summer is winding down here in the Inland Northwest.

The evenings seem cooler these days, families taking a walk with the dogs or grandkids, people take time to chat while you water the lawn. I live in an ideal location. We have several lakes in the area for fishing, boating, jogging beside the lake, there are so many trails and hiking paths  to choose. 

Right now there are so many festivals and outdoor concerts in the area to attend, so much to see and do in the summer. Soon, the towns will thin out, the tourists will go home  the farmer’s market will close and we will look forward to another season. Some don’t want summer to end. I enjoy summer but like the fall better. Cooler nights, long sleeves again, and the coffee tastes better with a nip in the air. 

I look back with fondness raising my young son alone after my husband died from his disease. Levi and I had fun at the public pool, Silver Wood Theme park. the fair, fishing with grandma and grandpa. We endured many hardships and difficulties, but we survived them all I would not trade my life for anything. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball you didn’t see coming. This was my case. My son Levi died in a tragic car accident in July 2007. my life was forever changed in a moment. With God’s grace and the love and support of family and friends, I have the strength to carry on the rest of my life. We never know what tomorrow will bring or if we even have tomorrow. take the time to hug you child close tonight, tell them you are proud of them,tell them how much you love them nd you are glad they are in your life. one day will come when they go to college, or marry, or set off with some friends as my son did on sunny sunday morning, and by that evening,both our lives were changed forever. Have the rest of a blessed summer.

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