Have A Great weekend Everyone.

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Ringing in 2012

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My name is Julie. I am the author of the new book”Healing in the storms” published by outskirtspress.com.

I will be in bed at the stroke of Midnight,only to bewoke up at twelve sharp by fireworks,gunshots and yelling. Oh waht fun.

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New Years End Trends

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It is now New Years Eve morning when all through the house,not a creature was stirring,not even my dog as she has already eaten,gone outside,barked at the neighboring dogs, and is nestled quietly back in her warm bed. I am once again sitting here in my office with this time my morning cup of coffee. Today is sunny,cold but no 40 mile an hour wind blowing. I was just sitting here thinking about what I had heard from a popular news program I never watch. There seems to be some growing trends at the end of this year there are as follows:

It seems to be a growing trend I hear to show off and actually wear our Christmas gifts. I know I am only fifty, but when I was growing up, this was called polite and good manners. You always are seen in what grandma and grandpa bought you and it did NOT matter if you liked it or not. When you seen your grandparents,aunts uncles and such,you told them thank you again for the gift. If it is a birthday mind you, you sent a HANDWRITTEN thank you note. (A little side note to add, if I had ever thought of saying what I might had been thinking,because I did not like something, I would have been a wall fixture somewhere).

The next growing trend is the little girls and boys that are on you tube showing off expensive bags, jeans and such with a “non-bragging disclaimer.” when there are so many children homeless and nothing to eat I do not feel sorry for some little ” ”  who did not get his or her iPhone this year. Poor maybe not poor dad did not know the little girl was disappointed until it was on you tube. I am sorry,but my son at 15 years old, bought his own phone,and paid for his own plan because I was a single parent,he knew one I could not afford his phone and plan also, I was not going to pay for his luxury.

The next growing trend is on a commercial. WHY do we have Ansestry.com? Over the last couple of years, I can not tell you how many countless hours my mom and I have sat in her living room and just talked about her life in Chatsworth. My mom lived next to the Stage coach Inn(anyone remember the movie Golden Ear ring?) My mom used to go all through the Stage coach Inn when she was a little girl. The movie  Company left everything when the movie was done filming.I know things have really changed in the last few years. I love to hear about her family in Kansas and Colorado. This is why I do not understand why we have a website to tell us about our past.If  we wanted to go back and see how far we can trace our roots,okay,but when there is a commercial on about having dinner at the table as a family that is hard to swallow. My family growing up always sat at the table and talked about our days. if we needed help with homework or such, it was there. Mom and dad got home the same time every night.

I just know things have really changed in the past few years.it is sad there are no jobs to speak of for our youth. There are no jobs for the adults either. it is getting harder and harder to provide for your family. Next Year we choose a new President Maybe anyway.

In 2012,I wish you joy,peace prosperity,happiness,a new sence of familt time, and be thankful you have a home to go home to and a family to fill the house.


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My Fall Drive

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I started my morning like all my mornings. I have 2 cups of coffee to wake up, and then I figure out what I am going to do with my day. Sounds exciting doesn’t it. I got a call from my neighbor and her boyfriend. We ended up going to Barnes and Noble to shoot some photos for the online interveiw today. The pictures came out great. I bought us a coffee(yes) and we headed over to Carver Farms in Washington. Ashley wanted to find a pumpkin for her little brother to carve. I felt like a kid again. I laughed, we rode on the hay wagon over to the pumpkins and then we went into the corn maze. Ashley commented this was the most fun she has had in  a long time. I agree it was a fun day .

I posted a online interveiw this afternoon on my Healing in the Storms page on FB. Be sure to check out the interveiw. I had fun putting this together to celebrate the First year release of the book.I am excited to see the book is doing rather well. it has been a wonderful expirence from the concept of writing the book, to putting the project together and then finally publishing my book. it has been interesting to see how a book is finished and then marketed.

I know fall is on it’s way pretty soon. The weather is changing. it is getting colder. I love this time of year. The leaves change color and and the sool nip in the air. The first day you put on your coat. So many people love to do last minute gardening and then put the garden to bed for the winter. I have had a gardener for a few years now.I have always worked long hours to try and provide for Levi whn he was younger, that I never had the time to keep my yard looking nice.It is nice I have good friends who can help me in the area.


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Two Posts in one night?

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I am trying something. I want to see what happens when I start using tags for my posts. I didn’t use the tags when I first started blogging because I didn’t and still don’t know how to effectively use them.

I talked with a girlfriend last night. her son just came home from Afghanistan. She is so glad as you can imagine that both her sons are safe at home now. I am so happy to hear this. Our troops have done a wonderful job in a country who really don’t want us there. Bless all of you for what have a done are doing to help keep us all free.

I still look forward to this weekend when I can go look for some beautiful fall colored leaves. I love the cool crisp mornings when you really enjoy your first cup of morning coffee. It just seems to taste better when the wheather turns chilly. BTW, Gingerbread flavored coffee creamer is out now. I am looking forward to seeing what new holiday flavors are going to be out this year. Gingerbread is my all time favoite one though. Life is good….

Drinking a cup of coffee before I start working in my office.

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My funny book exerpt reading

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My assistant Ashley and I went to a park in Post Falls this afternoon. I was getting ready to video record some excerpts from “Healing in the Storms.” About half way through recording my first story”My dear friends”, a car is trying to start-up. It keeps trying and trying. I am laughing so hard at this time, we had to wait until the car left the park so we could continue. I just had my assistant start over.

My assistant and I atarted to  record my second excerpt from the book. I was about half way through reading this story,someone started to let off fireworks. I told Ashley, why don’t we wait and do this Wednesday of this week instead. We went home and took some profile photos of me instead. So it was still a productive evening, just not for recording a book excerpt.

I will be going down to the bay tomorrow night to watch the fire works . The homes at the bay have a war to see who has the bigger fire work display. it is fun sitting on the big rock where Levi used to jump off the rope swing and swim.

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The weekend Is Finally Here

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Yeah,my weekend has officially started.I am going to go to a Victorian estate sale tomorrow morning with my boss. See if I can find another picture for my living room. I don’t like the one that is in there now.

Had a fulfilling week though. I love  the job where I am working; Rich can be moody sometimes, but the job just the same is very rewarding.The daughter encourages me to goof around by taking Rich somewhere. you can’t beat that. even if you just go down by the river and watch the current for an hour.It is just so tough,but hey,….

I am excited because the book signing I am doing with 2 other women, is going to be at the Art walk for June. There is going to be an ad put in the paper this time.I love being able to talk about the Lord and my book to people in the community,I get to share God’s loving and his healing touch in my life the past 4 years.I am so Blessed that I can be a testament of him everyday.People tell me all the time, they cannot believe I am this sane after what happened to my son. I tell them It is God not I that is pushing me forward in the life He wants me to complete.Like I have said before, i never though I would have written a book about my life and how God has helped me to put my life back together,move forward in him and be who I am today because he taught me perseverance not to ever give up.I knew I would be alright,and that I could cling to His promises.

This is the first year I have really looked forward to anything to do with summer. I usually hate this season. it is to hot, everyone including me are cranky because of the heat(could be because I worked Hotel for so many yers),but I really starting to enjoy all the seasons now.I hope all of you have a great summer,it will be here in a few short weeks.

I am putting the book on Kindle next week,so it will be available through Amazon.com. I am also working on a radio  commercial(I need an assistant really.)But this is just one of the many things I love about the Lord.Ifeel like the Lord is telling me to promote slowly or you will get burned out. it is hard work to get the book out there, but with the support of you, I am doing pretty well. Thank you so much for all the kind words and buying”Healing In The Storms”.

I will blog of my good deals tomorrow. Julie

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