My Fall Drive

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I started my morning like all my mornings. I have 2 cups of coffee to wake up, and then I figure out what I am going to do with my day. Sounds exciting doesn’t it. I got a call from my neighbor and her boyfriend. We ended up going to Barnes and Noble to shoot some photos for the online interveiw today. The pictures came out great. I bought us a coffee(yes) and we headed over to Carver Farms in Washington. Ashley wanted to find a pumpkin for her little brother to carve. I felt like a kid again. I laughed, we rode on the hay wagon over to the pumpkins and then we went into the corn maze. Ashley commented this was the most fun she has had in  a long time. I agree it was a fun day .

I posted a online interveiw this afternoon on my Healing in the Storms page on FB. Be sure to check out the interveiw. I had fun putting this together to celebrate the First year release of the book.I am excited to see the book is doing rather well. it has been a wonderful expirence from the concept of writing the book, to putting the project together and then finally publishing my book. it has been interesting to see how a book is finished and then marketed.

I know fall is on it’s way pretty soon. The weather is changing. it is getting colder. I love this time of year. The leaves change color and and the sool nip in the air. The first day you put on your coat. So many people love to do last minute gardening and then put the garden to bed for the winter. I have had a gardener for a few years now.I have always worked long hours to try and provide for Levi whn he was younger, that I never had the time to keep my yard looking nice.It is nice I have good friends who can help me in the area.



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Don’t click off this post please. I know some of my readers are summer beach goers and some of us like the dreaded S word. It is true.I am looking forward to searching for the Fall leave tour in the area. I love to get a coffee from a coffee stand(Fall Aholic) not kidding. You combine coffee, carmel and butter rum for an earthy flavor.I know some of you are wondering what the coffee tastes like. A leaf.It is not a sweet flavor it tastes like fall.

I am updating the blog and added some stories to the “Healing in the Storms” page of FB.

I guess my blog has gotten a facelift without my knowing about it. The background has changed it seems. I like it, so it is okay with me. I am getting together with a friend to see if I can increase my readers and see if I can blog differently. Becaus I have some free time, I am looking into an audio recording of a couple excerpts from the book. I am excited to be able to have my friends listen to a couple of stories from the book. I am trying to get an e-book out as well. I am doing the research since I have a few days off now I can devote to reorganize some of my websites to be better sources of information.

I don’t have to much happening in October. I have a book signing/ one year celebration for the book next week and then it is mom’s birthday.

I am half way through writing the next book”More Healing in the Storms” I had a dear friend ask me recently, “Is the second book going to be as good as your first one I hope” This warmed my heart. Yes, I think it will as good as the first one. I have some more stories of Moorpark and i get to tell on my husband Jerry some more, and who could forget the antics of my precious son?

Barking out the car window(Not MINE) But that is another story…

I have had a blessed year so far. I knooow God still has some more surprises in store for my life. I am just glad I had listened to Him and wrote the book even if I made a few mistakes. I was working  two jobs at the time. But it has been well received so far.

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News paper articles

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I have submitted a couple of news paper stories about Levi. it is a tribute to my son. We will see if they get printed. I have also included 2 photos of him as well.

This is a hard time of year for me. I deal with pain of the loss of my son Levi on a daily basis. Some people comment I am alway cherry and laughing. I have my bad days and my sad days. I just keep myself busy with writting, blogging to you good friends who support me. thank you I

mean it. I love writting and I appreciate you taking time to read what I post. I post a poem to Levi today on his memorial page. I hope you like it.It is hard to loose a child. We feel like we were left behind. But in reality I choose to llok at it as this: God must not have been done with me yet so I will keep moving forward in the good things he still has for my life untill he calls me home to. This is all I can do everyday and keep a chin up and be down. Nobody likes to around someone who is down all the time. Some people I know do have a good reason to be. Everyone handles grief different. Some never get over the loss of their loved ones. I know I will never get over loosing Levi, but writting “Healing in the Storms” has helped me to remember things I had forgotten about because it was to painful.

I did an online interveiw recently. One of the questions asked to me was”How and why did you write your book”? I answered the question with I wrote my first book because after Jerry and Levi passed away, I was always being told to get your book done. You have so much you can give to people who are grieving. I was told I have so much information on how I have handled my loss, that I should share how I have moved forward after the tragedy of Levi’s death in 2007. I am glad I have written my book. I have gotten positive reviews and responses to the book. It has been a long road to where I am now. I feel I am doing good, I have friends I can call if I am having a bad day and need a cup of coffee, I just try to not remember Levi. I used to try to keep myself really busy,exaustingly busy and it didn’t work. I learned the tears are good to cry. I need to cry sometimes and not hold them back. It does get easier the closer it is to July 20. I used to get really depressed and want to sleep all day. But that isn’t good to do. I go have nachos in his honor and go for a drive and put Pillar on. Levi liked that band. Mom and I will get tacos that night probably. We all used to get taco Tuesday, this time it will be taco wensday.

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