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The winter advisory tells us another round of snow expected for Wednesday; we usually start getting our annual snowfall around Halloween but the weather patterns seem two months late the last couple of years. I would rather have the fluffy white stuff early so drivers can accumulate the driving conditions. We have a joke in our hometown, just because you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle does not mean you are the king of the world on the roads.

Because of the treacherous road conditions, I get out only when I have to. I love my house and vehicle so I have to work to keep up with the payments, I get out on sunny days to get groceries and pay bills. I am a seasoned driver here in my hometown I have seen too many accidents because a driver did not know how to navigate their new SUV for road conditions. When you have compact snow and then it freezes followed by four more inches of snow on top of what you already have, you cannot brake hard to stop.

I remember many years ago as a young wife and mother the paramedics would come to help me when my husband had complications from his disease. The emergency response team was joking with police officers one evening that they have responded to a few calls outside of the and the paramedics thought it easier to park on the bridge going into the city and wait because it saved time being called out later to an accident. I really appreciated the paramedics and our police department in their quick response, being professional, the dedication they all had for our community. I know so many folks did not have the same fuzzy feeling for the police or first responders they not so nicely told them to go away. Hard job to do.

We are halfway through our winter now as we should be caught up for our snowfall. The weatherman last night remarked he had never seen this much snow falling in one weekend. I always enjoy watching it snow, setting inside drinking my morning cup of coffee then decided to get outside and shovel the six inches we had accumulated so far. The season is short-lived and then the gardeners can go back outside and start making the front and backyards beautiful again. I have watched many changes happen in my hometown in the past several years. what has not changed is the sense of community we have for each other, neighbors lending a hand to shovel your driveway or taking soup to a sick friend, wellness checks on the elderly neighbors.

The snow will keep falling and I guess I should get back out there and shovel my next batch of the fluffy white stuff mixed with some quality rain. Makes for some sloppy, undrivable afternoon but this is part of living in a nice area with mountain views. Soo many have to drive an hour to play in what is still in my front yard. Sometimes, there is something to be said for leaving the snow behind at the end of the afternoon day trip.


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Diving Into The New Decade

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Last night at work, a co-worker and I were commenting not only is it a new decade, but this month is already going fast. I have heard time flies faster the older we get. I cannot believe how fast the past few years have gone.

Once again, we are behind on snowfall. Usually, we get the first storm in November. I miss having snow on Christmas eve driving to a small gathering to celebrate with old friends. Some people do not know how to drive in the fluffy white stuff so we had fewer accidents this year. I remember last winter it snowed the month of February. drivers were used to driving on dry pavement so it was a shock to wake up one morning to six inches of wet snow on the ground.

I cannot believe how much my hometown is growing every year. More apartments and housing tracts are being built and with it, more traffic. Sometimes I would like to go back to the quiet small town I moved to thirty-plus years ago. We had one blinking street light at the end of town and not a lot of traffic. The one thing I didn’t like is the town looked dirty because we were only five thousand people then. Now, we look like a small city.

Last year held a few surprises for me personally. my mom fell and injured her hip. After three months in a rehab facility, she came home. Life for both of us had changed. It is different to see your mom live independently fixing her meals, laundry, personal care to now having extra help. We made the decision for her to stay in her home and live in her wheelchair. We just closed off the up and downstairs living spaces for now. She is working hard to be more mobile and then she can sleep in her bed again and use her bathroom.

I enjoy my staycations and enjoy finding ways to make them a memorable experience. I clean the house top to bottom so I can just relax in my home, I  was given a beautiful tapestry bedspread last year by a dear friend. My home is a ranch style house with a Victorian influence.  A good friend of mine came over and did a makeover on my bedroom several years ago. When she comes to visit, she forgets the wreath she made for me and comments on it. I tell her I hope she likes it because she made it for me. We both laugh. I am working on finishing up the backyard and then my house is complete.

I look forward to what this new year brings. Mom is getting stronger and I am looking forward to her fully living in her home again, I work in health care a job I love doing. I followed my dream from high school when I trained as a CNA. I desired to be a paramedic when I was young and was heartbroken to learn there were height and weight qualifications for the job. So am glad I decided to go into nursing as a career.

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The Big Snow

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images (7)This has been the craziest winter for years. I do not remember a time when we had a bad snow storm, followed by sub-zero temperatures,then six more inches of snow. Fall and Winter are usually the two Seasons I love best. this year, the snow needs to let up, the sub-zero temps need to be above my age, (yes, I know,that is Spring temps.)and people need to slow down for road conditions. I think we had 195 collisions and four being fatal just last week.

Folks talk about the Big Snow of 196-. Kids jumped off the roof tops but landed two feet into the snow drift. Some families could not get out the front door because the snow was so heavy. Neighborhoods had snowman and snow fort contests followed by a chilli cook offs. Families pulled kids around the neighborhoods on ATV’s. I did not live in the area yet,but I have witnessed my fair share of snowy winters. My family used to head up to one of the many ski resorts and we would go sledding down the mountain.Afterwards,we headed to Denny’s to warm up. My parents had a motor home at the time,so we piled as many friends into the thing as we could. So much laughter,telling stories of sking mishaps,and a fun afternoon had by all.

I grew up in california where we had to drive to the snow. The family would take off on saturday and head to Bishop or Wrightwood. My twin brother and I wished we could live in a State where we could just walk outside the front door and see snow(silly me). The family moved to Idaho in 1981 after my dad had an accident at work. We needed to move to a drier climate. We already had family who moved here the year before and found us a house; My mom still lives in the same house in a safe neighborhood. The guy across the street makes sure her driveway is kept clear of snow. He is really appreciated. A few years ago when we had a bad winter, the weatherman asked everyone who could help,dig your elderly and disabled neighbors out. It sparked a community effort to keep everyone clear and safe. It sometimes takes the snow plows a couple of days to get to the side streets and blocks.

I know in six weeks we will be letting go of Winter and welcoming Spring. Trading our snow shovels and de-icer for garden supplies( I hear you out there) for  a moment longer, I want to enjoy not sub-zero temps, but at least 40 degrees. When the sun hits the tree- lined trees and mountains, it is breathtaking. Soon, we will make way longer days, warm sunshine,  watering the grass, planting new flowers,  updating the landscape. Soon we will be enjoying the Annual Garden Tours, B&B Tours, and lake fun activities. Hold on to your swim trunks and swim suits for now,we still have to get through the rest of this Season before we can start planting again.

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Taking Time To Live Life, Enjoy Life, Toast Life

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I am sitting in my favorite place this morning;

I can hear the birds  singing in the trees, the squirrels playing a game with the cats; You can’t catch me before I run up the tree again. Ha says the cat just watch me… And the game is on. There is one cat Annie who waits at the bottom of the bird feeder for the squirrel to get close enough to grab.The squirel once again gets away. I is a fun neighborhood indeed.

 House-sitting here reminds me of a simple time when neighbors took time to say hello while walking their dogs, families taking an evening bike ride, older couples walking hand in hand for a evening stroll. The neighborhood was built beside the river-Beautiful well kept homes line the street. You almost feel like you are in a Norman Rockwell photo. 

Sometimes it is nice to remember a time when we weren’t all in a hurry to get somewhere. Families gathered on the lawn for dinner, playing games of tag you’re it or football. I remember growing up on our ranch, the family visiting to ride horses or take a walk in the orchard behind our house. My mom never knew how many she would have for dinner. I sometimes miss the family gatherings and the fun we had. My parents traded our ranch for a tract home in a nice neighborhood. For several years, my parents hosted sledding parties at Christmas, New Year’s eve, Mother’s day and they went camping for the summer. Holidays are quiter now since my dad passed away, my husband and son hve also passed away. I try to make holidays special for my mom and keep some tradtion alive. (I decorate her house for Christmas even if she says no) She always seems to brag how nice the house looks to her long distance friends talking to them on the phone. hmmm…..

We never know what tomoorw may bring, I hope you take the time to stop and say hello on your way or tell your loved one how much you love tham and miss them. We can miss the ways of yesterday, but we can also tuck a little peice of happiness in our lives for that rainy day.

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Christmas Eve Morning Snow

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I woke up this morning

to another round of snow. Snow just makes it feel more like Christmas to me. I  am reminded of all the Christmas past sledding parties my parents would host. My dad owned a 1946 Willies Jeep he would pull friends and family around his neighborhood. Mom had hot cocoa waiting for us to warm up when we couldn’t feel fingers and toes. My husband and I celebrated many Christmas Eves with sledding parties. When our son Levi was born , we couldn’t wait until he too could go on his first sled ride.When Levi turned one, we put him on our sled he loved the snow until he pulled off a one of his gloves and picked up some snow. He cried. Levi’s daddy hugged Levi and told him he was okay and put  Levi on the sled with him,  Levi was laughing. I treasure these special memories. Today, I will spend christmas eve with my mom. My husband died from complications from his diabetes when our son Levi was four years old. My dad died from his disease in 2002. my son Levi took his grandpa’s death hard. Levi moved out of my house to take care of his grandma when his grandpa died. My son Levi was involved in a fatal traffic accident in July 2007. He was only 20. Families lives can be forever changed in a moment. My christmas prayer today would be to put your differences aside for one day. The person you feel obligated to Have to invite, may not be here next year.

One of my fondest memories of christmas eve is my son Levi and his neighbor would go outside all day and build a snow tunnel connecting both yards. I can still hear both kids laughing, planning on how to start the tunnel, and don’t block my mom and dad’s front door. I would call the both kids in for lunch to let them warm up, then back to building again. 

I would not trade my memories for anything. I was given the awesome responsibility of raising my young son alone after my husband, Levi’s dad died. Levi and I endured many hardships and difficulties, but with God’s guidance, we survived them all. I am proud of the fine young man Levi had become. yesterday I had coffee and a desert with a good friend of mine. I needed to hear her words of wisdom for my life. She told me she struggles also, but we need to live in the moment. Don’t look to the future or look behind. The sun was out so we sat in her kitchen letting the warm sun hit us the sun felt good. She told me enjoy the sunshine for it might not be here to long and we are enjoying a good cup of coffee. She is right, we can get wrapped up in ourselves or our circumstances, that we don’t appreciate what is around us. May you have a Very Merry Christmas Eve.

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A Christmas Memory

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Levi Degon0037





I have just finished watching


Christmas episode of a HGTV show “Decorating Cents”. The show treated a special family to a holiday make over for two rooms in the house. A loving and heart-broken dad, two young sons and a family dog named Winnie, lost their mom to cancer 6 months earlier. The show transformed this family’s home into a winter wonderland. I was impressed at how much of the boy’s mom was incorporated into the over all design. My favorite piece was the huge photos of both boys with a snow hat and scarf around the head with just the eyes exposed.

The program brought back a memory of my own. March 2007, a dear friend of mine came over to help me update my bedroom.My friend owned a B&B in Ireland . I told her that I have not updated my bedroom I shared with my husband before he had passed away several years earlier. My dear friend Katherine helped me to transformed my   bedroom  into a B&B bedroom.  friend also helped me to re-decorate my son Levi’s  old room into my dressing room. Levi had already moved out to help his grandma when his grandpa passed away. I appreciate the rooms being freshened up for me. My life was forever changed one sunny summer morning. My son Levi died in a tragic car accident in July 2007.  He was only 20. I love to get dressed in my dressing room. I have so many memories of the son I love and miss dearly. 


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Sledding Parties and Snow Forts

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I woke up to a snowy morning.


As I watched the snow fall,  enjoying my first cup of coffee, I thought about all the sledding parties my parents hosted the first snow fall. My dad owned a 1946 Willies jeep. He pulled our sleds around the neighborhood trying not to run you into a parked car turning a corner. My son Levi had his first sled ride at one year old.He loved sledding until he took a glove off and touched the snow, then he cried. When family and friends felt frozen, we went inside where my mom had cocoa waiting. One time,My husband and I were riding in one sled, my dad went around a corner to fast and we did hit a parked car. We both fell off the sled laughing so hard we couldn’t get up. what a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon playing in the snow.

I remember the snow forts my son made in the front yard. Levi would spend hours outside bundled up creating his snowy masterpiece. The next door neighbor would come over and help Levi to build the fort. The fort connected the two yards. I invited the neighbor to join Levi for dinner. Early the next morning, they were back outside finishing their fort.

After school Levi would grab his sled and head across the street to a small snow-covered hill. He and his friends would play all afternoon taking turns sledding down the hill. The moms called the kids to come in at dinner. Then it was time for homework ,a bath and bed. I cherish the memories of my son and watching him grow into the fine young man he had become.

Sometimes our live take a different direction that we envisioned.  My son was lost to a tragic car accident 5 years ago. I am thankful I have so many good memories to write stories about his life and the friends and family who help encourage me to keep moving forward in my life.

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